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Alcohol [Nightwing/Robin]

by Owlgirl

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Dick has been drinking, Tim's trying to keep his cool. It doesn't work.

Dick isn’t a bad drunk so to speak, if you didn’t know him well, you probably wouldn’t think he’s that drunk at all…just flirtatious. Which he is anyways all the time, but when he gets liquor into his system, he’s turns into a horny devil. A horny devil who won’t stop grabbing Tim’s ass every time he walks by the couch to throw more beer bottles away.

“You’re beautiful, Timmy…so beautiful.” There’s a slight slur in his voice and Tim can definitely see the drunkenness in his eyes, but he still feels like Dick is telling how he truthfully feels. “Now…I’m only gonna say this…,” the aerialist takes a deep breath, “because I’m drunk…but…Timbo, you got a body that’s as nice as any of those…those ‘super chicks‘.”

“I’m a boy, Dick.” He takes the almost empty bottle out of his older brother’s hand and walks back into the kitchen.

“So…Dick Grayson’s equal opportunity, *bebeh*.”

“And I think it’s time for Dick Grayson to go to bed.” Tim runs a hand through his hair and sits on the coffee table, as far away from Dick’s preying hands as he can get without it looking awkward.

“You going with me?”

“No, Dick. I’ll take the couch like I always do.”

“Come to bed with me, Timmy.”

“Dick, no. You need to sleep.”

“Sleep with me.”

Tim sighs and watches Dick, the man has a goofy, and still oddly sexy grin on his face. The teen’s heart beats fast and-- “I can’t, Dick.”

“Why not?”

“Because Robin can’t sleep with Nightwing.”

“Is dat in the rulebook or something?”

“No, but it’s in the glare I’ll receive from Batman when I get back to Gotham.”

“He won’t know.”

“Yes. He will.”

“Timmy…just once?”

“Once leads to more then once.”

“The more the better, I always say.”

It’s a battle he can’t win unless Dick hit’s the pillow (by himself) or just starts to doze off. Too bad it isn’t something Tim sees in the *foreseeable* future. “Dick, *up*. You need sleep.” Tim gets off the coffee table, steps around until he can grab the man’s arm and pull. He gets nowhere and gives up as soon as Dick starts *giggling*.

“Cute. You have to work tomorrow.”

“Work, schmork. I’ll call in.”

“Honest cops don’t call in sick in Blüdhaven. Unless they’re dead…which you’re *not*.”

He pulls again and succeeds in actually getting the aerialist off the couch and up on his feet. He drags Dick towards the bedroom and throws him down against the unkempt bed. Tim’s almost away until his arm is latched onto and he finds himself against the man’s chest.


“*Tim*…,” Dick is kissing his forehead and Tim tries not to gag from the too strong aroma of liquor. He pushes the man’s lips away and gets his fingers sucked into a warm mouth. He can feel the man’s tongue playfully winding around the digits, licking every inch of flesh.

“Dick, no…come on…you need--”

His mouth is full with that playful tongue and Dick’s moan of pleasure as he pulls the teen in closer. Tim can’t fight much when he’s getting pushed into the mattress by a drunk acrobat who’s very good with his tongue…and hands. Hands on Tim’s hips, stomach, chest-- “Dick! Stop!”

That *splendid*, drunken grin is on the man’s face again, “I’m pretty sure you were enjoying it too.”

“Ugh, Dick, please…can we just…*drop* it? We’re both tired. You need to work in the morning and I need to clean this slum of an apartment.”

“Who needs sleep, Timbo?”

“I do…you do. We’re not Bruce.”

“You’re right. We both get horny.”

Dick’s sucking at his neck, moving his hot mouth up to tug Tim’s earlobe. There’s a muffled laugh in his right ear Tim almost drowns out with his moan. Dick is *very* good at persuasion, even though the Robin part of Tim’s brain, the part that’s thoroughly logical, is telling him this is so *so* wrong.

“Dick--*mmm*--Dick,” The man looks up at him, lips reddened from his sucking of Tim’s skin, “Umm…just…*slow down*…okay?”

“If that’s what you want, Timbo.”

*What he wants*, what he should want is something that won’t get him in trouble with Bruce. Something that’s a bit safer then letting his drunk brother and fellow vigilante feel him up. Dick didn’t even really ‘woo’ him, not that Tim wants it to feel like one of those Harlequin romances.

He has Dick’s long hair in his hands, black strands that are perfectly smooth. There’s a kiss at the corner of his mouth, surprisingly tender for a man who just downed too many bottles of beer today. He can see the man smile, see the blue of his eyes brighten up and then darken before Tim’s being kissed again, harder and faster, a kiss he would’ve expected from Nightwing in the beginning.

Tim really wants Dick’s shirt off, but struggling with a drunk aerialist who’s trying to also get the bird as naked as possible, as fast as possible, is harder then he thought it would be. He manages to slip Dick’s shirt over his head in a moment of lapsed thinking, and Dick finds that he really doesn’t mind cuddling up to a half-naked Boy Wonder.

“Little brother,” Dick’s lips are moving against his mouth, taking a moment to slowly lick his way *in* and get Tim to whimper. There’s fresh saliva against Tim’s lips, a thumb brushing his cheek, and Dick’s tongue running circles around his own.

An expanse of hairless, scarred skin is beneath Tim’s hands; big, ghastly scars that would make any sane woman turn away. Tim doesn’t mind at all, not when they’re all just stories to tell, not when they’re something that makes Dick seem *real*.

“Dick…,” The man looks at him, smiles and falls back into Tim’s skin, sucking and kissing the line of Tim’s collarbone. The teen shivers and moans as he slides his hands back into Dick’s long bangs. He can feel Dick’s lips against his sensitive skin, kissing a path down--

Tim doesn’t let go of Dick’s hair and the man lets out a low pitched groan and stops his movements. The teen lets go in a hurry and gets an appreciative look from the aerialist. “Sorry, Dick…I was--”

Dick bites the jut of Tim’s hip in retaliation, gets a squeal out of the teen, then continues. He unfastens the button of the bird’s jeans and catches the zipper between his teeth, opens the constricting piece of clothing. Dick yanks the pants down round Tim’s thighs and kisses the bulge in the teen’s briefs.

“*Ah*--Dick…,” He looks up to see a blushing Robin, complete with shining blue eyes.

It’s the point where Dick realizes he wants Tim completely naked. His skilled hands work down the pants and underwear until he can throw them across the room. Dick finds Tim’s hands, small and pale, against the scarred skin of his abs, sliding down, pushing down the grey sweats.

Dick hurriedly gets off the bed to slip the cotton fabric off and watch them fly to meet the destination of Tim’s clothes. He feels the bite on his hip before he sees Tim actually sit up to do it, a playful grin pasted on his face when the teen looks up.

“You sobering up, Man Wonder?”


“And?” Tim kisses his way across one long, jagged scar on Dick’s stomach.

“And what?”

“Are you happy now?” The teen bends down to lick a small patch of muscled thigh.

“Why wouldn’t I--”

“That’s right…I almost forgot…Dick Grayson is equal opportunity, *bebeh*.”

“I did not--oh God…I *did* say that, didn’t I?”

“I would have laughed if you hadn’t been drinking.”

“Tim, I--”

“Just shut up and finish what you started.”

It’s gotten easy to kiss Tim breathless, push him back on the bed and make him hold onto Dick, wanting more. The teen moans into his mouth and grabs on tighter until Dick flips them over. Tim grins and gives the man one small kiss before he sits up, sliding hands over the muscled chest. He tweaks the brown nipples, watches the man arch up into his touch.



“Do you wanna…ya know…do *that*?”

It’s the thought of having Tim on his back, moaning, writhing, asking Dick for more. He’s not ready to lose that kind of control yet. He slides Tim onto his side when he moves and looks at the boy. Dick kisses each eyelid and finds those red lips, taking his time to taste again.

Tim is whimpering, his erection dripping onto the thigh Dick moves between his legs. The man cuddles closer until he can take them both in hand at the same time. He pumps slowly, spreads their pre-come out, slicks them both and finds a steady rhythm.

There are hot breaths against Dick’s neck before Tim gives a little bite at the sensitive skin. He bucks into Dick’s hand, pushing along the man’s penis, kissing him. Tim wraps his leg around the aerialist and finds those embarrassing sounds as Dick plays with the slit of his cock.

“You really are beautiful.” He moves again and spreads more pre-come over the flared heads of their erections. Tim moans and slides closer to Dick, using the leverage of his leg thrown over the man. He gives a little laugh and kisses the acrobat.

A few more strokes and Tim’s sure, he pulls his lips away enough, “Dick…I’m close.” Another long stroke and the bird comes hard. He moans against Dick’s throat as his body seizes up and the man’s name spills from his lips.

Pliable, beautiful, Tim wraps his arm around Dick’s chest and shivers. His skin is fever hot, flushed; he opens his eyes and looks at Dick. His hand is moving, pushing the man’s aside so he can touch, stroke the erection and bring the aerialist to orgasm.

Tim’s voice is a haze, Dick can still feel him touching, moving his hand across the flaccid penis. “Dick…” Tim is licking the cum, pushing his fingers into his mouth, watching Dick’s orgasm fade. There’s semen on the bird’s red lips, Dick grabs him by the back of the head and pulls him in until he can lick the bitter liquid away.


“God, Tim…love you.”

He can feel Tim’s sticky hand on his abdomen, rubbing small circles in across scars. The teen’s eyes are closed when Dick kisses him again, pulls him in until he can feel the entirety of the bird’s warm body. Tim moans, Dick can still taste himself in the teen’s mouth. It’s something he wants again, over and over.



“This can happen again?”

“Maybe. Go to sleep and we’ll see.”

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