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Do Not Disturb

by Owlgirl

Libraries: Alternate Universe, Batman, Erotica, Male/Male - Yaoi, Misc Movies, One Shots

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[Iron Man/Robin] Tim and Tony end up do something instead of reading in the library.

“You’re trying to tempt me, aren’t you?” Tony lets out a sigh from the leather couch of the Waynes’ library, taking another sip of coffee and watching the movement of Tim’s bottom on the bookshelf ladder.

“Everything I do doesn’t have to involve giving you an erection, Tony.” Tim speaks calmly, takes a book off the shelf, flips through a few pages before putting it back in its place. He has perfect balance on the ladder, Tony thinks it’s the ‘librarian’ get-up: pinstripe slacks with a v-neck, red cashmere sweater.

If only Tony could get the teen into a pencil skirt, thigh-highs, and a pair of glasses.

He sighs again, watches his young lover run a finger down a line of books, looking up and down from shelf to shelf. There’s a small sound of frustration coming from the teen as a book falls from his hands, making a loud thump on the floor four and a half feet below him.

“I’ve been meaning to read that one anyways.”

“Mmhm.” Tony turns back to the strategy book Tim stuffed into his hands an hour earlier to keep the man busy. He’s halfway done and bored as hell.

Tim’s logic is flawed somewhere.

Finally he can hear the sound of the bird’s feet hitting the polished wooden floor and a sound of victory. He bends away from Tony, giving the man a great view as he picks up the fallen book. Tony precedes to try and keep himself together as Tim walks over to the couch and deposits his three (rather large) books on the table in front of them.

Tim has an interest in reading, he loves books, he loves libraries and he loves everything in between that has to do with both of those things. Excluding the female librarians. Tony hopes. God knows he does…most of the time.

“Stop.” Tim looks at him from the corner of his eye and watches as the man runs a hand over his facial hair.


“You know what.”

“Do I?”

“Tony, I have your body language memorized. If you’re going to be thinking dirty thoughts, please keep them about me.”

“Oh, so I *am* allowed to think those things?”

“Did I ever say you couldn’t?”

Tim smiles as he leans his head against his lover’s shoulder, scoots closer on the couch until one leg is draped over Tony’s lap. From there it’s easy for the man to pull the bird until he’s straddling his thighs. Tim takes a deep breath, lips open slightly, his sweater tight across his chest, the small peaks of his nipples visible against the fabric. Grabbing onto the teen’s hips, Tony pulls him into a hard, wet kiss.

There’s a moan coming out of the bird’s throat, pushing further into the kiss, shoving Tony against the couch, curving his back. He sucks the man’s lip and moves his tongue over the smooth teeth. His hands are fast, working down the buttons of Tony’s shirt until he can press the palms of his hands against the man’s chest. Tim’s fingers slide across the arc reactor and black hair until he can push fingers against the brown nipples and get a groan out of his lover.

He lays a few small kisses at the edges of Tony’s mouth, licks a long stripe up his face. “We probably shouldn’t be doing this here.”

“I thought this is what libraries are for? I know mine is.” He gives his playboy smirk and gets a laugh out of Tim.

“But you don’t live with the Batman.”

“Even if I did--”

“You’d take the chance regardless?” The teen smiles and gives the man another long, wet kiss while he pinches his nipples. Hands moving, roving until Tim’s unbuttoning, unzipping the man’s slacks and getting into his boxers, stroking until the erection is wet and dripping.

It isn’t another second until Tony is lifting Tim’s sweater over his head and throwing it onto the other side of the couch. He bites one of the pink nipples, pulls with his  teeth and plays with the other using two fingers.


He’s had plenty of experience with this sort of thing, and Tim…his skin is hypersensitive, already flushed up to his collarbone. Never has Tony had sex with a woman who is as receptive as the teen is to his touch. The bird pushes further into his mouth and hand, whimpering for more. It’s easy enough to pull away and work until he can free Tim’s hard-on.

Ever since he found out Tim’s hormones have been neglected for years (he couldn’t find porn anywhere on the teen’s computer or in his room) he was smart enough to start carrying a bottle of lubricant and a few condoms *everywhere*. Tim has proven to be quite surprising location-wise when he gets horny. There were all those parties, that time in a storage closet at Wayne Tower, the elevator at Stark Tower, the kitchen, Tony’s workshop. He gives out a happy sigh as Tim kisses him again; and now Wayne Manor’s library.

Tim turns around in his lap, slips his pants and underwear down around his thighs and grips Tony’s hand on his hip. “Better hurry, Mr. Stark. Who knows when Bruce will be home.”

That makes it all the more better, not that Tony appreciates voyeurs, because he doesn’t. He just enjoys the look on Bruce’s face when he finds the two making out in his house and the small look of anger at the edges of the older man’s eyes.

Tony releases his hand from Tim’s hip long enough to pour a good amount of lube onto his fingers. He holds on to the teen again and pushes one digit into the tight heat of his lover’s ass. Tim whines high in his throat and moves back a bit on the finger.


He pushes another finger in on the next slide as Tim grinds back into his lap. The teen coos and moves his hands to Tony’s knees, finding better balance. He crooks his fingers, tickles the teen’s prostate and gives a small kiss against the scarred back as Tim moans high in his throat.

“God, you are *marvelous*.”

“Less talking--”

Tony gives one hard push in and cuts Tim’s statement off in its tracks. There’s another appreciative sound coming from the teen’s throat, another thrust back onto the industrialist’s fingers and Tony grabs on tighter to the hip in his hand.

He scissors his fingers wide sending a shiver up Tim’s spine, the teen’s hands shaking on his knees. There’s a small plea of the man’s name, another thrust back and Tony can’t wait any longer. He lets go of his bird and slips his clean hand into his pocket to pull out a condom. He rips it open, slips it on and quickly lubes up his erection before guiding Tim back gently.

The teen takes it slow, moving his hips back step by step, burying Tony’s dick further into his body. He moans almost silently as he takes the last inch, sits filled to the hilt. Tim takes one long, heavy breath and looks over his shoulder at his lover.


“When you are.”

Tim’s using the man’s knees as purchase to pull himself forward and up. He bites his bottom lip, sits back down then rises up again. Tim’s rhythm is fast and hard, Tony only urges him on with quick repeated snaps of his hips up, meeting the teen halfway.

“*Fuck*, Tony--”

Tim grabs on tighter, fists the fabric of Tony’s slacks in his hands and moans loud. His lover skates a hand across his bare stomach, wrapping around his erection, using his thumb to play with the slit of Tim’s penis. He shivers and slows his movement, if only a bit. Tony’s hand tightens around the teen’s erection and the man gives one hard thrust into Tim before he orgasms.

Tim holds the man’s hand around his penis, covers the head and jacks until he comes, too, catching most of the semen in their hands. He lays back against the industrialist, sated and happy. He grins and nuzzles against the man’s cheek when he recovers, taking in the scent of their deed

“Tony…that was…”

“Amazing, no?” There’s the familiar Stark grin and then the man is kissing him, wrapping his free hand around the curve of Tim’s neck and pulling him in closer.

“Yeah, I’d say that.”

Tony’s holding up their semen covered hands, he looks back and forth from the limbs to Tim’s face a few times before speaking. “You are pretty marvelous…really you are. Now do can you get some tissues?”

Tim laughs bends over to reach the tissue box sitting on the end table without moving Tony out of him. He grabs a few tissues, wipes their hands thoroughly, gives the man another little kiss and throws the dirty kleenex into the wastebasket close by.

“You’re feeling pretty content for having just had sex in Batman’s library.” Tony makes no effort to move Tim off his lap, move *out* of the teen’s hot body.

“Mmm, well…yes. We didn’t make a mess so, he should be good.”

“Don’t tell me…,” Tony wipes a hand over his face.

“Then I won’t.” The next moment, Tim is sitting up, moving the man out of him, sliding his pants and underwear back up. He retrieves his sweater, slips it back over his head and scrapes a hand through his hair. Tim looks perfect, no worse for the wear, and more like he’s just been sitting in a library then having sex in a library.

He grins and pecks Tony on the forehead, a finger running over the perfectly trimmed facial hair. “I’d throw that condom away and put your dick back in your pants if I were you.” Tim’s buttoning up the man’s shirt, quickly efficiently, running a few fingers over the arc reactor on the way up. He sits next to his lover as Tony ties and discards the condom and brings himself back to looking normal.

Tim gives him another wet, hot kiss as a reward before he’s taking Tony’s hand and pulling him off the couch. He snatches up his books and leads the man out of the room. Bruce is outside waiting as they open the door. Tim just beams at the man and drags Tony down the hall to the solarium. They have some more reading to do.

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