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Writing FETISH Fiction

by OokamiKasumi

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What makes Fetish fiction unique from any other kind of fiction? Actually, this same question can be applied to any genre of fiction. What makes ANY genre of fiction unique from any other? The DETAILS or more specifically, WHAT is being detailed.

Writing FETISH Fiction
Writing Fetish Fiction


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"Could you do a guide on how to make a decent PWP revolving around fetishes with things like 'Add detail,' and 'Don't make it choppy?'

-- Furry Fan


What makes Fetish fiction unique from any other kind of fiction?


Actually, this same question can be applied to any genre of fiction. What makes ANY genre of fiction unique from any other?


The DETAILS or more specifically, what is being detailed.


~ In a Romance, the Drama is detailed.

~ In a Mystery, the Puzzle, or rather the clues to the puzzle are detailed.

~ In a Sci-Fi, the underlying Theory or Technology is detailed.

~ In Erotica, the Sex is detailed.

~ In Pulp Fiction, the Adventure is detailed.

~ In Fetish Fiction, the featured FETISH is detailed.

Okay, that seems rather simple -- until you realize that not only does the key element to each genre need to be detailed, it needs to turn the PLOT too! That key element must not only be there and detailed, it must be what makes your story HAPPEN.




To forward any story's plot you need Dramatic Tension. If all the dramatic tension in your Fetish story comes from somewhere OTHER than the Fetish scenes, then the Fetish scenes aren't necessary to tell the story. If the Fetish scenes aren't necessary to tell the story then you're NOT writing FETISH fiction, you're writing whatever else is turning your plot.

In fact, if the Fetish scenes aren't necessary to tell the story then they don’t belong in the story. ANYTHING that isn’t necessary to tell the story doesn’t belong in the story!

Memorize this:
If it CAN be pulled out - it SHOULD be pulled out.


It's the basic law of fiction in any genre.


Azimov codified it for Science Fiction:

"If you can remove the Science from the Science Fiction and still have a viable story in another genre - you did it WRONG!"

(He does not consider space operas to be science fiction. He considers them high-tech Westerns.)


Edo Von Belkom said it in his book “Writing Erotica”:


"If you can remove the Sex from the Erotica and still have a viable story in another genre - you did it WRONG!"

For Fetish Fiction this means:


"If you can remove the FETISH from the Fetish Fiction and still have a viable story in another genre - you did it WRONG!"

In ANY genre of fiction, that genre’s main element MUST drive the plot to BE that genre.


~ In Romance - The Relationship drives the plot.

~ In Mystery - Unanswered Questions drive the plot.

~ In Science Fiction - Scientific Ideas and/or Technology drives the plot.

~ In Fantasy - Magic drives the plot.

~ In Historical Fiction - Historical Figures or Events drive the plot.

~ In Paranormals - Paranormal Creatures or situations drive the plot.

~ In Erotica - Sex drives the plot.

~ In Fetish Fiction -- The FETISH drives the plot.


So, how do you make your Fetish drive the plot?


HOLD IT right there!


-- Before we go any further, make sure you know WHAT you're writing! Are you writing Fetish fiction or Kink fiction?

Fetish ISN'T Kink.


A Kink is something that makes sex exciting, also known as Slap & Tickle. No matter how many whips and chains are used, no matter how much blood is spilled carving your name into someone's back Kink is a form of sexual Play, pure and simple.


A Fetish ISN'T Play. It's a very personal, very individual, and a very private APPETITE. Fetishes are something one NEEDS like food, water, or air to breathe -- to get off, and that 'getting offISN'T always Sexual. When a Fetishist has access to what gratifies their needs, they can reach fulfillment without orgasm because their need is more than merely sexual. According to many Fetishists that I know personally, fulfillment grants a euphoria they swear is better than orgasm.


A sexual sadist with a Fetish for screams that plays Slap & Tickle with a lover isn't doing it because they want to f~ck their lover. They're playing Slap & Tickle to feed their true hunger. Once they get the screams they're after, they may not even want to f~ck at all because they HAD their gratification already - the screams.


A sexual sadist with a Kink for screams DOES want to f~ck the screamer, preferably WHILE they're screaming.


Someone with a Fetish for women's feet, or boots, or uniforms, or bondage gear doesn't need to have sex with those in such garb. Observing the wearer, touching the objects, smelling the material, hearing the sounds associated with them, and sometimes even tasting them is more than enough to completely satisfy a Fetishist. <-- THIS is why detail is so vitally important in Fetish Fiction.


On the other hand, someone with a Kink for women's feet, or boots, or uniforms, or leather bondage gear DOES want to f~ck those in such garb.


In short:

~ A Kink is when you use a feather to cum.

~ A Fetish is when Touching the feather will make you cum.


Whether you are writing Fetish, or Kink, make sure you Label your story properly! This way, the readers seeking your particular kind of story can find you and appreciate what you've written!


Okay, back to the lecture...

-- So, how do you make your Fetish (or Kink) drive the plot?

Making the Fetish MATTER!
Show something. Prove something. Make something Happen.

Show something:


What can a Fetish show? It should at the very least reveal something about the base personality of the character that is focused on it: tender, sweet, attention to detail, aggressive, controlling, power-hungry, humorous, serious…

Prove something:


Fetish scenes can prove domination, or submission, but rarely does a scene like that involve a true Fetish. Fetishes are about HUNGERS and such needs make excellent metaphors! What does your character's Need say about life, or love, or hate, or anger, or devotion?

Make something Happen:


This one is the easiest of all. How can you're character's drive to fulfill their Fetish get them into deep trouble -- or out of it?

WRITING Fetishes


The rest of your story can be a bare bones sketch if you like, but the Fetish MUST be executed in exquisite loving detail. Your story is there to feed a NEED, so ALL the senses must come into play: Sight, Scent, Sound, Sensation, and Flavor.


Your story can be so simple that the characters don't even have names. However, where the Fetish comes into play, every thought, feeling, and sensation that focuses on that fetish MUST be written in loving detail.


What it looks like, what it sounds like, what it smells like, what it feels like, what it tastes like... What does it do? How does it affect your characters? How does it make them feel physically, emotionally, and possibly spiritually? Do they like the fetish? Hate it? Wish it would go away? Try to fight it? Revel in it? Try to convert others into liking it too?


All-righty then, here's the hardest part of writing Fetish Fiction:


How do you plan to END your Fetish story?


Where will this Fetish take your main character? What will become of them because of this Fetish? Will it make their lives better -- or worse? Will they find a safe outlet to satisfy their Fetish, or make a terrible error in judgment that destroys them? Do you want a happy ending, or a tragic one?

REALITY CHECK! ~ There is NO CURE for a Fetish.


A Fetish isn't something that goes away. A Fetish is NOT an addiction -- though a Kink can be! Fetishes are rooted deep in the psyche and while a shrink might be able to find the cause, there is No Cure. The only treatment is to find a safe outlet that feeds the need. The only other options are becoming a Victim or a Predator.


Make sure you understand this BEFORE you write your ending. Those of us that have fetishes really appreciate it when someone actually tells the Truth.

In Conclusion:


Whether you're writing serious Fetish Fiction or merely Kink Fiction, the key to writing either one is Detail and Focus. However, what makes it satisfying is how you conclude your tale.






As with all advice, take what you can use and throw out the rest. As a multi-published author, I have been taught some fairly rigid rules on what is publishable and what is not. If my rather straight-laced (and occasionally snotty,) advice does not suit your creative style, by all means, IGNORE IT.


Ookami Kasumi


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