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The sun and the moon

by CrimsonInHumanBlood

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Sesshomaru and Inuyasha are close siblings. One day, their bond was severed in the midst of battle.

The Sun and the Moon

The Sun and the Moon

Disclaimer: The characters of InuYasha are not mine; they are property of Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Yomiuri TV, Sunrise, and Viz. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

A/n: All right. I REALLY wasn't satisfied with the first few chapters of this fan fiction and I've gone back to rewriting the chapters. I'm going to do 1-7 for the next few updates, so I'll be taking a break from writing the newer ones. These won't be long because I want to get them up as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Chapter 1: Brotherly love

Sesshomaru and InuYasha had always been close as brothers. Though they did have their own views of things as well as tastes, they also had their times of tantrums with each other as any other siblings. Sesshomaru and InuYasha's relationship went further then a simple brotherly love. It went far from that. They loved one another like nothing else.

They had many ways of showing it, regardless of their age difference -- Sesshomaru being close to his maturing year of 50, though he looked about 17 or 18, and InuYasha who was still just a whelp around 10, looking just about 8 years of age. InuTaisho's eldest knew that he wasn't allowed to touch InuYasha until he was of age, which would be years. For now, Sesshomaru could only do simple things to show his affection for his little brother.

The two brothers now sat in the garden after an afternoon lunch, resting their full bellies as they watched a few butterflies fluttering around InuYasha's dog ears, tickling them as the tissue thin wings brushed them causing them to twitch. Sesshomaru laughed and brushed the blue butterfly away from him.

“Sessh, you didn't need to brush it away,” InuYasha giggled and swished the fluffy white dog tail that Sesshomaru had also acquired from their father, and their demon blood heritage. “I like it when they do that. They're like butterfly kisses.”

Sesshomaru wrapped his arms around his brother's smaller form. “I suppose that they are like butterfly kisses. But InuYasha, do you know what is much better then Butterfly kisses?” Sesshomaru asked playfully.

The triangular ears perked, “No what?” he asked curiously. Still wagging his tail, he sat up, pushing against Sesshomaru's chest and sitting on his abdomen wagging his bum across Sesshomaru's privates, oblivious to the affect he had on his older brother's body.

Sesshomaru's body instinctively hardened to his brother's excitement. He bit his tongue knowing that he wasn't allowed to do much with him at such a young age, but his father was not around for the moment at least.

Being so close to his maturing age where he could have his first heat and take a mate, made things harder for him because his hormones wanted to fuck and that's all they really cared about. He had to be extra careful in what he did now. Sesshomaru didn't want his father dangling him by his tail in punishment for taking his other son's innocence.

“Sesshomaru kisses,” Sesshomaru smiled and rolled him over so he could attack him with kisses causing InuYasha to have a giggle fit, not noticing the slight erection poking against the fabric of Sesshomaru's pants. Nor did he notice the slight arousal in the air.

“Eee! Sesshy Sesshy!” InuYasha squealed and giggled and squirmed under him before finding his way out from under his older brother and ran around him a few times, and then running to find the red ball that was under a stone bench just as Sesshomaru was getting up to chase after him. “Kisses! Sesshomaru attacks with kisses!”

Sesshomaru grinned slightly as he approached his brother like a dog on a prowl. Crouching as he stalked his little brother who backed up slightly, still holding the ball in his grasp. “I'm going to get you—”


The red ball, previously in InuYasha's grasp, connected with the side of Sesshomaru's face in a comical way that sent InuYasha into a giggle fit, falling to the ground holding his belly, kicking at the air, sending his sandals flying into every-which direction.

Sesshomaru stood stunned for a moment as he blinked a few times before growling. In a swift movement, InuYasha was pressed against the wall by his hips. “Do you know what happens to little pups who throw balls at their older brothers?”

“Nothing, because older sons who misbehave will be punished instead,” InuTaisho said as he entered the gardens swiftly as he caught wind of the slight arousal in the air coming from Sesshomaru. He figured that he should go see what his eldest was doing.

“Father,” Sesshomaru said letting InuYasha go in surprise as his father came into the gardens silently. Sesshomaru was flushed from not noticing his father's youki coming his way. Yet he was glad that he was stopped. “I'm sorry.” Sesshomaru moved his long silver tail in the front of him to hide the bump in the silk fabric in which hid his arousal. But with his father's nose, and his bad luck, his father probably already knew about it.

InuTaisho brushed his long, waist-long hair back before he crossed his strong arms across his chest. “It's alright, I understand. Now… I was going to come down here anyway to tell you that I am going out patrol the land. I've been having some troubles with an evil hanyou— an evil man who has been threatening to take over our lands,” InuTaisho said, putting his hand on his hip and swishing his tail worriedly. He hated to say the nasty half-breed word in front of his son. It was a disgusting word that was very hurtful towards InuYasha. “He's very strong and cunning. I must admit that I am a bit apprehensive about him. But he is going to be dealt with shortly.”

Sesshomaru became a bit nervous about his father going out too if he was worried about a simple demon. “Can I go with you?”

“That is out of the question Sesshomaru,” InuTaisho said sternly. “You are too young to go into battle. Perhaps when you're older, but for now you will stay here. Your mother is around so you must take care of her and your little brother. Don't try anything while I am gone.”

“Yes father,” Sesshomaru replied bowing his head.

InuTaisho bent down to ruffle his youngest son's silver hair. “Be a good pup and cause lots of trouble for Sesshy boy,” he laughed, kissing InuYasha's forehead.

InuYasha wagged his tail madly and hugged his father's neck, and then licked his face. “I'll cause much trouble for him!”

“That's my boy,” he laughed and got up to ruffle Sesshomaru's hair; knowing that he hated it. “I'll be back before or sometime after sundown of tomorrow. I don't need my castle to be in ruins when I return.” Winking to InuYasha, InuTaisho turned on his heel and headed out garden to prepare for his leaving.

In a small daze, Sesshomaru stared after him thinking, up until he heard a popping sound and a whoosh and another thwack as the thrown ball connected with his face again, making InuYasha giggle again as he watched the ball hit his older brother. Stiffening his tail, he glared down at his little brother not pleased with his brother throwing the ball at him. Even for a 10 year old, InuYasha threw with a sting and a bite.

When InuYasha watched his brother's face that had an annoyed expression, which made him laugh more, he fell to the ground. “Sesshy! Ahaahaaha!” he gasped.

“For one your age I thought you grew out of that stage. Do you want a spanking?” Sesshomaru questioned, his lips pursed and a hand on his hip.

InuYasha quickly quieted, not wanting to be spanked. “Are you saying that I'm annoying…?” he asked quietly, his ears drooping.

Sesshomaru sighed mentally. Getting the feeling that his little brother would cry on him, he quickly replied, “No, not at all…” Sesshomaru kneeled down to stroke InuYasha's velvet ears. “I'm sorry. I guess I am just a bit agitated with father leaving us.” He wasn't really upset by the news of his father leaving. Sesshomaru was quite used to him leaving already. It was understandable because his father had a reputation and land to defend and keep. It was what being a lord was about.

“Do you mean that?” InuYasha asked. His ears perked up a little, and he smiled.

Sesshomaru nodded and kissed his brother's forehead. “I do.”

InuYasha crawled into his brother's lap and gave him an unsullied kiss. “Don't you worry, Daddy is going to get rid of that bad ha…yoi?” he said pausing to put his finger to his lips wondering how to say that word.

“Hanyou,” Sesshomaru said with a bite in his voice. He hated saying that word. It was rarely said around the castle. It was forbidden because of the dirty word that insulted the son of InuTaisho.

“Yeah, that… What ever that means, what does it mean Sesshy? I know I heard it before…” he said, trying to think of it.

Sesshomaru wasn't going to lie to his brother. He wasn't about to hold back on the truth. “It means a half human, half demon. That's what you are, InuYasha. Other demons believe that hanyou's are bad. That they taint the name of the demon, and that they are weak,” he said closing his eyes and wrapping his arms around his brother's smaller form.

“Am I weak…?” he asked curiously feeling a bit bad now that he knew that he was a hanyou.

Sesshomaru shook his head vigorously. “No! You're not. You're very strong. You hit me with that ball quite hard,” he rubbed his cheek thoughtfully.

Wagging his tail happily, InuYasha beamed. “Really? I mean, `oops'! Sorry,” he giggled and licked at the red spot on his cheek, and at the light plum colored markings that always had him wondering why he never had the same markings. Reaching up he touched them. They felt like velvet fuzz as he traced them one by one, all the way up his face to the cobalt crescent moon on his forehead.

“It's all right,” Sesshomaru said with a slight shudder at the spine-tingling caresses that his brother was making over his demonic markings; unmindful to what he was doing to him.

“Why do you have these markings and everything? Why don't I have them?” he asked curiously. “Is it because I'm a half-breed?”

InuYasha had asked their parents many times and never really gotten a decent
answer before. But now InuYasha knew it was because he was a half-breed, or so they all assumed. “Yes, that would be my best bet. But being a half demon isn't a bad thing. I think it's something special,” Sesshomaru said kindly.

All of them had a demonic marking on them. Sesshomaru had his crescent on his forehead and his dark purple markings, his father had the dark purple strips too, along with a pair of crescents that were connected on the opposite ends of his shoulder blades, which no one outside the family had ever really seen before, other then a few servants. However, the servants were loyal and discretely kept that information under wraps.

The only thing that connected InuYasha to them by looks was the trademark
golden eyes, long bushy tails, claws, fangs and a long silver silk mane of hair. The dog-ears had never been considered a possibility when his mother was pregnant with
him. They thought that it might just be an odd genetic mutation, or perhaps it
was because he was a half demon.

“So I'm just special?” InuYasha asked smiling a little.

Sesshomaru nodded.

InuYasha wagged his tail back and forth in the grass happily taking this news as a complement to him. “Yay!” he giggled before looking down at his feet. Finding that they were bare he blinked at them. “Have you seen my sandals? I think I kicked them off in a fit of joy.”

Sesshomaru busted out laughing, throwing his head back. The only one that could make him laugh like that was his little brother. Taking in a breath, Sesshomaru composed himself enough to answer. “I think they're in the bushes. Don't worry, you can get them later.

“Okay!” he said enthusiastically as he hugged Sesshomaru back, glad that he had a brother like Sesshomaru. He loved him so much. InuYasha didn't know what his world would be like without him by his side. He couldn't even imagine what his life would be like, from what he could guess it wouldn't have been any fun without him. That was for sure. “Sesshy?”


“I want you to be by my side forever and ever. Will you be by my side?” InuYasha asked looking up at his brother with big golden eyes that seemed to sparkle with love and warmth.

“Yes. Yes, I will. I'll be your side where I'll fight and defend,” Sesshomaru answered back with a smile as they lay back in the soft grass of the garden. (*)

InuYasha leaned down on him, his soft tail sneaking down between his brother's legs to find his tail so it could curl itself around it like a third arm. “Sessh, when I get older, I'm going to be strong. Like daddy. I want you to be my partner. We can rule together!” he said ardently, not sure what the term partner truly meant. But he thought that it was something good, and he thought nothing more of it.

Sesshomaru could only smile at InuYasha's childish words. They were words that he didn't quite understand just yet. “All right, it sounds like a plan.” InuYasha had no idea of how things would be like in the future. Hanyou's weren't meant to be strong. They were weak. But Sesshomaru said nothing. He would let InuYasha dream about their future. Just as he let himself dream. They had years to go before they would know how their lives would really be like.

Years later

Fifteen years had passed since that day in the garden when their father had left to start a battle against Naraku, the evil hanyou that had plagued their worries for years. Those fifteen years had only been the calm before the storm that would separate the two brothers, and change the Inu family for good.

The brother's had trained fiercely against one another, intending to gain their strength to fight Naraku and his minions that prowled at their boarders threatening to overthrown them. But the mock battles against one another proved to not, be enough.

It was on a stormy night when InuTaisho had got word from one of the scouts that kept a watch around the edges of the Western boarders, where the ocean met the sea at a jagged cliff face, that one of Naraku's minions - so they thought to be - had been pushing at one of the erected barriers that InuTaisho had put up to keep strong demons at bay for some time so he could find out and eliminate the threat immediately.

Sesshomaru and InuYasha were trained and ready to fight the “lesser” demons that Naraku sent out. Though InuTaisho had a bad feeling about sending them out, he shook the feeling off; which was an unwise decision that he would regret later that night after they left.

Having prepared for battle with the threat, the three dog demons set out for the cliffs where they saw their enemy, a 300 foot dragon created by the earth and water. The dragon hissed and slapped its tail up against the side of the cliff, causing the earth to shake and give way near the edges.

InuTaisho growled. “Leave this boarder immediately and we shall spare your life!”

“I will not leave until I have finished you and your pups, dog demon!” the dragon roared and lunged forwards with his gaping razor sharp teeth.

InuTaisho leapt back, shifting into his great canine form so he could have a better chance at fighting the massive beast. He wasn't going to let this simpleton pull through. “Sesshomaru, shift!” he barked to Sesshomaru who stood calmly a few yards away, his hand on hilt of his sword. “InuYasha, be careful!”

InuYasha looked up at the dragon with large orbs, he had never fought a dragon so big before and he was slightly stunned. He knew that if Sesshomaru could fight so could he.

“InuYasha, don't be a fool and stand there! Move your feet!” Sesshomaru said nudging his sibling. “You'll be an easy target if you don't!” Sesshomaru shifted to stand alongside his father who had his hackles raised and an acidic pool of drool formed on the ground.

InuYasha blinked and nodded, drawing out Tentsusaiga, poised and ready now. “I know that!”

“Then you should have done it earlier,” Sesshomaru said coldly just before he dashed forwards and leapt for the hard body of the dragon to sink his fangs into his neck, letting the acidic saliva sink into the rock hard snake body; dissolving it slowly.

InuYasha ran forward, jumping the long distance with ease as he ran up his brother's furry white backside to his nose where he could penetrate the body where it was weakened.

Roaring, the dragon thrashed around and whipped them around, trying to shake them off of him. But InuTaisho leapt after his sons to find a spot on his back where he sank his diamond hard claws into the softer body, ripping parts of him open. “I warned you,” he growled as he heard the dragon cry out again and then the snakelike body moved, slamming itself against the jagged cliff in an attempt to knock one of them off.

This time the attack, rather than a movement, shook one of the dogs off.

Sesshomaru and InuYasha were slammed up against the cliff. With InuYasha being so small in comparison with the large white dog form of his brother, InuYasha was crushed between him and the jagged cliff's rocks. And being at a disadvantage in size, the hanyou couldn't handle being crushed, and his bones cracked and shattered in different places. When Sesshomaru had hit the wall and slid down with his brother, it tore the flesh as his body was pulled down a few feet. InuYasha cried out just before becoming unconscious from the blow moments later.

The dragon snarled in triumph, and slammed the other inu demon into the wall. But this time it had a less effect because InuTaisho was pissed having seen his sons being slammed into the wall, and adrenaline ran through him as he dug his claws and teeth deeper.

Twisting and turning the dragon snatched Sesshomaru up by the scruff of the neck in his large powerful jaws that could probably crush his neck as if it was nothing more then a twig. Sesshomaru yelped and growled, curling his long tail around his enemy's body, but it was no use and the dragon growled staring down at InuTaisho who looked at him with wide eyes; ignoring InuYasha who had fallen from the cliffs unconscious and no longer being pinned by his brother, and into the ocean.

“Give me your land or I snap your pup's neck!” he hissed between his grip on Sesshomaru's neck.

Sesshomaru whined and watched as InuYasha fell into the ocean. “Don't worry about me! InuYasha!” he called as InuYasha hit some of the rocks below and was submerged under the tsunami like waves crashing under them. “He'll drown!”

InuTaisho looked to see the red blur hitting the water that was his youngest. He was torn as to what he was to do. Sesshomaru could be crushed and killed if he didn't act correctly. “Let him go,” InuTaisho growled out while he held tight in his steel grip. He bit deeper, threatening to crush his spine.

The dragon felt this and he returned the pressure on his captive's neck.

Sesshomaru hissed in pain feeling the blood seep from his neck. “Go for InuYasha! I'll be fine!” Sesshomaru said, trying to think of something to do to get away from the grip.

The dragon, seeing that the other son of the dog lord seemed more important to getting what he wanted, whipped Sesshomaru into the far cliffs sharply and moved to go for the fallen hanyou that was being beaten up by the rocks and the waves below.

This was just the moment InuTaisho was waiting for. He bit down crushing the spine, and with his powerful jaws and the combination of the acidic saliva that had seeped into the openings, he tore open the flesh like a wild animal. “You will not have him!” he snarled and bit him in two, throwing the top half of his body into the opposite side of the cliff from Sesshomaru, who had been thrown into the cliffs to the left side of the cloven cliff area.

Snarling, the dragon hit the side and slumped before he recovered in time to see InuTaisho lunging at him, sinking his teeth into his neck, ripping his throat out ferociously. The only thing the dragon could do was roar as Sesshomaru recovered from being thrown, and then he came over and assisted in the kill. Tearing open the insides - the best that Sesshomaru could with the hard armored body - he used his saliva to assist in the ripping. Destroying the dragon was a matter of minutes.

InuTaisho held the dragon still as it screamed as it was torn and finally it went limp in the dog's mouth. It was only then when he let go of the form and let it crash into the thunderous ocean, creating a huge wave where it landed. InuTaisho stood in the freezing water, which reached just above the ankle of his furry leg, looking around in the water for InuYasha who had disappeared below the surface. He wasn't able to see anything beneath the sea of darkness that blanketed his feet.

“I don't see him!” Sesshomaru said, panic setting into his voice. He was also looking for InuYasha's body. He wondered if he had drowned and was sucked under somehow.

“Calm down, he has to be somewhere below there. I can't see anything under there though. Its too dark, and I can't even see my paws.” The water was also freezing. He knew deep down that something wasn't right. That his son might be lost.

“Don't say that!” Sesshomaru hissed back at his father.

“Sesshomaru, you're bleeding and you're injured. It won't do any of us any good,” InuTaisho said honestly, all the while his eyes continued to scan the dark water hopelessly. InuTaisho had to swallow the pain in the back of his throat. It was hard to face the fact that InuYasha wasn't strong enough to withstand the blowing crush and then be submerged underneath the water for so long. It was the only time he had had reason to curse his son's human blood for being so weak. But he said nothing.

Sesshomaru put his ears back and glared at his father for preventing him from searching for InuYasha. But he knew that he was right. They needed to head back to recover before they could search for him. “I'm sorry, InuYasha…” he said quietly looking down to the water before he began climbing up the tall cliff with some difficulty, slipping a few times before he climbed over the edge and shifted back to his original demon form, shortly collapsing from exestuation and shock.

Reaching the top, InuTaisho had reverted to his other form and came over to Sesshomaru and picked him up as if he were a little boy still. “Don't worry, we'll find him,” he said softly going over to look over the edge of the cliff once more, reluctant to leave. They had to get back to treat Sesshomaru's wounds, as well as telling his human mate the dreadful news that would surly break her heart.

The dog lord knew this was just the beginning of their troubles. Something that would surely escalate to higher levels. This just pushed everything over the limits now that one of his sons was dead. “Don't worry, Sesshomaru, we'll get Naraku for this.”

Sesshomaru who was barely listening had a vow of vengeance himself. He would take him down himself. Even if he went down with him…

(*): I think a good song that suits this moment is “Keep holding on” by Avril levign

A/ n: Wow how different is this from the original chapter! I think this is MUCH better don't you think?

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