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I'm a lazy writer, an English major, and a derpapotamus.

Be on the lookout for Dragon Age, My Little Pony, Pokeymans, masked creatures, and fanfics. Because that's what I do. This is much better than homework don't you judge me.

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Blog: Hunger Monster

It's official; I have submitted my first non-DA picture to this site.

The summer session at school starts on the 16th, and then I have Friday off to celebrate my birthday, which is super nice. So hopefully I won't have too much work that'll keep me from writing and drawing as much as I'd like to be. I have to work really hard to make sure I can get on track for my fall semester. And I have to get a position in work study, since I am poor. Blahhh, I shouldn't be watching Kitchen Nightmares. I'm so hungry rn, but I am far too lazy and lacking quick food to get something delicious. Ho hum ho hum. I'm excited for a new vodka cream sauce and penne dinner I found a recipe for.

I have a few things that I'd like to put together, like Blue Pony and Indie having a cuddle, Indie's work space, more Leaf, my poor neglected Ctarl Kala, and idk more silly things. I keep getting more ideas for new stuff indeas of things that I've had on to-do lists forever. But I get pretty cool ideas that are new, so! I think that's pretty okay.

Also, I've been in the mood to RP a little more lately, but I think things keep getting in the way. Important things, yes, but still.

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