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I'm a big DBZ fan, and love Vegeta/Goku slash and mpregs. I have a FanFiction account and many stories, but only one yaoi-oneshot so far. I am not a lemon fan per-say, and I dunno... it kinda makes me feel funny writing them, even if it's very vague. My favorite DBZ characters are Mirai No Trunks, Vegeta, and Cell, and my favorite YYH charaters is Kurama/Yoko Kurama. I can't draw... -__- wish I could. And I probably won't have any work summited here, but you can check out my stuff on One more thing... I won the Slogan contest for Paper Demon!! I'm so happy ^^. I'm not meaning to sound like a snob, but I was just very excited to hear. Thanks Bogus Red!!

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