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Hey, all!  My name's Lauren Bennett (alias: Temporary-Glitch) and I came here from  I hope this nice, compact community will help me develop as an artist, and I truly hope that you all can supply me with the critique I need so that I may take the next step on the perpetual staircase of improvement.

Anyway, this is where I will be posting yaoi, BL and mature art as well as comic book samples and loose strips.

I will continue to use my deviantART account, but it will hold a more professional purpose.


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Blog: YaoiCon Prep



Good afternoon, Paperdemon. I've been on this site for, what? A year? And I've never posted a blog?

Shame on me.

Anywho, I'm currently preparing for a few upcoming conventions: SacAnime and YaoiCon primarily. At SacAnime I will be sporting a lot of new fanart and new artwork in general, and at YaoiCon I will have some Horoscope Hotties completed as well as some rather cute, but naughty, novelty items.

The novelty items will be posted here as well as any M-rated images I create for YaoiCon (which will be taking place on Halloween weekend this year), but the other stuff will be posted over at my deviantART since, as you all probably know by now, I'm a lot more active there.

Another convention I hope to go to, as long as I finish my comic book on time, is Alternative Press Expo. If I can't make it there then I'll head on over to WonderCon of next year.

Of course, next year, I'll be going to FANime again, but Anime Expo is still up in the air because of how absolutely terrible it was when I went this year. Artists Alley was horrid because we were in the same room as the dealers, and despite our assumptions that we'd get more circulation within AA, sales were actually way, way down for most artists. That and the table space was very small, display rules were unclear, and the rules for us and the rules for the dealers room were directly opposite.

For example, we were not allowed to play music from our tables, but the exhibits were allowed to blast it to the point that I could not hear what my customers were saying.

In any case, I'll always be attending SacCons and SacAnimes because they are the most local cons. I wanted to attend Kinyoobi Con down in Hayward, CA but I don't think I'll be able to this year.

Blah, whatever. YaoiCon's going to be amazing and filled with sexy, sexy men and amazing artists.


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