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About Me

Allo Allo!


I'm GoddessOfOddness aka. Goddess aka Goo(i enjoy the Goo bit) aka Kath. I'm a 16 year old gal living in Ontario, Canada, LOVE anything Tim Burton with a passion, am  going through an Invader Zim faze which i fear will never go away, am OBSESSED with HarryPotter and LOTR, and adore toys. I enjoy long walks on the beach and...*cough* sorry, not a personal ad.


You might notice me pal-ing around with Zironix but don't believe anything she tells you about me. I had NOTHING to do with that fire...nothing.




Movies- Edward Scissorhands, Hp, LOTR, PeeWee's Big Adventure, Rushmore, Some like it Hot, Victor/Victoria, Moulin Rouge & anything Monty Python


Actors- Johnny Depp & Ewan McGregor


Foods- Samosas, Goat Cheese(Im cool), tea and veggie burgers…oh, and CHOCOLATE


Fictional Characters- Remus Lupin, Reepicheep, Gir & Oysterboy


Toys- My vibrating squirrel for Charlie & the Choco factory from Wendy’s, my action-figures, my Sting I got from the dollar store (it makes noises, too!), my Hp doll and my dollar-store train set


Tv-  Are you Being Served?, Allo’ Allo’, My Family, Monty Pythons Flying Circus & Invader Zim


Music- Simon & Garfunkel, Donovan, Musicals(especially Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar & Oklahoma ), Harry & the Potters, & alot else

Well, I don’t think anybody is going to read all that, except maybe Zironix because she’s weird like that, not to mention she knows most of it If you did read this u probably think I’m a huge freak but trust me…I’m not…really.


Peace and Love <3



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