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The Diary of Koga's Mate

by AlanaNixon

Libraries: Erotica, Fantasy, InuYasha, Romance, Series

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You find yourself forced to live with a immortal man who your father has feared. You Have to live with him and live like him. You would think there is nothing to like about this man, but there is more than meets the eye

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Chapter 2, He is too friendly

Koga move his hand and sat closer to me, "I know you are upset from being separated from your sister and father, don’t you worry, everything will turn out all right, you will soon find out." (Me: story starts) I did not know what to say to that. I couldn’t trust what he was saying. I asked weakly, “Will I ever see my family again?” I looked at Koga with hope. He just looked at me with a slightly stern look on his face. I broke down into tears because I knew what that answer would have been.

 Koga grabbed my face with his warm hand again, “None of that alright. You will be much happier here with me than you would be with –him-.” I couldn’t believe what a jerk he was. Nothing about Koga was making me happy. I started crying louder and pulled his hands off me. Koga then grabbed my shoulders and hand me facing him again, “Look, I’m sorry I didn’t mean it like that, it’s just that the guy gave you up so easily and…”

“Stop talking about him like that!” I interrupted. How dare he talk about my dad like that when he didn’t even know him, I thought. Koga pulled my body to his and pressed my face into his neck. His skin was so freakishly hot. I was sweating in every spot where his skin came in contact with mine, but he wasn’t. He slowly rubbed my back, I tried to push him away but he just held tighter to the point where I couldn’t move at all. We sat like that till my crying subsided and I gave up on moving.

Koga began to play ‘let’s try to get my mind off thinking he was a jerk’. “Hey are you hungry?” He asked as he was still holding me against him. I didn’t answer him. He loosened his hold on me, “You must me hungry let’s go…”

“I’m not hungry…” I interrupted.

Koga sighed “You sure? How about you finish your drink or something?” At that point I was almost positive he was up to something. He wrapped one hand around me and lifted up my drink. I –was- really hot and thirsty. Between my crying and frustration and the unnatural heat of his body, something to drink was way to good to pass up. Koga seen my distrust as I looked at the glass. “Alright then if you don’t want it I’ll drink it. There is nothing wrong with it.” Koga put it to his mouth and was about to drink it when I snatched it out his hands and drank it. I gasped for air when I was done. I am not a big fan of alcohol but I was so thirsty I didn’t care. Koga rubbed my back again, “You’re alright? Want more?” I poured myself my own glass and drank again. I slowly began to feel relaxed and comfortable. Koga smiled at me, “Ya know, you’re really beautiful, has anyone told you that?” I choked on the drink a little when he said that. He grinned at me “What you don’t believe me?”

I must have blushed a little “You…think so?”

He pulled my face to face him again, and he had a smug look, “Of course. Your eyes look very amazing.” I must have smiled a little bit because something urged him to keep going. He leaned toward me and pulled my face closer to his, “Has no one told you this before?” I stared at his disbelievingly. “Do you think I’m handsome?” That is when I thought he was getting to friendly with me. I pretended I was thirsty again and went to take another drink as he tried to kiss me. Koga frowned a little and pulled the drink from my hand and set it aside. “Is that a no?” He asked. He looked a little concerned.

“No no…its not…”

“So you do think I’m handsome?” He grinned. He stroked the side of my face, trying to pull it closer to his without being to forceful. I pushed him away again, still blushing. “Why are you resisting? There is nothing wrong here” Koga said teasingly. He must have waited for and answer he seemed pretty confident he was not going to get. He lifted me up bridal style with great ease. He walked me up the stairs to his enormous room and set me down on the bed. You probably know what happened from there…

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