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Sing To Me

by Frozen17

Libraries: Erotica, One Shots, Original Fiction, Romance

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Two women in love, A moments passion.

After all this time her voice still has the ability to move me
to tears.


All I could do was stare as my love sang to me. Nora, my
Nora...when she sings everything else on earth fades away.  All
of my troubles become forgotten until there is only her voice.
Her voice held beauty... it held sorrow, joy, and love. I stood
and walked over to her, enfolding my arms around her waist.  I
inched closer to her as she continued her song for me. For a
long moment I held her close to me, getting lost in her voice.
When her song ended I looked up into her eyes. My breath caught
in my thraot, after all this time it amazed me to find that her
eyes still had this affect on me.

"You know," I said to her, "You are everything I ever wanted
and more"

She smiled as I moved my lips closer to hers. My heart beat
quickened as our lips met, her lips were soft and warm.Her arms
came to rest around my neck. God, everything about her drove me
wild. Her skin, her lips, her fragrance....everything about her
was so...intoxicating.
Cautiously I led her back to where the table stood. I put my
arms beneath her legs and lifted her to sit on the edge of the
table as we continued to kiss. Our tongues continued to dance
against each other as I slid my palm across the silky fabric of
her dress. Nora let out a small moan which was muffled by the
kiss. Encouraged, I slowly moved my hand down her dress, down her
thigh.Underneath the dress I slid my hand between her thighs,
meanwhile kissing down her chin to her neck. She groaned with
approval as I bit the skin on her neck. As I continued to kiss
and lick down her neck I slipped the dress straps off of her,
causing her dress to loosen. I pulled the front of her dress
down, revealing her chest. Grasping her breast in my palm I
teased and touched the skin of her nipple. Meanwhile my other
hand moved up the inside of her thigh. I began to kiss down her neck, past her
shoulders to her chest.  Soft passionate moans escaped her mouth as I put my
mouth onto her exposed nipple. I played with it between my teeth, using my
tongue to tease the sensitive flesh. Meanwhile my fingers
brushed against the front of her panties, feeling the dampened
cloth. For a moment I simply moved my fingers against her,
feeling her, teasing her.

"Please," she moaned suddenly "Please, I need you"

I pushed back plates and dishes behind her to allow her to lie
back. When I got back in front of her I lifted her legs.
Teasing still, I felt along her legs with my palms. Then I slid
off her panties easily, I clutched it in my fist a moment
before throwing it aside. I leaned over her so that I may kiss
and work my magic on her breasts as a I slid a finger inside of
her. I watched as her face displayed the pleasure she felt. A
moment later I added a second finger. Exploring her, I added
yet another finger. She moaned louder now, her head fell back
as her back arched. I noticed a thin layer of sweat begining to
form on her neck and chest. I loved the effect I had on her, I
love being able to please her like this.

"Do you like it?" I asked as I worked my fingers deeper inside

"Yes!," she said, biting her lip,"God yes!"

I positioned my fingers, hooking them slightly,searching for
the right spot. A moment later Nora had let out a loud shout of
pleasure and I knew I had found it. I watched her as her chest
rose and fell. I wanted to taste her. She looked at me and I
licked my full lips. She knew what I wanted, she wanted it too.
At this point I was burning up with passion.
She reached for my shirt suddenly, I lifted my arms as she
pulled the shirt off above me. Next she reached for my bra
strap, undoing it and allowing it to fall to the floor.
She gazed at me for a moment, taking in my form. She reached
for my belt, undoing it from my pants. She kissed me while she
worked the zipper, sneaking her hand below the elastic of my
underwear. I gasped as she slid her fingers over my pussy. She
kissed along my jaw to my earlobe where she began to nibble and
bite. My breath quickened as she began to work her fingers
inside me. She brought her other hand up to my mouth. She slid
two fingers in my mouth and I sucked on them greedily. The
intense feeling of her fingers inside me sent me into immediate
orgasm. A loud moan escaped from me as I clutched onto her
back. I felt myself release, clutching onto her for dear life.
Her fingers lingered still as my orgasm subsided, feeling my
wetness. A moment passed, I rested against her as she held me.
She kissed my shoulder blade, resting her chin on my shoulder a
moment later.

"I want to taste you." I said.

She looked up at me, grinning. I led her to a chair, making her
sit. I knelt in front of her, kissing up her thigh. I loved how
her breath caught as I got closer. I continued to kiss up her
thigh until my lips met their destination. I got to work,
licking every part of her. The taste of her sent me into an
aroused state all over again. As I continued to kiss her clit
my finger pushed inside of her. She moaned as I worked her
pussy with both my mouth and my finger.Hungrily I pushed my
tongue inside her, tasting every corner of her. I pushed in as
deep as I could, craving more of her. Suddenly her moans grew
loader as I realized she was coming. I savored her wet and
tasted it, wanting more. After a moment her moans quieted as
she began to steady her breathing. I looked up at her. She was
so beautiful, flushed and covered in sweat. She grabbed my
chin, guiding me up to her face. She kissed me and then stood,
leading me to the bedroom. Once inside we crawled into bed and
curled up into each other. We kissed slowly and sensually. I
felt along every part of her. Touching her softly, treating her
skin like porcelain. I kissed down her neck, running my tongue
down to her chest, savoring the taste of her skin. Turning me
over suddenly, she crawled to sit on top of me.

"I want to please you," she said,"Its my turn to taste you. I
want to taste all of you, your body can be my candy."

My pulse quickened at her words. I closed my eyes, feeling her
mouth roam over my body. She kissed my stomach, my breasts, my
neck...everywhere. Suddenly I felt her tongue push inside me, I
let out a surprised moan as she pleased me. It didn't take long
before I was reaching an orgasm again. I felt it rush over my
body, I was almost there... I opened my eyes and raised myself
to my elbows to watch her. She was fingering herself as she
pleased me.

"mine...your mine" I gasped.

"yours, always yours!"

I grew closer to my orgasm as I listened to the delicious
sounds she was making. I could tell she was close too. She
looked up at me suddenly.

"Come with me!" She grinned sexily.

I couldn't hold it in any longer. Our shouts echoed through the
house as we experienced orgasm after ecstatic-orgasm! She
collapsed on top of me as I brought her lips to mine. A final
kiss for the night.

"I love you." I said.

"I love you too."

I held her in my arms, so comfortable with her. Soon I noticed
her breathing had slowed and grown steady. Nora had fallen
asleep. I felt my eyes watering, she was mine. What did I do to
deserve her? I don't deserve something so beautiful and pure.
Yet still, she is mine and I am hers. Only hers.
My Nora...


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