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Soooo... obviously this is a work in progress.  Haven't picked a title.  And there isn't much to summarize just yet.  All I can tell you is it follows the lives of a few high-school students.  I'm hoping to avoid the cliché high-school drama series.  The last thing I'm aiming for is a WB ripoff.  My characters just happen to be teenagers.  The problems they will face are largely unrelated to school.

If this comic flourishes, I'll go back and ink it.  I just wanted to get it up here so I have some incentive to keep working on it.  It's just rough pencil so far, but the dialogue's there and legible.

Additionally, I'm always working on my drawing skills, so lend me your wisdom, if you have some to spare.  If I improve significantly, maybe I'll come back and redo some of these early pages.

(Red Curtain for language and some adult content.)


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