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by ArticTiger

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I'm not too great on Summarizing this.. just take a look for yourself and enjoy :D

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Chapter 1


The Forces of the Five Warriors

All of the sensei’s Kakashi, Guy, Asuma, and Kurenai and two shinobis Jiraiya and Tsunade are out in the forest of Death locating and getting to the S-rank criminals Tyi, Namu, and Predima from the Rain village. They are holding 3 of the Jonins; Sakura, Shino, and Kohaku. Badly beaten, and tied up, Namu is guarding the three Jonins, while the other two Tyi and Predima are in their guard stance. In front of them stood Neji, Hinata, Ken, Makoto, Danya, Kira and Vince.

“You got a lot of nerve to show up now, you know you will not survive.” Said Tyi.

“Your forgetting that you are out numbered, and therefore you will have wished that you never even plotted this in the first place.” Said Neji.

“Enough of tough talking and make you move, we will destroy you one.. by.. one.” Said Predima.

Off the side Tausha took a nasty blow from Predima, Tsunade is using her medical powers to heal her wounds. She was suffering a great deal. Danya in her stance was pissed of what Predima did to Tausha. Danya was ready for the attack, she waited for Predima to make her move, once she did, Danya attacked using her Nightmare Jutsu, and her new Jutsu she got recently from Dawn Myrith’s Poison mist together they worked on blinding the opponents leaving them in darkness and vulnerable for attack! Neji used his Jutsu attacking Namu, but it soon backfired. Neji moves back Makoto used his new Jutsu skills he gained from Kira the Revenge severing jutsu making the roots of trees from the ground enlarging and extending to the opponents trapping them, and soon crushing them to death. That part failed too.

Soon all of them getting tired, and wondered what else to do next with out using all of their chakra. Off the distance Gaara appeared mainly rushing over to Tausha & Tsunade. Garra appeared very pissed off. But noticed the chance of the group from the Rain village. They summoned their own demons and converted it into one. A gigantic half bird and reptile Jikiamushido. Four arms with wings and three heads; this thing was not only ugly as hell but a nasty beast at that! Garra didn’t like this battle at all. He looked to see who else was available to group up and take that thing on, but saw all were on their last chakra levels, and some defeated.

“There’s only one thing left to do here.” Said Garra. But soon looked off the side and saw both Naruto and Dawn standing. They knew what was about to go on.

“So, looks like we got ourselves one big ugly beast.” Said Naruto.
  Jikiamushido roared at the three Jonins.
“Hello Beastie.” Said Dawn.
“Alright then, assuming this will get ugly, and for me I don’t seem to mind, I have one thing that comes to mine, and that is my purpose to kill and remind myself why I exist to live. My purpose to kill & destroy you!” said Garra. As he began his insane looking facial expression and summoning his demon.

“Hey, don’t you forget about us too Garra! My nine tailed fox and Dawn’s Myrith’s Wrath. All three of us combining our demons as one we shall destroy this Freak of monster believe it!” said Naruto.

“Alright, everyone stand back & as far as possible.. Kira summon you barrier jutsu.” Said Dawn. Kira summoning her jutsu, she was aiming for the captured three Shino, Kohaku and Sakura. Tyi freaking out and pissed off, he cannot leave his spot due to the summoning jutsu. “Forget about them Tyi, the fun has just begun!” said Namu.

All three of the foes are summoning the beast, the other three Jonins get ready to summon their demons, but all froze to see Vince appear with them. “What the? Vince.. What are you doing?” asked Naruto. Vince appearance looked much different including his eye color has changed too. “Why not join in the battle, I have something in me that wants to get out and  (evil laugh) slaughter Jikiamushido.” Said Vince. Both Garra and Dawn speechless. “Alright then, once three now there are four of us! (Naruto bites his thumb and spreads it on his arm) Nine tail Fox!” said Naruto. A mist & swirl of red formed around him. Garra already setting his badger demon out. Dawn took off her one arm cuff where a black symbol of her Dragon spirit and sank her nails into the seal wakening the Myrith’s Wrath. Her eyes turned pitch black. Vince made a few hand signs and summoned his demon. A red Fire dragon rose up through the black and red mist, Something very new and scary that the other three never seen before until now; Vince raised his head up his teeth K-9’s enlarged his eyes blood red and metal bladed wings formed out of his back.

The others in the back watched in horror. Tausha worried about Garra, but was feared by both Dawn & Vince’s demons. Vince was fierce looking along with his Red Fire Dragon. Danya and Neji sitting next to her looked on in amazement. “This is new, and not good. Vince.. he’s never used that demon before has he?” asked Neji. “Why, what do you mean?” asked Danya. “This is bad, very bad.. there are four and all with their Demon spirits, they are all for one purpose.. Blood shed!” said Neji.

“I think some good will come out of this, I’ve seen two of those spirits before. Said Jiraiya. “But, that Red Fire Dragon, that used to be sealed and that is from the Sound Village.. that means..” said Kakashi, but was interrupted by Tsunade. “Orochimaru was the one who sealed that Red Fire Dragon.. in.. Oh! That child.. that.. that was Vince!” Everyone stopped and stared at Tsunade in shock. “Say what? Vince lived in the Sand Village.. How?” said Asuma but never finished. “Vince’s Father had that spirit, but it killed him, and yes years ago Vince was born in the Sound Village, but Orochimaru sealed that spirit into Vince when he was an infant. I don’t know anything else after that, I do know that Orochimaru placed a curse seal mark on Vince, however Anko is the one who told me and Sarutobi that the mark never affected Vince at all.” Said Tsunade.

“Dam that Orochimaru, he’s done so much damage to a lot of people!” said Sakura. All froze when they heard the battle going on, all stopped talking and watched the battle. Jiraiya stood up and summoned a barrier around the group, the battle was getting intense now.

Gaara’s badger attacks Jikiamushido, Naruto’s Nine Tail Fox ripped off Jikiamushido arms, but the dam thing somehow grew new arms. Dawn’s Myrith’s Wrath Dragon moved in with it’s great speed, the Dark Dragon took a huge chunk of Jikiamushido’s belly in return sinking it’s poisons venom through it’s teeth causing Jikiamushido to roar more this time it cannot regenerate flesh from the venom. Vince’s Dragon had a very unique way of Draining Jikiamushido’s power, breathing in the spirit and destroying the power at once, then attacks violently as it shoved it’s head through Jikiamushido’s body. The thick tusks all over its head went through, and them moved back making Jikiamushido’s body worse. Dawn’s Myrith’s Wrath comes back in to destroy, with its long neck it wrapped its self around the half disembody demon crushing every bones in Jikiamushido’s body. Jikiamushido Roared once more be fore both Dragons finished Jikiamushido off. The Dark Dragon crushed Jikiamushido into thick piles of flesh, The Myrith’s Wrath moved away, as The Red Fire Dragon set Jikiamushido on fire.

Now Jikiamushido defected & destroyed, all three of the people from the rain village stood there shocked but pissed off their Jikiamushido was destroyed. Gaara with a sinister smile & look upon his face stepped up near the three. “Now then, lets make it rain blood.” Said Gaara. All three looked horrified. Naruto wanted a piece of the action too, but stood his ground knowing what Gaara would do.

“Fuck you your nothing but unwanted kids and freaks. You cannot destroy us!” said Predima who was hit hard across her face. Touching her face she felt warmth and something running off her face. Panicked to see that someone, she looked in the direction to see Dawn standing only a few inches away. “You BITCH!” screamed Predima. “You will die by my own claws for trying to kill my son.” Said Dawn as she raised her left hand up to reveal her extended nails. “Haminatra!” said Dawn revealing her forbidden jutsu of trapped Death. Predima looked horrified as over sized tusks formed up from the ground and summoning up the Scarabs that would eat the flesh off Predima while she’s alive a tormenting death. The Tusks closed up, but everyone can hear the ungodly screams form Predima inside the Tusked sarcophagus, soon the ground turning to quick sand sinking the sarcophagus into the ground.

Gaara trapped both Manu and Tyi. “Sand Coffin!” said Gaara and he had an evil look upon his face, as he raised both of his hands up, then closing his hands into a tight fist, causing the sand coffin to burst blood spattering everywhere. Vince’s metal armored wind formed into a wide shield to cover all four from the blood of rain coming down on them all.

  Jiraiya still holding onto his barrier until the he feels that it’s safe to take down. Tausha sitting in between her team mates Ken & Makoto, she was worried about Gaara who not only managed to stay calm somewhat, but felt the need to rush by his side. Makoto held onto her shoulder insisting that she shouldn’t move just yet. Tausha agitated a bit, until Danya came up behind her. “Tausha.. don’t get all worked up about Gaara, besides.. “ Danya never got a chance to finish as Neji intercepted. “This battle is just the beginning, there’s more and some of them coming from different nations and villages.” Said Neji. Using his Jutsu, he can see the incoming assault surrounding them. “Dammit! This isn’t over yet. I’d say we all pan out I can smell them!” said Kiba. “Huh? No way, but.. Why was this a fluke of a fight or what?” asked Sakura. “Geeze Sakura with your big forehead, even you cannot figure this one out.. Sheesh!” said Ino folding her arms and looking the other way at Shino and Kohaku. “Oh crap!” said Kohaku as her eyes turned to cat eyes and seeing the fleet of ninjas coming in all directions. “Whatever & however they all are, bring it on, I’m ready to stand up and fight along side you all!” said Lee Rock.

“Lee No! (Lee turns to Tsunade in question) You are not completely healed yet!” said Tsunade. “He is fully healed and capable of fighting along with us.” Said Guy. Kakashi looked over at Guy somewhat shocked. “Alright then, once I remove this barrier I want everyone to disperse!” said Jiraiya. He removed the barrier, and everyone took off in different directions.

Lee ran into a few ninjas, easily sticking them all with the greatest of ease. Along side where both Hinata and Neji fighting other ninjas. Ino, Sakura, Kira, and Tausha running after the ninjas. Tausha using her needles striking every ninja except for one that dodged it. Sakura caught the ninja by surprise as she cut him with her kunai knife. Ino and Kira fighting close by, Ino used her Transferring Jutsu to the one ninja from the grass village, now attacking the others. Kira using her 6-bladed star weapon flung it up in the air as it divided and split apart heading off in different directions hitting 6 ninjas at once. Retracting back to it’s shape like a boomerang, and used her weapon repeatedly.

Ken with his staff, hitting the ground, it failed to make his hammer appear, 5 ninjas coming his way fast, he freaks out “Oh Shit! Makoto .. (Runs off) Save me!”
Makoto with a displeasing look upon his face & disappointment. “You idiot, It’s always Tausha or me to save your sorry ass.” Said Makoto as he side swiped with his kunai across one ninja after another, and throwing ninja stars at the one ninja after Ken who was still running in circles like a moron. One ninja stood and watched ken running around like a chicken, he felt a tap on his shoulder; he turns his head to see whom it was. “Nighty-night. WHAM!  Said Kame head-butting him in the head with hers. “OMG Kame.. (Kame looks to Saya) that was awesome!” said Saya shocked to see something new form Kame. “Really? Why Thank you, Dawn taught me how.” Said Kame as she excused herself to use her Tuttle shell Jutsu swiping a dozen ninjas that was nearing them.

   “Yes! A perfect Strike!” said Kame jumping and happy. Saya on the other head hung her head in shame. “Ugh, this isn’t bowling you know!” said Saya as she went off a direction only to be cut off but a ninja she didn’t see coming. Knocking Saya hard on the ground, she tried to get up but was held down by some oversized ninja. “Saya!” screamed Kame, Saya looked off in the direction to see Kame running to her, and saw some fat ugly & phew smelly ninja standing with one foot on her back. Tsurento using his Head Hunter Jutsu on the ninja that was stepping onto his teammate’s back. Saya getting back onto her feet again. Tsurento backed into someone, only to realize it was Danya. “Well, fancy meeting you again Tsurento” said Danya teasing him while using her Fear Jutsu on a few ninjas, and Tsurento using his Bakemono no Jutsu on a dozen of the ninjas nearing them.  

Gaara, Naruto, Dawn and Vince still in their spirit demon forms all sensed another battle and oncoming fight and this time there was 8 of them. “Hey guys, if I haven’t known better, there’s 1 major dark spirit out of the 7 presume to be fearful.” Asked Naruto. “No matter, I am up for the challenge and for the kill.. wouldn’t you agree Dawn?” asked Gaara in his sinister tone, grinning at Dawn knowing full well of what equally of her and her Dark Dragon felt. She turned back to view the one Dark Spirit, and her eyes flashed from darkness to bright white in an instantaneous then whirling to lustrous crimson. “Death and blood shed is my area of expertise.” Said Dawn as her nails extended further and her Dark Dragon began to grow superior this time letting it’s wings to widen out. Roaring vociferous, causing the additional near by ninjas to startle at the reverberation with caused the land to vibrate. Vince’s Red Fire Dragon also became larger, the wingspan was larger than Dawn’s Myrith’s Wrath. All four spread out to allow some space in between them & their Dark Spirits.

A couple yards away, Shino, Shinkamaru and TenTen starting to get tired of the fight. Shinkamaru was the one who saved the two including himself using his Shadow jutsu on the ninjas, making them do what he wanted ending up killing one another. Shinkamaru falls to the ground on his knees. “Wow, what a drag, I’m just about out of my chakra. TenTen, Shino, how are you guys?” asked Shinkamaru. TenTen used her last chakra and fell on her side to the ground landing next to Shino. “Well, no.. need to be asking that.” Said TenTen. Shino got back up. “I got to.. keep going.. no matter WHAT!” said Shino releasing his bug jutsu of the 3 dozen ninjas. Both TenTen and Shinkamaru looked up at Shino, worried that Shino might kill himself to over do and run out of his chakra. “Shino.. No!” screamed Kohaku running to Shino using her Tunto Blade, and her bow & arrows.  Both Hitori and Kai run after their teammate Kohaku helping her defeat the other 2 dozen Ninjas. “Dammit.. they just keep on, what the hell?” said Kai.

Kakashi, Guy, and Asuma knocking every ninja coming their way out. “Ahhhhhhhh!” screamed Sakura and Ino.  The three looked to see what and how got onto who. Before Kakashi and Asuma would even move to save them from the over-sized black bear demon from one ninja; someone killed it before they had the opportunity to do so.  “What? Who?” said Asuma. Kakashi looked to the direction and saw something that he would have on no account anticipated to see. In front of them was a group of three from the Sound Village. “Well, this is, hmm how should I put this ( Looking up, contemplative) Not really predictable of you.” Said Kakashi recollection the last time he and other members encountered them a year and a half ago before.

“You have something against my Uwibami?” Asked Seth in his low sinister voice and a wicked smile on his face. The Dark blue mist surrounding Seth was growing around him. “So, Orochimaru’s selected body guards show up eh?” asked Jiraiya. “Oh great, we come here for this ONE battle, and we come across this old geezer?” said Gavin looking rather pissed off. “Now, now ladies, no need to worry Me and my two buds here will cover for ya!” said Ken standing with him was Bryan and Ryan grinning ear to ear.

Both Seth and Gavin looked the tree awkward. “Did he just…” asked Gavin before he could finish. “Yes”. I told you they were gay” finished Seth. Ryan, Bryan and Ken in utter shock, Ryan falling flat on his face on the ground, Bryan’s wigging out, and Ken’s eyebrow twitched. “Oh man, how cruel that these guys can easily pass as girls, but.. but.. Ahh!” screamed Bryan. Ryan getting up in an instant hollering out “Hey we are not Gay, Bishi boys!”

Gavin was pissed off. “Bishi!” Why you..” before Gavin wanted to kick their asses, Ken whooshed passed him only to try his moves again this time it was Lilith. “So.. care to .. Oof!” poor Ken, he was knocked out by Lilith before he even had the chance to finish what he was going to say & do to her. Seth already heading to the direction where his cousin was ready for a battle. “Interesting, you both not going with your leader?” asked Guy. “That is his battle not ours, besides what’s your problem?” asked Gavin being rude as ever only to get socked in the mouth my Danya.

“You’re the problem.” Said Danya. Neji came up standing close to Danya. “What are you doing here and Why?” asked Neji not looking pleased at all.

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