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Handmaiden of the Jorougumo

by Xianghua

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A kitsune maiden is summoned by the dying village elder of Kage to help her lineage continue on.

Handmaiden of the Jorougumo

The Handmaiden of the Jorougumo

By Chai Xianghua


All characters appearing in this story belong completely to me, myself and I. This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of characters to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


A hard time has come across the humanoid spider hybrid clan dubbed the Jorougumo. In the village of Kage, Chiko, the village elder is dying. She had offspring long ago, but the reckless humans slew them as trophies. And now, even though if she did have more children, she would die before they were hatched But she still had hope though. She learned of a Kitsune mage who was quite a young and vital gal. She was a girl faithful to the fertility god Inari. The day would possibly come for her, and she would do whatever her master commands her to do to help the creatures of the valley.

The girl’s name was Yukarin.


Yukarin was at the temple of Inari one day after receiving a message from her master. Yukarin was a shape shifting fox girl who normally takes on the form of a girl that looks mostly human, save for her ears and bushy tail. Her red hair bordered on the shade of orange and looked fiery and brilliant. She carried a basket of Onigiri (Rice balls filled with fish) as an offering to her master.

“Give me the offering and I will tell you something very important.” Inari told the mage sternly.

“I offer you onigiri. I hope you like them dear master.” Yukarin said calmly as she hands her master the food. Onigiri was his favorite food and he couldn’t refuse any of it. So far, his loyal mage was making him proud.

“Thanks for the wonderful food.” Inari said while eating his meal. “You are a wonderful cook.”

“Thank you master.”


“Yes master?”

“I need to tell you something very important.” Inari told Yukarin sternly. “It’s about Chiko, the village elder of the Jorougumo village of Kage.”

“What about her?”

“Well, you see…” Inari starts to explain. “…Chiko has reached the age of 10,000 years, which is ancient for Jorougumo years, and now, she is dying.”

Yukarin looked rather unhappy about the news. Chiko always treated Yukarin with kindness and respect. “That’s too bad. Is there anything we can do?”

“Well Yukarin, you can always take her place as village elder. You see, she doesn’t have anyone to take her place since all her children were killed by misguided humans long ago.”

“That’s a stupid thing for humans to do.” Yukarin spat in disgust.

“So Yukarin, are you going to take her place or not?”

Yukarin had a moment to think about this. Chiko has been like a mentor to Yukarin. They done so much for each other and it would only be fair to take up on Inari’s offer. “Y…yes, I will.”

Inari rubs the top of Yukarin’s head. “Very good choice. Now, head over to the village of Kage.”

“Master, please tell me where Kage is again. It’s been quite a while since I been there.”

“It’s a hidden village nearby the Houmei Shijuhachi falls and across the Hirose-gawa river. To enter the village, go follow the pathway in a counter clockwise fashion. Now, go young kitsune.”

Yukarin leaves the temple and heads over to her place of destination. “Good Yukarin, you are such a kind and understanding girl.”


Hours have passed and Yukarin finally found the village of Kage. Before she entered the village, two guards equipped with spears jumped in front of her. “What business do you have here foreigner?”

“I want to see Chiko, the village elder.”

“Chiko?” A guard wonders. “How do you know Chiko?”

“She’s my mentor. My name is Yukarin and I am of the kitsune clan.”

“Yukarin? As in the sorceress Yukarin?”

“Yes. I am that person.”

Okay, then go right on a head.” The guards said as they let Yukarin into their village.

As Yukarin enters within the village limits, she noticed how pristine the water was and how beautiful the cherry blossoms looked in the springtime. The buildings were all made of wood and had the appearance of a Japanese village dating back to at least the Azuchi-Momoyama period. 21st century technology wasn’t too high up on the Jorougumo’s priority list. For many centuries, Yukarin learned to adapt to current ways of life in Japan. But no matter how much changes, some things still remain the same as they did centuries ago. As long as Japan remains beautiful, that’s all that mattered to Yukarin.

In the center of the village, a huge, majestic looking villa stood. That is the building Yukarin immediately recognizes as Chiko’s place of residence. Yukarin runs up to the place, goes up the stairs and knocks on the door of the huge palace like villa.

“Hello, anyone there?” Yukarin shouts as she knocked on the door. She couldn’t see through the door, since there was a thin fabric like substance covering it.

Suddenly, she notices someone opening the door. It was a fellow mage like herself, except that she was also a Jorougumo and she looked slightly older than Yukarin. She had blue hair that stopped at the end of her wrists and wore a crimson headband with a gold yin and silver yang insignia. She wore a formal kimono that covered up all her nudity. The Jorougumo mage carried an ebony cane with her while Yukarin carried a sandalwood cane. “You here to see Miss Chiko?”

“Yes.” Yukarin told the woman. “I am here to see her. She sent me a message to come here.”

“Yes, I see.” The Jorougumo mage repled. “But first, I need to test your strength and endurance, to see if you are worthy of our mistress.”

Yukarin’s eyes widened with shock. “Why? And who are you? I never seen you here before.”

The Jorougumo mage stood tall and proud and all joviality was gone as she started to speak. “I am Ayumi Ohmori. A high rank mage of the Jorougumo clan.”

“Shall we start Ayumi?” Yukarin asks as she brandishes her staff.

“Yes, let’s start NOW!”

Now the sorceress duel has begun. Ayumi sprayed some spider silk at Yukarin, but the kitsune jumped back to avoid it and casts a fire spell on the silk. The silk was now reduced to fine and dusty ashes. Yukarin grabs out her staff, but it ends up getting parried with Ayumi’s hands and tossed the girl behind her. But Yukarin was not one to give up easily.

As the kitsune gets up off the ground, she gets ready to cast a surprise thunder spell and struck the Jorougumo sorceress from behind. Ayumi counterattacked by having her spider legs strike the ground with full force, and caused a shockwave, knocking Yukarin to the ground. “Wow young kitsune, you put up one hell of a fight”

Yukarin gets back on her feet and starts to mouth some mantras, flailing her arms and cane above and bowed her head.

“Wow, this little kitsune just doesn’t give up, does she?”

Ayumi had no time to react before Yukarin casts her spell. From the middle of the floor, a small, but strong tornado formed and lifted Ayumi up off the ground. The impact from the debris and wind knocked Ayumi down to the ground no problem.

Ayumi quickly gets back up off the ground and responds with a spell of her own. A sub zero wind blew in and blasted Yukarin, but to the Jorougumo’s astonishment, Yukarin didn’t give up, not even with the icy cold wind blowing in her direction.

In return, Ayumi casts a light spell, making a huge flash of light that should blind Yukarin. But strangely enough, Yukarin came out with her sight and minor damage. Right there, Ayumi was blasted with a dark cloud spells, sending the sorceress flying backwards onto the ground.

“Okay kitsune, that ENOUGH!”

“So, did I succeed Ayumi?”

Ayumi bows down to the Kitsune in honor and respect. “Yes, you did. Now, let me take you to our elder.”

Ayumi led Yukarin to Chiko’s bedchamber. Chiko, like most Jorogumo, looked like young woman (since aging stops at the age of 20), but she also looked rather sickly, which is due to her old age. Strands of her purple hair draped over a side of her face. She wore a more regal looking kimono, which was black with red and green trimming and wore the fur of an animal that she hunted herself a while back.

“Long time no see Miss Yukarin.” Chiko said to the kitsune girl . “I’m glad you made it here before I’ve passed on.”

“Is there anything I can do for you Lady Chiko?”

Before she can continue, Chiko commanded Ayumi to leave her alone with Yukarin. “If you don’t mind Ayumi, I would like to be alone with Yukarin.”

“Yes madam.” Ayumi bowed as she left the two alone.

“I need you to do me a favor Yukarin.”

“A favor?” Yukarin asked. “What will that be?”

“I would like you to take off your hakama and yukata please.”

Yukarin raises an eyebrow in confusion. “What?”

“Heh heh heh, don’t be shy Yukarin. I just want you to take off your clothes. I hope you don’t mind.”

Yukarin blushes as she slowly takes off her garments. “I can’t see why you need me to take off my clothes, but for you, I’d do anything to help you out.”

Chiko points down at Yukarin’s undergarments and makes another request. “You still have your bra and panties on.”

“But won’t my naughty bits show?” Yukarin asked, feeling a little flustered. This waas the first time Yukarin has stripped naked in front of the Jorogumo elder. “I am a little embarrassed, but if you say so.”

“Maybe you also feel excited as well Yukarin.” Chiko reassures the kitsune. “Would it make you feel hot to know that I could see and want you?”

“Huh?” Yukarin asked in confusion. “Me and you?”


“Yes Yukarin.”

Chiko then takes off her clothes as well and gave Yukarin a sensual embrace, “Yukarin, do you think I am attractive?”

Yukarin looks away and starts to blush again. “Yes. I find you very attractive.”

“I find you very attractive as well Yukarin”

“Maybe so. However, you know it isn’t normal for this sort of thing to happen very often.

First off, we are different beings of Yokai. You are of a spider clan and I being of the fox clan. Another thing is, that you are older than me and my mentor, and well, I’m not used to this

“Don’t worry, I’ll make things a bit better for you.” Chiko said seductively as she started to kiss Yukarin. As the Jorougumo kisses Yukarin, the kitsune felt her mentor’s venom clouding her mind and putting her in a cloud of ecstasy. “Feels good, huh….”

“Mmm hmmm…” Yukarin sighs in pleasure.

Yukarin gives in to her desires as her mentor began using her hands to feel up on Yukarin’s flower. She found the kitsune’s clit and started to rub it nice and good, making the girl break away from the kiss to let out moans of pleasure. “I can tell you like this Yukarin. Shall I continue?”

“Y…yes Lady Chiko…ahhh….”

As Chiko rubbed the girl’s clit, she starts to send an egg tube into the kitsune’s moist clam. Chiko kept kissing her mate and injecting a charm venom into her, so she can feel strong pleasure. As the first orgasm dies down, Chiko puts Yukarin up to the Jorogumo’s large, well bust and ordered Yukain to suck and lightly chew the dark bluish colored nipples. At the same time, Chiko was filling Yukain’s womb with her eggs and fluid. As her belly started to slowly expand, Yukarin rubbed and caressed it one hand and felt very amazed at the growth taking place.


Once the venom clouded her brain, Yukarin started to feel happy and wonderful thoughts popped up into her mind. Yukarin felt blessed that Chiko chose her to bring life into the world and bring in a new generation of Jorougumo.


“You’re such a good girl Yukain. I am glad to have known you.”


When Chiko felt that Yukarin couldn’t handle anymore eggs in her body, the jorougumo separates the kitsune from her bluish breasts and gently lays the bloated girl on the floor. Chiko then greases up Yukarin with the same fluid, which helps the process of cocooning. Chiko began spinning a web around Yukairn’s head, making sure to take extra care to make the layers of web around the girl’s nose and mouth thin enough to let the kitsune breathe. As the webbing made way to the top part of Yukarin’s body, Chiko moved the girl’s hands down to be tied up against her belly, so the kitsune can feel the movements inside her.


When the time comes, Chiko’s children will free her lover from the cocoon, so she can help out with brining in a new genereation of jorougumo. With the effects of the venom, Yukarin would feel motherly instincts towards the jorougumo children.


Having finished the cocoon, Chiko sighs deeply as she places Yukarin on her bed and kissed her farewell. “Thanks for being there for me Yukarin. You made me a happy woman.”


And with one last backward glance at her unborn children, Chiko bid farewell to her clan and made her way to Kashikobuchi abyss, a place where jorougumo go to die. As Chiko felt the life fleeting from her and her body disintegrating, she knew she died in happiness and was ready to move on to the next life.






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