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Dragon Ball SS

by HurricaneIslandheart

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WIP - This divergence picks up at the end of Dragon Ball Z. Year 797 of the Dragon Ball era – the planet has finally found a state of peace and with Uub trained to use his potential, Son Goku has settled down with his family once again. With their children now teenagers and the Z warriors aging gracefully, it seems as though there can be no more trouble in the world. Even those who oversee the Heavens have fallen into a state of blissful laziness as the universe regained its balance. However, an unseen adversary has been lurking in quiet observation, waiting for an opportunity to draw out of the shadows of the past and disrupt the light of the present. It is the future that is at stake now, and the Z warriors will face a different kind of challenge than they've encountered in their earlier foes.

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Chapter 1

Credits:Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z are copyright 1984 by Akira Toriyama and Bird Studio, and were first published in Japan in 1984 by Shueisha, Inc. Series licensed for English release by VIZ Media, LLC.  The song Roses are Red is copyright 2002 by Aqua and is found on their album Cartoon Heroes: Best of Aqua. The dialog between Vegeta and Nappa in Chapter 8 is directly from Dragon Ball Z Volume 1, Chapter 10.


Chapter 1


Record high temps are expected again today, accompanied by clear skies. A heat advisory has been posted for -”


Bulma clicked off the television set as she walked through the living room. It was hard to say which one of her Saiyans had left it turned on, but with the house empty of all except herself, the forecaster's words were being wasted. She knew full well that there would be no break in the heat soon; her work had been entirely shifted to the air-conditioned shop for the time being, as it was uncomfortable, at best, to work outdoors.


She sighed and looked out the window. She had expected Trunks and Bra to be gone today; their youth and enthusiasm had not waned in the face of the nearly unbearable high temperatures. Vegeta, however, she had expected to find in the training room or camped in front of the television; instead, he had muttered something about being too restless for “that mindless box” and had gone off in search of Son Goku.


There was only one reason the stout Saiyan prince would have sought out the only other full-blooded Saiyan on the planet – he was looking to pick a fight. What itch had gotten into Vegeta this time Bulma didn't know, but she hoped that Goku would be able to settle it without too much hassle. It was far too miserable outside for putting up with much of Vegeta's bullheaded attitude.


Still, something seemed off about Vegeta as of late, she mused. Aside from his restlessness, he'd also seemed unusually aggressive and verbally combative lately, including in bed. She understood that part of his frustration probably came from her own declining sex drive; she hadn't been interested in some time, especially considering the hot, humid nights. He, however, didn't seem to be feeling the effects of age nearly as much as she did. Bulma wondered if that was part of what was aggravating him – that he could pass for a man half his age and that his wife was aging, almost daily it seemed, before him. She sighed again and decided not to worry about it for a while; she would try to talk to him about it again after supper.

In the tranquil sky above a lush, green field miles from Capsule Corp, Vegeta was focused on a more immediate frustration – that eternal frustration of being one step behind Son Goku yet again. He swung wildly at the happy-go-lucky Saiyan, only to have his punch sidestepped easily.


Goku caught Vegeta's wrist with a playful taunt, flipped the smaller Saiyan over in the air and tossed him toward the ground. Vegeta would have none of it, however, and latched onto Goku's wrist as he slid past him. The two tumbled over each other in the air for a moment before Vegeta swung around with a kick to Goku's side. The larger Saiyan moved reflexively to cover the injury and Vegeta hurled him toward the ground.


Goku plummeted through the branches of a tall tree and crashed into the ground. The surface cracked underneath him then gave way entirely as Vegeta followed up with a barrage of energy blasts that forced him further into the earth. He put up his arms to block the blasts. “VEGETA! ENOUGH ALREADY!” he yelled.


Vegeta snarled in reply and continued the barrage. It was making him angry that it seemed to have little to no effect on the other Saiyan, but he knew that if he let up even for a moment to focus more energy that Goku would not hesitate to retaliate again. At least here Vegeta had him pinned.


Goku, however, quickly grew tired of the attack. He focused his energy for a sudden surge forward and pushed upward through the blasts. They singed his hair and flew around him to crash into the ground, but Goku persisted in moving forward. Vegeta realized the determined push and moved to block the other Saiyan just as Goku collided with him. The two of them arced through the sky and slammed into the ground on the shore of a small lake.


They struggled out of the muddy ground and pulled themselves onto a shady area nearby. Startled birds in the trees above them resumed their interrupted chirping as Goku sat down to shake the mud out of his clothes and Vegeta fell back onto the grass in exhaustion.


Goku eyed him up skeptically. “Had enough, then?” he asked. “You weren't in top shape today.”


Vegeta grumbled under his breath. He tried to sit up but found his efforts not nearly enough to even right himself. He cursed and looked at the sun twinkling between the leaves above him; he'd been hoping for over a week that he wasn't sensing what he'd thought he was, but this confirmed it. Deep down, he had to admit that Son Goku was the stronger Saiyan, and now Vegeta was at his mercy.


Goku shrugged. “Whatever,” he said. He stood up and stripped his orange gi off, then headed toward the water. He quickly dove in, then surfaced moments later and shook the water from his hair.


Vegeta swallowed hard and turned red with shame at the thought of succumbing to his natural weakness and the power of a lower-class warrior. Cursed body, he thought, why does this have to be happening now? His situation wasn't made any better when Goku finished rinsing the mud from his body and stepped out of the lake. The late afternoon sun reflected off of the rivulets of water running off his body and made every muscle and crevasse on his body shine. He was the picture of Saiyan brawn and potential, while Vegeta remained in the shade, the picture of weakness.


Sitting there sulking about it isn't going to change anything, Vegeta,” Goku admonished. “Just admit that you lost and tell me what this is all about in the first place; you said that you'd tell me when the fight was over.”


It's not that, idiot,” Vegeta muttered. “Yes, you won. You're a pure-blooded Saiyan, and regardless of where you were raised, it should be obvious to you by now what this is about.”


Goku frowned and scratched his head. “So you came looking for me just because I'm the only other Saiyan here? I don't get it.”


Vegeta exhaled heavily and struggled into a sitting position. His strength had returned only enough to allow limited movement, and he wasted no time in edging away from Goku. “Saiyan biology,” he finally said. “This weather pattern sparked it; it may be rare on this planet, as their experts claim, but it was on a regular cycle on our home planet. Our bodies need sexual relief frequently until we find a mate and get her pregnant; I don't know about that woman of yours, but Bulma hasn't been interested in some time.”


Oh, well, Chichi hasn't been all that interested in sex,” Goku said indifferently, “but she doesn't do a lot of the things she used to. I suppose they're just getting old. Why would that mean you'd have to come find me?”


Vegeta flinched. He did not want to think about Bulma and old being in reference to each other; it brought up other unpleasant thoughts. Instead, he focused on Goku's question. “Kakarotto, I sought you out to confirm that it is indeed our season; my body's energy recognizes that you're the stronger of us two. That is why I'm virtually worthless now; I wouldn't be able to fight you off if I wanted to.”


Why would I attack you if you're helpless?” Goku asked in confusion.


This is embarrassing enough as it is, you pea-brained waste of skin!” Vegeta raged. “Use what feeble amount of mental capacity you have once in a while – it doesn't matter who the Saiyan is paired with – as long as they get the relief they need. The weaker among us are temporarily crippled by being near the stronger; it's probably a survival instinct, since our race never was all that numerous.”


Goku's brow furrowed as he considered Vegeta's words. “If you say so,” he replied. “But I don't know if two men can even have sex...I thought that was something you could only do with a girl.”


Vegeta closed his eyes and counted backward to rein in his temper. He reminded himself that the other Saiyan was not only an idiot but had been raised in relative comfort on a remote nothing of a planet. He opened his eyes and looked the taller Saiyan over; even if Goku's limited logic wasn't putting the puzzle together, his body knew what was needed. Goku was already well aroused, if somewhat dumbfounded, and sweat was beginning to mingle with the remaining droplets of lake water as he stood in the afternoon sun. Vegeta turned red again and looked away. “Just go home, Kakarotto,” he muttered.


Goku blinked. “But how will you get back if you can't even sit up all the way?” he asked. “I can't just leave you here.”


Forget it!” Vegeta snapped. “I'll regain my strength after you've been gone for a while. I should have just relied on my instincts rather than confirming it with a dim-witted third-class warrior like yourself in the first place.”


Goku walked forward and reached down to take Vegeta's hand. “Come on, at least let me take you home.”


In a flurry of panic, Vegeta slapped the offered hand away and jerked violently backward. “Don't touch me!” he shouted. Moving almost unconsciously, he scrambled to his feet, then toppled suddenly and passed out from exertion.

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