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The Diary of Koga's Mate

by AlanaNixon

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You find yourself forced to live with a immortal man who your father has feared. You Have to live with him and live like him. You would think there is nothing to like about this man, but there is more than meets the eye

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Chapter 1, Dad how could you?

I was behind my father with my sister when my father began to speak, “K..Koga...what do you want from me! I never did anything to you, now leave us alone". I didn't know Koga's name at the time or who he was at all. All I know is we were in the innocence of our own house when ‘Koga’ barged in.

Koga began to smile sinisterly, "Now don't play dumb with me", said Koga as he cracked his hands, "You know that gets me angry. You stole something from me and I want it back now!" I looked up at my dad who is trembling constantly.

My father then started to speak again, "I don't have what you are looking for, you are not going to find it here!"

Koga slowed walked closer to my father and cracks his fingers again signaling that he is preparing to attack, "I gave you your chance now tell me or you will face your certain death," his eyes immediately fell on my sister and me, "Or you can offer me one of your daughters instead of death...for now, it is your choice."

Father gave a small glance at me and then Koga again. He gave me a nudge in Koga's direction, "__________, go with Koga."

I pleaded and begged that I didn't want to go with him. "Dad no, please don't make me go with him, I am..."

My dad then interrupted me, "_________, go with him now!" My dad pushed me into Koga. Koga had immediately picked me up and threw me over his shoulder so I could not run back to my father. I began to literally wail when Koga started heading for the window as his exit.

Right before Koga left he turned around and said to my Father, "Now don't go running off on me, I plan to see you again real soon. And next time it won't be a –will- be your life." Koga then jumped out the window. I was so scared; I didn't realize that Koga landed perfectly from a three story drop. I could not even feel when we touched the ground his land was so light. But Koga landed he started to run, and I felt that. I never have seen anyone or anything move as fast as Koga could. Not even cars. He slid me down his body where my face was buried into his neck. I was started wrapping myself around him in fear. I was too scared to resist or push away; I didn’t want to get splattered on the ground from how fast he was moving. He started to speak, "Don't worry sweetheart, I’m not going to let you fall." I was shocked buy his words, I never would expect him to call me "sweetheart", or try to calm me down. In about five more minutes we reached his huge mansion. All he did was walk up to the door and kicked it open. He walked in and kicked the door shut right behind him. His house was extremely large. Koga then walked into his "family room" (even though I found out later he doesn't have a family). He carefully set me down on his couch. "Wait right here...I will be right back," he said. Now don’t get me wrong I had every intension of escaping and I wanted to escape, but my feet felt like lead I was so frightened. I looked around from his couch; the wall that the couch was facing had an enormous, roaring fireplace. It was certainly taller than Koga was. Koga came back in the room shortly after he left. He had two glasses and champagne or wine. Koga set the two glasses down on his end table. He poured the drink and offered a glass to me, "Drink, it will help you to relax." I didn't want to drink it, I thought he might have drugged it or put poison in it. Koga didn’t seem to notice my uneasy expression about the drink and drank his glass down in one shot. "What is your name?"

I didn't answer at first, I was still scared, " name is _______", I said quietly.

Koga smiled at me, "My name is Koga." I didn’t look at him. I kept my eyes on my full glass. There was a long awkward pause when I felt his eyes on me. He bent over to look at my face, "Are you afraid of me ________?" I still looked down at my glass. Koga slide his warm hand under my chin and lifted my head up so we were staring directly at each other, "There is nothing to be afraid of. I am not going to harm you. You can relax now." we just stared at each other. I think Koga was waiting for me to say something, I wasn't really sure. Koga move his hand and sat closer to me, "I know you are upset from being separated from your sister and father, don't you worry, everything will turn out all right, you will soon find out."

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