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Soy fanática del anime y manga, especialmente de los yaoi y shounen-ai extremos ^^. Espero encontrar a otros artistas que tengan gustos parecidos. Aunque también me interesa mucho la estética en el diseño de los dibujos ^^U... perdonen si a veces soy muy crítica... espero que sean igual de críticos conmigo ^^.

La literatura es mi pasión y desde hace más años de los que dibujo que me he dedicado a escribir fics para el deleite personal y de mis amigas ^^. Compartiré algunas piezas por aquí. Aunque para las entregas en inglés primero tengo que encontrar a un buen beta que me apruebe XD.


I'm a fan of anime and manga, mostly extreme yaoi and shounen-ai ^^. I hope to find another artists who had similar interest as me. Althought I'm also interested a lot in the draw design stetic ^^U... and I'm very critique sometimes... I hope that encourage you to be extra critique with me also ^^.

Literature is my passion and more years before I ever took a pencil to draw I've been writing fics to my selfdom joy and that of a few friends ^^. I will share my works here. althought my english fics will had to wait until I find a beta that accept me XD.

(As you can see I need help with my english ^^.)


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Blog: Fanart request for the chorus project!!!

Hi everyone!

Just a little hands up for the request of fanarts for the oofuri chorus project video!! It's a good opportunity to show your art in a video that is gonna be watched by a lot, a LOT of people!! you know, free advertising ^^!!

Here is the link for the entry requesting art.
And this is the reply link.

I'm also doing more fanarts for this, the project need a lot of love!! send your drawings ^^!! don't forget!!

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