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Homegrown Hatred

by ShadowKnil

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Daisuke learns the meaning of the old phrase, "You can't choose your family, but you can choose your friends."

Warning: You all know the bloody drill. If you're not 18 or over, don't read this, and if you're not into incest, M/M, or death, then turn back!

Daisuke Hinota is copywrite to me.

Daisuke Hinota, a 16 year old lion, stood in his room, clicking on his computer, typing furiously on the keyboard as he was posting on his favorite role-playing site, KuroShadows. His slim build was very different then most of his family, even his sister was bigger than him, and she was only 14. Yet there was one thing that stood him apart from them. He had numerous piercings on his body, each one glittered with crimson, apart from his golden fur. His father had hated him for getting multiple ear piercings, six in total with three in each ear, always calling him a 'fag' or a 'queer'.

But to Daisuke, he didn't care. He had no feelings for men at all, in fact, he was going out with one of the cheerleaders, Dianna Reed. The lion was very happy at that fact, and was ready to take her to Lover's Peak on Saturday night, which was in three days. Dai couldn't wait, and made sure that he was going to be on his best behavoir to be allowed the car.

Hearing footsteps coming towards the door, he quickly shuts his monitor off, and sneaks back into bed, not supposed to be up past 11 pm, which now it was near 1 am. "Dai, is that you I hear?" His mother's voice called out as she opened the door silently. The lion pretended he was fast asleep, rolling over to his side to make it look legit. His mother shook her head and closed the door. "I swear I heard something down here." He heard another door creak open, and knew she was looking into his sister's room.

He decided it was better to go to sleep now, and wake up with a better rest. He closed his eyes, and drifted off into sleep...


Dai awoke, looking around in his room. He felt that something was different here, and saw that his monitor was on once more, with a video playing. He got up and walked over to it, not noticing that he was fully dressed in his school uniform.

A face appeared on the screen, and chuckled at him. "Ahh, Dai has finally awakened." It was someone that he didn't know, but he recognized the voice to be someone from his family. "W-who are you?" Dai questioned, wondering if the face would hear him. "I... just came to say... we have Dianna." The lion's eyes popped straight out of his head hearing that. A flash of anger coursed through his body as he punched the wall next to his computer, creating a huge hole from it. "Also... we're going to kill her, unless... you come to the docks..." The face smiled, before it disappeared, and Dai's computer shut down. He was still furious and shoke the monitor with strength he did not have before. "What the hell did I ever do to you!?" He screamed. The monitor beeped, and began to ring loudly....


The lion jolted up, hearing his alarm ring, signalling it was morning, Thursday morning to be precise. His brow was full of sweat, along with the rest of his body. He looked around his room, wondering why he had dreamed something so terrible. Staring at the wall, he noticed that there was no hole there, and that his computer monitor was still off, but his computer on. "It...was just... a dream." Dai told himself, as he stood up, and turned off his computer. He was breathing rapidly, never feeling a dream that real in his life.

Noticing that it was almost 6:45, he quickly grabbed his clothes and went to the shower to clean himself of the sweat stink. Rushing more than usual, he stumbles out the door, and runs to school, arriving just when the bell was ringing for homeroom. Sitting down in his chair, still freaked out by the dream, he looked around for Dianna, knowing that she would at least make him feel better. He almost was too preoccupied with looking for her, he didn't hear his name called at rollcall.

"Hinota, Daisuke?" The teacher called out again, looking straight at him. He blinked and nodded, "Here, Miss Oliva." He went back to trying to find her, still not seeing his girlfriend anywhere. "Reed, Dianna?" The teacher called out a few times, before marking her absent. Deep within Dai's stomach, he felt a pit of terror there. 'Was that dream, real?' He thought, as he went through the day, unphased by any of the lessons that were being taught.

The final bell rang, signalling the end of school, and Daisuke ran out the front doors, towards his girlfriend's house, thinking that she was just sick today. Not caring if he was going to get hit with a car or anything, he bolted in the streets, to get there faster, panting when he reached the street corner near her house. He saw police cars around her home, and felt the pit in his stomach sink deeper, before he gathered up the courage to walk over to the place.

He was stopped by a police officer, and asked what happened. "There was a break in at the Reed residence, and there was one fatality." His heart sank more hearing the words come out of the officer's mouth. "W-was it Dianna!?!?!" He screamed, as he felt on the verge of crying his heart out. The police officer looked at his notebook and nodded solemnly. "I'm sorry, but it was her. It seemed that it was her that the intruder or intruders were after." He put his hand on the lion's shoulder. "I'm sorry, I'm guessing that you must be her boyfriend. I'm sorry for your loss."

Dai collapsed to the ground, clenching his fists tightly as he let the tears drip down his cheek. "Sh-she's dead?!" He repeated over and over, before letting his head droop. He had to be escorted to his own house, where his mother and father tried to comfort him. "I don't want... you guys near me..." He muttered, as he walked up the stairs and went into his room to lock the door. However, as he slumped himself onto his bed to start crying more, he heard a beep originating from his computer. "D-dai?"

The lion blinked and jolted up, running to his machine to see his feline girlfriend's face there. He smiled, before frowning as the face morphed to that of the same man from the dream. "Dai, you must come down to the docks, else you may never....see her again." It chuckled once more, before beeping and turning itself off. Daisuke clenched his right hand, and punched the screen, making it explode. He swung open his windows, and jumped down to the ground from the second floor, and started for the dock, tears falling down his cheeks.

He reached the docks to find a man in a dark cloak. He growled at him, "Why the hell did you kill her!?" He was ready to leap at him, before he stopped as the man turned around. "I did it... to get to you...brother..." A dark grin crossed the older lion's face. "I'm glad I finally meet you in the flesh, my brother."

Daisuke clenched his fists, but stopped to look at him in disbelief. "You aren't my brother?! He died when I was five!" He snarled at the man, letting him know that he didn't believe his story. "Dai, Dai, Dai... Can't you even remember me? I am Rei, your older brother, the one that DIDN'T die. Kaine was the one that died." He chuckles. "I was born ten years before you were, Dai, and since I knew about you, I knew that I wanted you. I wanted to be... in you." His eyes flashed darker, as he walked up to Daisuke, caressing his cheek softly. "That girl... was in my way..."

The younger lion slapped Rei across the face, "How dare you speak of disrespect towards my family and Dianna!" He snarled again, before feeling arms wrap themselves around him. "It's alright brother, I know you want this as much as I do." He chuckles as he licks Dai's neck passionately. Dai tries to push Rei away, not wanting to have anything to do with him. "Too bad that you have to be so naive, else I believe you could stay with me forever." Rei chuckles as he pushes back to look at Dai. "You're still as cute as ever." He presses his muzzle against the younger lions lips, and kisses him, before his paws make quick work of Daisuke's clothes.

Before Dai could react, he was held in a kiss, and now stripped down to his underwear in clear view on the docks. He felt warm hands rub across his chest, and murred softly, before he realized he was liking it. 'No! You like girls! You're not a fag!' He thought throughout the kiss. As it was broken, the older lion nuzzled Dai's cheek, before letting his hands take off his own cloak, showing to be fully naked underneath it, his ten inch cock already hard and spurting some pre. "I'm going to take you... as mine forever, my lovely Daisuke..." He kissed the younger lion again, before letting his paws rub around Dai's sheath through the crimson boxers he was wearing, making him shudder again, but stop as he continued to tell himself he didn't like it.

"Oh, don't worry, you will soon enjoy it, my cute brother." Rei smirked, as he let one of his claws sneak into the waist band, and pull down, letting Dai's seven inch cock plop out into the open air, making him shiver in the cold as a light breeze past through the docks. The young lion tried to concentrate on just the water slooshing below him, not wanting anything to do with this. But a small nip on his shoulder awoke him from his daze as he was moved towards some boxes. Rei's lips kissed Dai's once more, before trailing down the younger lion's stomach, and finally reaching his cock. He licked it once, letting Daisuke emit a moan, before he kissed the thighs next to his hanging balls.

Rei hefted his brother's legs over his own shoulders, giving him a clear view at the nice and tight, pink pucker just itching for him to impale his cock on. He smirked, as he thrusted himself into the ring, bruising it a bit, while also getting his cock only a fourth in. Daisuke howled out in pain, clenching down hard on the invading object, still not wanting this. He began to pant hard, while his older brother shoved more of his ten in cock into the lovely tail hole that was given to him. Dai bit his lower lip, not wanting to give into the pleasure of this, but his own body failed him as his cock spurted pre with each shove Rei gave him.

On the older brother's face was a huge grin as he saw the pre spurting from Dai's cock. "Seems...you like it already, brother." He chuckled and hilted himself inside of Daisuke, moaning incredibly at the endless amount of warmth that radiated from the pucker. He grinded around, before pulling out, and thrusting back in with such a hard force, Dai's insides were assaulted by the barbs of the cat taking him, not only bruising, but also tearing up his insides, causing blood to slowly leak onto the older brother's cock. Dai's face was contorted in pain as he felt the hard slam into his ass, hearing the audible slap of the pair of furry balls that slapped his ass.

Dai started to cry as he was brutally taken by his older brother, with each harsh thrust, another moan escaping from his muzzle. His body continued to fail miserably, while Rei's body made a female out of him, just breeding him like he was a slut, murring something about the tightness being heaven. Rei leaned over to kiss Daisuke on the lips, tasting the sweetness of his tears that fell on his muzzle. He murred and thrusted harder into his brother's ass, wanting to take it all, as he feels his barbs tear it apart. Dai's cock continued to spurt more and more pre, and to help his brother some how, Rei took hold of it, and started to stroke it in time with his thrusts, while squeezing it tightly.

The younger lion refused to just give up, even though from his maw moans escaped. He began to turn them into whimpermoans, as he starts to cry out from the immense pleasure given to him, clenching around the cock inside of his ass to feel it more. Dai continued to bite his lower lip, not wanting to give in to his brother's needs, but decided it was too much. He reeled in the pleasure he was recieving, now not a virgin anymore, as his ass was ripped to pieces by the huge, ten inch cock being rammed into him.

Rei could feel himself come close to releasing his essence into his brother, clearing wanting this for some time, as he felt the repressed sexual tensions lifted, as his thoughts were plagued with lust for his younger brother. "Oh... Dai..." He moaned out as he clenched the younger lion's cock harder and stroked it more furiously, wanting him to cum before he did. Dai whimpered more, feeling a burning sensation in his loins as his brother continued to fuck him senselessly. He bucks back and forth, into the stroking hand and the thrusting cock, feeling the length go deeper into his body. "R-Rei..." Daisuke stuttered as he clenched down hard on his brother's cock, and thrusted it deep within his own ass. He felt himself just explode, and shoot his own seed all over his own stomach. Rei's hand didn't stop, and continued to milk the cock of all the seed, as he himself, leaned over to Dai's neck and bit down hard on his skin, breaking through and tasting the metallic blood enter his mouth. His cock twitched a few times, before he spurted his own torrent of cum into his younger brother's ass.

As Daisuke felt the cum being shot into him, he quivered, and felt more of his own seed shoot out of his cock, moaning and squirming in his brother's grasp. His mouth lie agape after feeling the bite on his neck, opening it up somewhat to allow better access as he felt himself give his life blood to his own brother. Rei sucked on the wound, before delving his tongue into it, licking up any blood that wouldn't come out normally. His cock thrusts slowly in and out of Dai's ass, still spurting its cum deep within him, until with a gasp, he felt himself run dry. His younger brother sighed as he felt himself stop shooting his seed, and just laid there, on top of the box, with his legs held over Rei's head.

Rei unclamped his jaw from around the wound and moved his head to lick Dai's lips. He kissed him one last time, before backing away. "I'm...sorry brother..." He withdrew from him, before stepping around the young lion, letting his cock drip cum onto the ground as it also leaked from the yonger lion's tail hole. Daisuke was too much into the afterglow of the most enjoyable fuck in his life, to even notice the claws around his neck. "I...have to.." With one quick slice, he created a large wound where the two arteries were in Dai's neck, making him collapse forward, spewing blood everywhere. "I...love you..." He walked around the box again, before picking up his own cloak and turning around to see his brother. "You still are cute." He smiles and walks back over to him to give a light kiss on his forehead.

Walking away from the docks, Rei Hinota tightly held the cloak around him. He waved back at his dead brother, saying goodbye one last time. He walked towards the sunset, as he chuckled, "I loved you. I killed you. But I'll love you. Forever. Dai...." He closed his eyes and sighed, before disappearing.

Later that night, a patrol car stopped near the docks and found Daisuke's dead body. It looked like the same wound that was on Dianna Reed's body, a clean cut around the neck. "Seems that these two... were destined to die together, as they were to live together." He shakes his head, and reported the scene to dispatch, who sent cars there to investigate. One of the cops that arrived soon after, seemed to have an older look to him, along with himself being a lion, and the others being a leopard. "Be strong... brother." He muttered as he bowed his hat in respect, and went along with doing his job of securing the perimeter.

A/N: Wow... This just all seemed to flow out of me within a few hours... Anyways, I know its a bit dark, but well, I just felt like I needed to end it this way. I just saw it that way in my mind. And if you all want a sequel to it, I wouldn't mind making one with Rei in it, and with what happens to Dai's sister.... Hope you all liked it... And any feedback, save for flames, would be appreciated... sexydaisukekunveemon@hotmail.com

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