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Pen Name: P. Lolla
Alias: SoulsPoison, Souls
Age: 22 (May 18th)
Occupation: Freelance artist, College student
School: Colombus College of Art and Design
Major: Illustration

S.P. Creative Studio@Etsy
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Itarah@Sheezyart || SoulsPoison@Sheezyart

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Blog: Print Shop - Open for business! 8D

Hey hey watchers! 8D
So I come to you bearing most awesome news~
As of today, my online print shop is now up and running! I have various prints, stickers, and buttons up for sale if you're interested! Just go here and click on Shop -

The layout is pretty easy to follow as its all a paypal shopping cart and all you do is click! 8D Great huh? So go browse and mayhaps buy something if you're interested~ *crosses fingers*



p.s. If the images aren't showing up that is usually because of a slower connection. If you get blanks try looking on a laptop! I'm in the process of making thumbs that will load for everyone!

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