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Beyond The Sun

by ChaoticFayth

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Oneshot, Songfic, Heavy Slash, Original Characters. Night is (c) Nightrose. Gay-Wain is (c) ChaoticFayth. "Beyond the Sun" is {c} Shinedown.

Beyond The Sun

 Gay-wain wandered the grounds of the Kingdom that Valentine's day. The sun was almost down, yet something was off, he knew it. He hadn't seen Night all day, and maybe that had something to do with it.

Speak to me
So I can understand your tongue
You seem rather fragile
It's been said
It's cold beyond the sun
Have you ever been there?

As the dark knight stood there, he could hear a faint whisper in his ear, and he knew who it was. He needed to be in the cathedral. He made his way there quietly as darkness began to blanket the Kingdom. Night stood right in the cathedral's entrance, waiting for him.

Communicating thoughts of ways
To never have to speak again
Let me be the fire in your head

Night shut the door behind them, and it was only a matter of seconds before Gay-wain knew why the ancara knight wanted him in the nearly empty cathedral. He grabbed the dark knight and pushed him onto one of the benches in the back, settling on top of the other man, straddling his legs. The green-haired knight pulled at 'Wain's corset before setting to work on the man's shirt, biting at every inch of bare chest that he revealed, until there was a line of red skin and a little blood down the center-front of his body. 

Bring what's yours, I'll take what's mine
And meet you on the other side
We'll leave a sign so anyone can find us
A better place, a sweeter time
We won't need any wings to fly
A place beyond the sun

It was mere moments before the two of them had removed the obstructing articles of clothing, shirts hanging open, Night's pants somewhere along the floor, and Gay-wain's somewhere in the vicinity of his ankles. All throughout the clothes being removed, sharp nails were raked along skin, bites sunk deep into flesh, and blood was dripping from their bodies. The ancara steadied himself above 'Wain's cock, their only lubricant being sparse amounts of blood. 

Look for me
The way you would if you were blind
Don't be so resistant
I've been known
To travel much too fast
Is that you in the distance?

The breathing was deep, the thrusts hard, and more blood was forced from their veins. It seemed too soon that it was over, that climax hit them, and they were gasping for air. This time, however, they recovered as quickly as they could and made haste to dress, regardless of the fact that beneath their dark clothes, blood stuck to their skin. The dark knight wrapped an arm around Night's shoulders as the ancara placed his own around 'Wain's waist.

This was how their first Valentine's Day would be spent together. Lust-filled, bloody, and invigorating.

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