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Bizzare Romance

by DemonEmpress666

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Young Danielle has just begun her new life in L.A. when she meets a mysterious man in a club one night. Who is this man? Why is he so into Danielle? Is he just using her? All the answers to these questions are revealed in Bizzare Romance. (NOTE: This story will get really weird as it goes on. I'm not taking this story seriously. It's just something to keep me entertained and to get some writing practice in. All the weird 'sexual' things in this story aren't things I'm actually into. It's just for fun. I hope you like it!)

    Once, there was a young girl from a small town in New Jersey. Her name was Danielle, and she was just sixteen. Her ultimate dream was to meet her favorite actor, Tony Bounty. He was an older man, but Danielle was notorious for going for those older actor types. I guess she thought they were more mature, and sophisticated or something. He had dark brown hair, and a stunning smile. He was a little odd in interviews at times. He was strangely open with things like his sex life, and even his past drug abuse. He was clean now though. That openness seemed to attract her to him even more. He was married to a woman named Suzanne, and he had a son named Ian from a previous marriage. Even though Danielle knew she would probably never even get to meet her idol, Tony she still dreamed of the day she did, and they would fall into a never ending love together.

    The years passed for the young teen, and soon she was no longer a teen. Her dreams of meeting Tony were put on a hold as college and careers became more important priorities. She went to Virginia for college, and decided to take a job working for a production company. She was now twenty-three, and living a busy life in L.A. She tried to make time for a social life though. She knew it wasn't healthy to be a workaholic, and with all her friends from home still living in New Jersey there wasn't much to do. When she did go out, she would go to clubs, and bars. She never brought guys home though. She had better taste than that.

    One night she went to a new club that opened. It had bright lights flashing all over, and loud music. Everything was florescent. She had been drinking for a little while. Not too much, just enough to give her a little confidence to get out on the dance floor. Finally, she did. It was a large crowd so it was hard to not get tousled around. She had been pushed right into some man. She liked him instantly. He smelled nice to her. Without saying a word to each other they began to dance closely. Rubbing herself on him and himself on her. They danced like that for hours until her feet could no longer take it. After that last song ended, she gave him a thankful smile and headed back to the bar. He eagerly chased after her. He needed to know who this mysterious girl was, and why he was able to dance with her for what seemed to be forever.

    As soon as she sat down, and ordered her usual drink he sat right next to her. She barely even noticed he was there. She didn't expect him to even have any interest in her, but all she could wonder is why he looked so familiar. She just shrugged, and assumed it was someone she saw at another club before, or maybe someone she saw at work. Then, he broke her concentration, "Hi." That was all he said at first. She looked over and noticed it was the man from the dance floor, and returned her words to him, "Hello." She smiled politely at him. "Are you from around here?" He asked, not sure what to talk about. She just nodded. She wondered if he was some kind of creeper the way he followed her so quickly. She hated those clingy types. After realizing that she seemed like she might not be interested in him, his mind began to panic. He thought he looked young still, but he was now fifty-one years old. He wondered if he had lost his touch. All he could think to do was reveal his identity. He leaned to her ear and whispered, "I'm a millionaire..." She paused and looked over at him. She skimmed his face. She then was shocked when she realized that this man was Tony Bounty. Her eyes widened with excitement as she practically squealed, "Omigosh! You're Tony Bounty! I've had the biggest crush on you forever!" She was so thrilled she hadn't even noticed what she just blurted. A large grin grew on his face. "Good because I was going to hit on you, and ask you to go back to my place with me for some...extra chatting. I was just worried you weren't interested." She smiled at him hugely, "Of course I am!" Not thinking of the intentions behind his words. Her thoughts were so clouded by her excitement. They got up, and left the club.

    Out in the parking lot was his stretch limo. The driver sat waiting for him. She stepped in, and he followed behind her. Immediately he sat close to her, and gave her a kiss on the cheek. He was mostly testing her to see how far she would let him get. She seemed pleased with him and he kissed her more. Before she knew it he was all over her kissing her lips like a french madman and she was completely frozen, and let his hands wander her body as they kissed wildly. They continued like that until they finally reached his house. When the driver came around to open the door he saw Tony on top of Danielle. Her shirt was still on, but it was obvious her bra was unhooked. His hand was under her shirt touching her very inappropriately considering they had just met. She seemed startled by the door opening, but didn't push Tony away. The driver's expression was not surprised at all. It was as if he saw this sort of behavior everyday, and now expected it. They fixed their hair and slid out of the limo. They stood in front of Tony's very impressive mansion. The lawn, and driveway stretched far to the house. He walked her up the driveway resting his hand on her butt naturally. She couldn't help but smile. Her long forgotten dream was coming true. Then she began to wonder what would happen inside. Her mind was racing. She knew he wanted sex, and she was scared and excited all at once. Should she sleep with him? Could she sleep with him, even. After all she was still a virgin, but she was saving it for someone special. So wasn't Tony special? He's a famous movie star for God sakes! Then she remembered he was a married man with a son her age. Wouldn't that make her a home wrecker?

    Before she knew it she was already in his bedroom. He lead her to the bed eager to get her clothes off. He gently pushed her onto the bed. It was the biggest bed she'd ever seen in her life. It was so lavish and ornate. The whole bedroom matched. It was the fanciest thing she had ever seen, and she decided instantly that if she was ever going to lose her virginity she wanted it to be in a room like that. He began to kiss her neck. He slid his hands under her shirt, and around her back again to unhook her bra. He slid his hands back around to her chest and begun to caress her. She whispered before she got too turned on, "Aren't you married?" He kissed her lips once, "Suzanne, and I haven't been doing well lately. She moved out last week. We're getting a divorce.. actually." He didn't seem too upset about it. Danielle could tell he just wanted to have sex already. She told him anyway, "Oh.. I'm sorry." He then responded, "It's okay. It's for the best actually." And then he started kissing her again. He pulled her shirt off, and then her bra after. He laid his lips on her lips and pressed his pants up against hers. She could feel the hardness between them now pressing against her. She wasn't even thinking anymore, just giving into what her body wanted. He started kissing her down her neck as he drug his lips to her chest. This drove her absolutely crazy. He unbuttoned her pants, and unzipped them. Slowly, he pulled them from her legs. Then he took his own pants off. He pressed his hard unit to her underwear. He whispered to her ear, "Have you done this before?" She just shook her head. She couldn't speak even if she tried. He kissed her on the lips, 'Do you want to fuck right here, right now?" She smiled nervously, and nodded.

    The next morning she woke up, naked under the covers. She didn't have work that day, luckily. She had completely forgotten about work. The night before was so amazing she had forgotten about everything in her life. She couldn't believe she actually let him take her virginity, but she didn't regret it at all. She turned over to find the enormous bed completely empty. She stood up, and got dressed again. That’s when the door leading to the master bathroom opened, and Tony walked out wearing nothing but a towel. He walked over to her with a smile on his face and kissed her right on the lips, "Dressed so soon?" She just giggled and explained she didn't know where he went. He got dressed too flaunting his "little Tony" to her unabashedly. Then went downstairs to the kitchen where he cooked her breakfast. They spent the whole day together, and had a wonderful time. At the end of the night Tony dropped her off at her apartment building. Danielle left her number with him wondering if he would even call since she was pretty sure he was just using her for a quick fuck.

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