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When you admit your love to someone, you want the moment to be perfect.  You have scenerios in your mind that you replay again and again to yourself about the person.  The look on their face when you tell them.  What they say back.  Do they return your love or do they reject you?   What the do next.  What you do next.   But sometimes things don't go the way you planned.  Life is unpredictable.  People are unpredictable. 

After finding out the news that Bejiita was leaving, Gokou goes to Capsule Corp. to hear it straight from the Ouji himself.  When he gets there, he's met with more than just that bit of news.

Filled with angst, horror, suspense, thrills and romance and maybe even some humor, Bejiita and I hope to bring you one of the best VegeGoku doujinshis you've seen.  Enjoy! Heart

Confession: 001

By: Beji nana & Xx ChiChi xX

Couple: VegetaxGoku



XxChiChixX XxChiChixX Primary Artist


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