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Gosh, I never believed I'd be this busy during the summer. I thought I had all the time in the world but I've been painting walls and cleaning and now I have to move to other side of Finland because I'm going to study there... So if you want to talk to me you'll have to be patient xD replying might take some time!

I am a person who loves to spend endless hours designing all kinds of realms and characters. My other interests include different cultures, art, archeology, paleontology and music. I might seem distant but I like to make new friends.

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Blog: Frustrated with myself and my art

I have been thinking this same thing over and over again for a long while now. My art is uninteresting.

I might be totally wrong but I don't think I'm the worst drawer in the world, even though I have a long way to go, so why doesn't anyone, on any site, be it deviantArt, y!Gallery or Paperdemon give comments on my pictures? None cares even in real life.

"Why do you care are you an attention seeker, want someone to stroke your ego?" Of course I seek attention, why would I put my work on display if I didn't? I want to get critique and improve.

There must be something wrong with me and I wish people would tell me what it is so I can do something better. But how to achieve that if people don't ever view your works because it's unoriginal and uninteresting? That's what I think it is and I swear I have tried and tried to do something interesting but I suppose my ideas just aren't good enough.

I confess, I'm trying hard and I feel angry when I see a Naruto headshot done by a 13-year-old girl who just got into anime and manga and now finds suddenly drawing extremely cool get a hundred comments and friends trough that single piece in her gallery.

What's wrong with me? What's wrong with the way I do things?

Thank you and goodbye,


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