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Oh more of this i love it

on Inuyasha - Night

2019...and just a reminder that this story is still awesome and you've always been one of my favorite authors/artists! Smile

on Dirty Dogs

Thank you, more soon ...

on Veronica - FE

Thank you very much, I'll continue to post here.

on Veronica - FE

Great artwork! I like the "sound effects." And the subject matter is, let's say, compelling. I can't wait to see more!

on Veronica - FE

Wow. Love your comic lots of action and colour. You must be studying art at the very least. Really I am MOST impressed with you work. Right now I'm posting on DA but the "Nannies" there are giving me grief about my art, so I may start looking at other places to post. Take care and HOPE you see more of your amazing talent. Chow Bella

on Veronica - FE

Even more gorgeous Big Smile

on Gymnasts Males COM

You're welcome.

on Wet love COM

thank you!

on Wet love COM

Love it.

on Wet love COM