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I don't use this account, but I will keep it around just incase I intend to in future.

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Blog: buah ha

*insert the mr Burns Excellent*


I have a new confidant.

He is called Scruff.

When i get a decent picture ill post one of him in my image folio or something. hes soo cute. Ive wanted a pet for ages now. i spent a lot of money getting him but i didnt want a starter cage and got this awesome plastic one that has the wheel on top, it even moves in a circle when he runs in it, awesome huh?

Ill get pictures of the cage too ^^

The petshop gave me the bedding and food etc when i bought it so i dont have to worry about that just yet. ill get him  a ball tomorrow if i have the spare change and pow. One furry fluffball that is all mine buahhahah.

Though if he doesnt drink from his bottle ill have to put it in a bowl for him and find a new container for food. for a video of the ikkle hammy

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