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What really happened?

by fearpredprey

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This story follows the final fantasy 8 characters after the first failed assassination attempt on Sorceress Edea. The start occurs in the torture chamber, and the story progresses from there. There are occassions of Yaoi, and emotional abuse, but this story is more plot than porn. WARNING:- YAOI/EMOTIONAL ABUSE/RAPE I expect this story to last about 20 chapters, so I'll add more chapters as and when I finish them.

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Chapter 1, The Torture Chamber

The story focusses on the incident in the torture chamber after Squall and his team have been caught by Seifer and Sorceress Edea.

I have to warn this has Yaoi and scenes of Rape. SO IF YOU DON'T LIKE, DON'T READ.

Thank you.



“Wake up.” A voice shouted, Squall heard this but could not do as commanded. All he thought was that the voice was Seifer. He wasn't in any pain, yet he couldn't move, it was as if he was paralyzed and could not do a thing about it. “I said wake up.” The person hit him around the face, yet Squall still could not feel the pain, he also couldn't arouse himself to wake up.


“Get him down.” Squall could feel himself being hauled off the wall he was currently on. He felt the soft hands of the Moomba's as he was being thrown onto the floor, and then heard their silent footsteps go out of the room. The door was locked and Squall was left in the torture chamber, alone with Seifer, a man who could do more damage than Squall could ever imagine.


“Open your eyes you slut.” Seifer slapped Squall around the face, yet he still could not move from where he was laying. Usually Seifer's slaps would hurt Squall, but he could not feel a thing. `Get up,' he shouted to himself, `he'll continue to hurt you, just get up.' Still nothing, he could not move, and this fact was beginning to scare him. He just wanted to be able to hurt Seifer, to fight back, but he could not, and it was a confusing fact. It was as if he was there in body, but his mind was somewhere else and not responding to any commands.


“Guess I'll be fucking doing this the hard way.” Seifer stated. Squall felt himself being turned over by his battle partner. At first he was unsure as to what Seifer was doing, but then he realised as he felt the elder boy begin to undo the clothing on his body.


`Fucking wake up,' Squall shouted in his mind. `He's going to rape you if you don't fucking wake up.' His conscience was shouting to him as Seifer begun to take Squall's cock into his mouth. He wanted to kick Seifer away, mainly because he was scared that he would like the feeling of Seifer sucking on his member.


`Maybe I want him to rape me, it would explain why I didn't want to socialise with people.' Squall's other half of his conscience stated, it was as if his mind was in constant battle with itself, unable to believe what was fake and what was reality. At the moment it was agreed on one thing, this whole situation was reality, Squall was going to be raped in a jail cell by Seifer, and he was unable to do anything about it as he was completely unconscious.


He felt his cock growing in length as the elder boy begun to suck him. He was skilful when it came to pleasuring another man. Squall kept trying to wake himself up in his constant battle of the mind, although his member was responding to the feeling of the man, he didn't want to lose his virginity to somebody who fucked with his mind on a day to day basis.


Squall felt himself climax in Seifer's mouth and could almost feel the smirk that he would have on his face. Seifer moved away from his member, he didn't know what was happening but he could give a good guess at the situation. He then felt something near the entrance of his anus, pressing slightly at first.


`WAKE THE FUCK UP. ` His mind said to him, but still he couldn't, still he just lay as he let his battle partner violate him, and he knew that the next thing to happen would cause him absolutely horrific agony, of which he could not describe.


“Ready?” Seifer asked rhetorically. He then slammed full force into the younger boys tight hole, something in the males mind woke him up. The pain he felt sent waves to his mind which jolted him awake. As Squall awoke he screamed in agony when he felt the tight hole of his stretching to the limit. Seifer took him brutally, the fact that Squall was an utter virgin made the situation worse. He wanted to kick back at Seifer, but was too scared and in too much pain also.


He felt blood dripping down his anus as Seifer pulled out and slammed into Squall, once again causing him to scream at the immense pain Seifer was causing him. He looked up at the elder man, a smirk was on his face, he was loving the fact that he was causing his battle partner severe pain, of which he probably would not get over.


“Awake then are we?” Seifer said as he continued to slam into Squall, he sneered and laughed. Squall just stared at Seifer, he was no longer screaming as he did not believe that his battle partner should get the satisfaction of hearing how he broke the normally calm person. He smirked knowing that, although he wasn't showing it, Squall was in horrific pain. Seifer could see that there was a build up of blood from where he stretched the virgin boy when he first slammed into his tight hole.


Seifer continued to slam into Squall, harder and faster as he wanted to cause him as much pain as physically possible. He liked to fuck with people's minds, and when it came to Squall it was no exception. Finally Seifer climaxed into Squall hard and fast, Squall cringed as the man's erection remained within him for a few moments and then finally moved.


He flinched in agony, he stared wide eyes at Seifer as he begun to clean himself up and get dressed once again. It now only just really clicked into his mind that he had just lost his virginity to Seifer, and not only that he had just lost it through rape. Now...he didn't know what to do. Seifer leaned over the broken boy on the floor and smirked at him, Squall wanted to lunge at him, but the pain flowed through his veins, he knew that if he attempted to move he would fall over and likely be sick.


“You're fucking well mine now.” Seifer laughed as he walked away from Squall, he summoned his lackeys to tie the boy back up to the wall. Before they did they cleaned him up, he flinched as they moved towards the sensitive parts of his body, he felt as if they were violating him just like Seifer did.


Squall knew that he would not be the same again after this, he wouldn't be able to forget what Seifer did to him, mainly because he would not let him forget. Not long after, in sweet relief, Squall once again blacked out when he was being hauled back onto the wall. Yet he could still feel the horrific pain that Seifer caused him.




Zell watched the violation of Squall on the monitor on the opposing room, he had fallen to the floor feeling completely sick, unable to move, unable to think straight. Squall went through so much pain in the short space of about 5 minutes. The violation of the man was horrific, and Zell could tell that he went through a lot of pain in those short minutes, he would do all he could to go and get the mind fucking bastard even if it killed him.


Zell stood up and stared back at the monitor, seeing Squall's pain and anguished face as he lay there unconscious on the wall. Zell would give him a cure spell to make him feel better, but he knew that would not cure the emotional side of the rape that Squall had to go through.


“Don't worry mate,” Zell said to himself, “I'll protect you.”

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