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Hush: Volume 1  Devoured


Hush is a no dialogue horror comic that I am self publishing.  However, in order to reach a wider audience, I am posting it in a few online communities as well.  There is no graphic pornography, but there is graphic violence and disturbing imagery.  Be advised, if you are easily offended, this is not something to read.

Each volume of Hush consists of at least 3 short stories and 2-4 pin-ups.  Each Volume has a theme that all of the pin-ups and stories will be tied together by.  As you will soon see, Volume 1: Devoured, will most definitely live up to its name.

I may edit this a few times in order to appropriate the book experience, and also because it is not finished in its entirety and is open to changes.


3/08 An overhaul of a previous entry.  Bear with me, folks.


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