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CHAPTER FOUR!! Warnings: Lemon!! Goku has made some discoveries about himself the first time he ascended.

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Chapter 1

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Chapter One





Kakarot had changed since he had ascended. Vegeta knew it. In Namek, when he had seen Kakarot in all his glory as supersaiyan, Vegeta had looked into his eyes and he had caught a glimpse of the soul of the perfect warrior. And later, when the younger saiyan finally came back to earth, the prince saw that same glint in Goku’s eyes. Vegeta had got the feeling he was looking into the very core of raw, unadulterated power. And that caused a turmoil of emotions inside of his soul: hatred and envy, but also pride and admiration.

The sensation had been so ephemeral, but so real. And he knew Kakarot was aware that the prince had witnessed that inner transformation. He couldn’t be deceived so easily, like the rest of the gang, by that role of big simpleton that Kakarot insisted on playing. He couldn’t understand why those who claimed to be Kakarot’s friends hadn’t acknowledged the complexity of Kakarot’s mind.

For crying out loud, they had had the opportunity to observe in several occasions how cunning and smart the man was in battle. Then, why couldn’t they admit that Kakarot was as intelligent the rest of the time. They seemed to have the absurd idea that the younger saiyan was some kind of phenomenon, an aberration, whose brain only worked properly while fighting. But what puzzled Vegeta the most, was that Kakarot not only wasn’t disgusted at all, but pleased with that bizarre situation.

After the kid from the future had warned them about the androids, everybody had been working hard to get ready for the new threat. Kakarot had been training with his offspring and the namekian for some months. But then, he had visited Vegeta in countless occasions trying to persuade him to train together, that way both could reach the peak of their power quickly.

But Vegeta could sense that something was bothering the younger man, Kakarot seemed to have ulterior motives to seek Vegeta’s company. Vegeta had the feeling that the younger saiyan was trying to tell him something, but he wasn’t very sure if he would want to become Kakarot’s confidant.

So the prince had tried to avoid him. He couldn’t afford any distraction to reach his goal, to become a supersaiyan, surpassing Kakarot’s power. He was determined to prove his superiority defeating the androids by himself.

In order to accomplish that objective, Vegeta had been pushing his limits with strenuous sessions in the gravity room. He was painfully aware of every muscle, every inch of his body. But the extreme suffering was worthy, because he could sense that, day by day, he was more and more powerful.


“What are you doing here, Kakarot?” Vegeta asked, as he stopped in his way to the gravity room.

Goku had come back for the umpteenth time that week, he wouldn’t cease in his attempt to obtain what he wanted from the obstinate prince.

“I need to talk to you, Vegeta”

Vegeta walked past Goku, snorting. “I’ve got no time for your stupidity, I’m going to train so leave me alone, Kakarot.”

Apparently unaffected by Vegeta’s callousness, Goku followed him.

“Why do you refuse to train with me?”

Vegeta decided to ignore the younger saiyan. He headed towards the gravity room but when he was in front of the door, Goku teletransported himself in front of the cranky prince, blocking the entry.

“Why are you so stubborn, Vegeta? Couldn’t you let aside that absurd pride and try to think for once what’s the best for everybody of us? You’re too old to act as a spoiled brat, and there are many lives at stake, dammit.” Goku snarled, brow furrowed in irritation .

The prince clenched his fists, annoyed at the insistence of the younger saiyan. “And why on earth would I need the help from such a pathetic, useless and pitiful buffoon.”

“I’ve been told that you used to think the contrary.“ Goku said rather smugly, folding his arms and smiling maliciously at the prince.
Vegeta was enraged at such display of insolence. “What are you talking about, you scum?”

“Well, it seems that the almighty prince of all saiyans spent some months in space looking for me to teach him how to ascend. Isn’t it true, ‘your highness’?” The younger saiyan asked in a mocking tone.
Vegeta blushed in embarrassment and rage.
He grabbed the collar of Goku’s gi, his ki erratically fluctuating, unable to restrain his fury.

“You moron, how do you dare? I was after you with the purpose to defeat you.”

The prince was panting raggedly because of his outburst. Goku, sighing, waited until Vegeta was calmed enough.

“Look, Vegeta this is important. I really need your help.” He stared at the prince pleadingly.

Vegeta narrowed his eyes and looked intensely at the younger saiyan, Goku squirmed slightly under the close scrutiny he was subjected to by the prince.

“There’s something else, doesn’t it?” Vegeta finally stated after a long, uncomfortable silence.
Goku nodded. “I need to know certain things, Vegeta”
Vegeta stared at him with curiosity.
“What kind of things?”
“Not now, first we should train. It’s amazing how your power has increased since we met in Namek.”
“Hn…“ Vegeta muttered, looking rather pleased for a moment and Goku chuckled. The prince glared at him venomously.
“Idiot, don’t think you can take advantage of me with flattering words.”
“But Vegeta, I think I’ve already done it.” Goku replied, trying to stifle a laughter.
“You’re a cocky bastard. Don‘t you know it?” Vegeta remarked with a glint of amusement in his eyes.
“Ok, let’s go training.” He said, finally agreeing to Goku’s request.
“But not in the gravity room, Vegeta. I prefer outside. Let’s find a proper place.”

Goku blasted off into the sky and flew, followed closely by Vegeta who was mumbling to himself. “Who does he think he is to order me around?”
They finally landed on an isolated land, far away from any inhabited place. And without delay, both got ready to fight.

Vegeta lunged forward, throwing a punch to Goku’s face, but the larger saiyan dodged the blow while beating the prince in the stomach. Vegeta bent down in pain but he immediatly recovered his fighting stance and swung his right leg up to kick Goku’s neck. The younger saiyan yelled, rubbing the sore spot. Vegeta folded his arms smirking wickedly.
“Too much for you, crybaby?” He mocked, trying to infuriate his rival to make him lose his concentration, though he knew that was a difficult, almost impossible task.
Goku smirked back, aware of Vegeta's intentions. “Enough foreplay, Vegeta. Let’s start for real.’’
Vegeta’s smirk was quickly erased as he greeted his teeth.

Both saiyans powered up and floated in the sky exchanging a series of vicious punches and kicks with superhuman speed, defying all physics laws. The attacks became more and more fierce. Soon they started to deliver ki blasts, the raw force of their fists and feet not being enough to satiate their crave for blood anymore.

The more they fought the more the landscape changed dramatically. Numerous craters and holes appeared as every once and then one of the counterparts fell from the sky slamming down into the ground with such force that any ordinary being would perish from it, but only causing some scratches to these phenomenal creatures. Mounts and hills now reduced to mere piles of rocks by the deflection of some of their energy blasts.

The fight lasted for hours and the two saiyans enjoyed every minute of it. Finally, admitting that both were equal in power, (obviously Goku being at his normal state, not ascended) they agreed to put an end to their combat, too tired to continue.

Both saiyans collapsed on the ground, panting heavily. Their bodies were covered with sweat and dirt, all battered and bruised, blood dribbling from several wounds. But they felt more alive than ever, after such stimulating experience.

When the two men recovered their breath, Vegeta looked intently at Goku, the younger saiyan seemed to be deep in thought.

“Spit it out, Kakarot.“
Vegeta’s voice startled Goku, bringing him into reality.
“Uh?” He muttered, blinking in confusion. not having registered Vegeta's words.
“ I want to know what’s bothering you.” The prince requested with an uncharacteristic soft voice.

Goku remained silent for a while, with his arms under his head watching the clouds passing by. Vegeta waited patiently, he didn’t want to push the younger saiyan.
Finally, Goku started to speak, still looking at the sky, as if he could find there the solution to his dilemma.

“I’ve remembered, Vegeta.”
Goku sighed and rolled on his side now facing the other saiyan.

“When I became supersaiyan, I remembered our planet, our people. I could see them in my mind. I could hear their pleading voices, a clamor for vengeance, for retribution. I was destined to give a meaning to their fleeting existence, to make sure the entire universe would never forget that, once, a proud race of warriors lived in a planet that now is only a handful of cosmic dust and a simple memory in a corner of the mind of the last survivors from the hecatomb. And you were there too, stripped from all your masks, your voice resounding full of pride, the glorious angel of revenge. I think that if I wouldn’t have had that vision, I would have never ascended. Not even after Krillin died. It was the force that emanated from their pleas and their mourning which triggered the transformation. And I was proud to be one of them, I felt for the first time in my life that I was a real saiyan.”

Goku stopped talking for a while. His words had caused a deep impression on Vegeta, who was sprawled on the ground with an unreadable expression on his face and a far-away look, his mind wandering through the images evoked by Goku’s words.

After a while, Goku spoke up again.

“What have me worried is that after that revelation I fought with real bloodlust, I felt rage and joy at the same time, I was craving for blood. I just wanted to howl at the rush of pleasure that flowed through all my body as I tasted the addicting flavor of death.
It took all my willpower to dominate those urges; the wrath, the sick desire to feel the life of my enemy extinguishing slowly and painfully. After that experience I knew I would never be the same again. The real reason why I spent a whole year away in Yardrat was to learn how to control myself. That’s why I was avoiding you. Every time I felt your presence I used my technique of instant translocation. I didn’t want to face another irate saiyan, I was afraid to lose control. I have never desired your death, Vegeta. Specially not now that I know who I really am and where I belong. And you’re the only one that can understand me, that can guide me. I feel this sudden necessity to be close to my people. I want to know more about our race. I need to comprehend my true nature. Please, Vegeta will you help me?”

Vegeta sighed trying to pretend that he was tranquil, in spite of his inner turmoil. For the first time since his initial encounter with Goku, he felt the joy to have a fellow saijayin who he could relate to. The man had acted too much as an earthling to his liking. But now things were starting to change for better.

After all these musings, Vegeta looked sympathetically at the younger saiyan.
“Alright, Kakarot. So you want to know the real nature of our people, don't you?”
Goku nodded vigorously, his face radiant, showing his gratitude in the depth of his eyes.

“Well, I’ll make you a brief summary of the history of our people. But I must warn you that I don’t really know much about it, I was only seven years old when I left Vegetasei.
Our home planet was initially inhabited by a highly civilized race, the Tuffles, whith an advanced technology. Our ancestors were a primitive tribe of great warriors, the Oozaru, who evolved to our actual anthropomorphic shape. These ancient saiyans had developed an incipient technology, so they started to travel to other planets. Some saiyans settled in the Tuffle planet and both races coexisted peacefully for ages. But later, the saiyans started a war to conquer the whole planet.

Their ability to turn into oozaru gave them the victory. When the native race was decimated our people built a powerful empire and lived a golden age of stability and prosperity. Then, our ambitious sovereigns, more and more thirsty of power, began to conquer nearby planets, expanding the empire beyond our frontiers. As time passed by, the saiyans were well known as ruthless conquerors in distant galaxies. Until we attracted the attention of the Icejins. And they were our downfall.”

Vegeta sighed, his heart stung with painful memories about the destruction of his planet. Both saiyans remained in a reverent silent for a while.

Goku knew that the prince was too affected to continue, so he stood up. Then, he noticed that his gi was torn and his body was all bumped and bruised . “It’s late. I must go home. Chichi is gonna freak out when she sees me like this.” Then, he grinned.

“Can I see you tomorrow, Vegeta?” The prince nodded, feeling terribly melancholic as Goku flew away. He remained for a while laying on the cold ground.

He didn’t know if he had made the right decision when he had agreed to this journey through the past.





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