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Dreams Do Not Define Us

by Karyu

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Sora starts having these strange dreams he can't control. But does he want them to stop? RoxasSora, SoraRIkuSora

'This is just a dream this is just a dream this is just a dream...'

Roxas slowly straddles over Soras hips, a coy smile on his face the whole time.

'Just a dream, if I close my eyes it will all go away.'

Sora squeezes his eyes closed, face drawn into a slight scowl. Roxas licks his lips and leaning forward, runs his tongue up the other boys right cheek. Soras hand rise and wrap around the other boys upper arms, but don't push away.

'I'll wake up back in the hotel, still searching for Riku.'

A cool hand moves stray strands of hair away from his face as another genuinely begins the pull his shirt up his chest, not bothering to unzip it. Cold fingertips trail up his abdomen and chest with the motion, cause Sora to gasp for air unconsciously. His fingers twitch slightly.

'I wont get a good night sleep but I'm used to it and I'll be traveling with my friends again and that's fine.'

Roxas begins kissing and nipping his was down from Soras chin, to the nap of his neck where he causes a small moan to escape the other boys lips. Sora can feel him smile against his pulse. The blond moves further down, kissing at his collar bone as two hands slowly trace up the side of his chest and move inward, finding the brunettes chest.

"A little cold without your shirt, Sora?" Roxas snickers into his skin and Sora shudders with either embarrassment or pleasure; he can't tell, when Roxas' fingers begin to play with his nipples. He has to concentrate to hold back another moan from his throat, but he knows Roxas can feel it, with his face right there and all.

'Why can't I control my own dream? Why can't I wake up? This must be some terrible nightmare someone wished upon me that I can't escape from.'

Before Sora even feels the other boys body shift, his mouth is over his left nipple and Sora can't hold back the wail of pleasure that shoots from his spine to his throat and belly. He can't help but buckle his hips alittle as the other boys tongue swirls around and his other hand plays teasingly with the other. Roxas gently pushed the other boys body back down at the hip and continues his work. Sora still isn't pushing him away.

'I am so going to hell.'

He can hardly concentrate as is when the other hand, which had been forgotten for only a moment, drags over the front of Soras pants. He blushes more, not even have realized the effect this was having on his body.

'This shouldn't be doing this to me. This is messed up, it needs to stop. NOW.'

Sora starts pushing at the arms he'd been holding onto so tight he had left little white crescent marks, but when the hand over his constrained length pushes down and forward, Sora reverses his action; pulling Roxas closer and buckling his hips once more to meet the other boys, his growing erection meeting Roxas's. Both boys gasp for air at the contact and grind together fora moment longer before Roxas pushes him back down, with a little more force, once again.

He sits up on the other boys lap once again, holding the brunettes hips and crushing downward fora moment, smiling at the blush that rises to Soras face as he breathes through his mouth and moans in silence.

"Sora. This wouldn't be happening if you weren't enjoying yourself." The low voice drags across Soras ears as his hands tighten in the blanket beneath him.

"I'm --" a gasp for air as he grinds him again, "- not."

Roxas chuckles and Sora can feel it shake through his body from their connected point in a way that's far to pleasurable.

'I didn't want this. Really. So why...Why is this happening? Why is Roxas doing this to me?'

The blond quickly begins to unzip at Soras pants, undoing the buckles like they where his own pants for the last year. As the last of them pop undone, he makes quick work dragging them and his boxers down his legs and tossed to the side out of view. He smiles down at the boy beneath his body and Sora can't help but blush and look aside.

"Now Sora, nothing to be ashamed of.." He talks as he undoes his own pants, making quick work to toss them to the side. The brunette can't help but look to the other boys mid region, blushing (if possible) more than before. Roxas starts removing his coat and pulling his shirt over his head. "Besides, he have the same junk. Nothing to be abashed about."

Roxas leans on all fours, hovering over his somebodies face again. Sora is still looking away, but the blonde puts one of his hands on his cheek and turns him to face straight up at him. For a moment, scared blue eyes stare into bold ones without turning away or blinking.

'Maybe...I'm letting him do this to me. Maybe, I want this?'

"Sora. This isn't real. It never will be." He picks up on the sadness in the others voice and his own hands move up to cup the others cheek and the hand on his own. A light flashes through intrepid blue eyes, an emotion zipping by and hidden away again. "So, let your self go."

And Sora does.

Roxas' hands glide down to bony hips, Soras doing the same to his. Their eyes lock, and without word or wink, hips grind together in synchrony. Sora tosses his head back a loud moan escaping his lips again, his nobody tucks his head down, mewing into the tan chest below him. He pushes down harder drawing out another moan from the two boys.

Sora wraps his legs around the others hips, pulling him down and crushing him upwards against his throbbing member. Roxas breathes his somebodies name into his ear, causing a shiver to run down his spine. Soras arms move behind the others boys head pulling him downward. And without a thought, he locks their lips together.

He hadn't meant to. He only wanted to be closer, he needed more. So when moist lips begin to move against his, he can't help the smile and warmth that flutters to his belly, fueling his heat. His tongue licks across the others bottom lip, and soon he sucks it into his mouth. Roxas moans and Sora takes the opportunity to make their tongues meet.

The heat between them is scorching, and difficult to breath, but neither want's to break away. One of the blondes hands finds it way down to their swollen members; he smirks and grabs them both together and begins pumping roughly.

"Ah! Roxas!" Soras eyes shoot open as he thrusts into the others hand in rhythm with his movements. Their breaths are loud and the panting and moans only escalate. Sweat is dripping off their bodies; Sora can hardly breath, his lose shirt; still pushed up under his arms, is to restraining. "Roxas... I'm.." Sora pants out, but he can't finish the thought aloud. He looks the other boy in the face as he nods at him, his eyes nearly squeezed shut. He understands, he cant hold on much longer either.

The heat is so strong, the pressure in each of their abdomens to great. When Roxas slips his finger over the slit at the top of each of their members, Sora can't think anymore. His and his nobodies thrusts become erratic as black dots fill their vision. They howl each others names as the sweat makes their hair stick to their skin and rolls down their faces.

As the orgasm rides out, Sora pulls Roxas down, locking their lips together once more in a fierce need for more contact. Tongues battle furiously as they both moan once more into each others mouths and finally cum onto their stomachs.

Fora moment, neither moves, only arching painfully against the other, the euphoria clouding their minds. Roxas collapses half on top of Sora, catching his breath, Sora doing the same.

As they lay in silence, slowly losing the warmth they worked so hard for, the nobodies hand come up and cups at Soras face, thumb stroking his cheek like a lover. Sora looks down at the blond, he's staring right back at him.

'"This isn't real. It never will be." "So, let yourself go."

"I wish it was." The keyblade master whispers out, resting his head and closing his eyes. He feels the warmth of the other slip away, as his mind is taken away by darkness.

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