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Pink Deception

by doggieearlover

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InuYasha eavesdrops on an enlightening conversation between Kagome and her three girlfriends.

Disclaimer: I still don’t own the characters of InuYasha, but I do enjoy making them play with each other!

Written for the Tickled Pink Challenge at the InuErotica Community at LiveJournal. Requirement: 500 words or less.
Pink Deception
“…it’s so frustrating. He tries so hard but he can never get me off. I have to fake it so he’ll just finish. I can’t wait for him to go home so I can get out my vibrator and do the job myself.” Yuki threw her hands up in a huff. “He’s just not doing it for me.”
Kagome couldn’t believe they were having this discussion in her bedroom.
“You fake it? Can’t he tell?” Ayume asked, blushing furiously.
Yuki shook her head. “Naw – he has no idea. He’s so sweet, but he just can’t get the job done. So I just thrash around and scream so he thinks I’ve come.”
“He doesn’t know how to tell if you’ve really had an orgasm or not?” Eri asked. “I thought he knew everything!”
“Hojo? Apparently he didn’t have a book for this. Or if he did, it was a really short one – like him.”
All four girls giggled.
“How would he be able to tell?” Kagome asked shyly. “How could he tell it was real?”
“Well, when a woman orgasms, she blushes,” Eri stated rather matter of factly.
“Blushes? I’m doing that just having this conversation!” the miko exclaimed.
The other girls all laughed, but Eri elaborated, “Not there, you don’t. If you really have an orgasm, your chest blushes – you know - your breasts.”
InuYasha was sitting silently outside of Kagome’s window. He’d come to see what was taking her so long, and was a bit surprised to find her in her room with her three friends. He also knew better than to charge in while they were there, though he’d had a hard time remaining quiet. He knew who Hojo was, and he had to bite his tongue to keep from laughing out loud while the one girl lamented his lack of sexual prowess. However, when they started talking about orgasms, he found himself leaning in to hear them better.
He was relieved when they finally left, and he opened the window and climbed in. Kagome was closing her door and muttering, “I thought they’d never leave.”
“Neither did I,” InuYasha agreed before he swept her into his arms and kissed her.
The scent of her arousal filled the room, and he brushed his hand down to the apex of her legs, cupping her sex through her panties. He pressed his fingers upwards, causing them to become soaked as she moaned into his mouth.
It didn’t take but a moment for their clothes to be thrown haphazardly around them, and he had entered her in one smooth thrust. His thighs burning, he thrust upwards at an angle to hit that spot inside of her until she was gasping his name and cried out. Pressing his forehead against her shoulder, he quickened his strokes until he spilled himself into her.
He lifted his head and met her sparkling gray eyes, and then his gaze slowly drifted downward. He couldn’t help but to smirk. ‘They’re pink.’

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