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About Me

Hello!  I'm Itsumademo and i'm currently 18 years young. I'm apart of several sites, three of them are art sites and now I have four! (cheer of inner joy). I would not say that i'm a great artist, infact I don't think i'm good at all...but that's not the point. I came here in an attempt to get more views from different eyes on my work and then just see what happens! I was also brought here with interest in widening views for my writings.

Everything else is pretty much a long jumble of words with several typos that inevitably leads to the boredom of all potential subscribers/friends of me. SOOOOO I'll just shut up and let the discovery of my personality be up to the people willing to deshroud it! (hehe I said shroud^-^)

P.S. Anyone who happens to wonder this aimlessly my username Itsumademo is japanese for Forever/Eternally.

[cheer, joy, merryment and the like---> BE ETERNALLY HAPPY!!! DO IT!!]

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Blog: Goodbye

I have decided to close my account here. I have my reasons and i'll leave it at that, nothing to do with people or anything like that, all personal preference.

I'll be deleting everything i can before emailing the webmaster to close. Sorry to anyone who actually liked my stuff. *sees no one, not surprised*

I still am on deviantART as inuyasha-addict and y!gallery as itsumademo.

Byebye then.

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