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A Midsummer Night's Dream

by minimajin

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Lemon! Bulma is pleasantly surprised when an innocent nap on the couch becomes so much more.

 Bulma sighed, her voice heavy with deep sleep, and rolled over. The living room couch squeaked faintly with her shift. Her day had been so long and tedious that she hadn’t even made it to her own bed. She had sat down with the intention of watching some TV to unwind before bed but soon fell asleep. It was July and the house was hot, Bulma could feel the perspiration begin to lightly roll down her chest between her breasts. In a half conscious sleep-stupor she began unbuttoning her constricting shirt. Soon it was in a heap on the floor next to the couch and Bulma lay on her back, her breasts rising and falling with her breathing and nearly exposed save for her tight black bra.


It was 2am and Vegeta was thirsty. He had been training hard that day, despite the head-pounding heat, and felt like he just couldn’t sleep until he got up to get some water. Even though he was only wearing boxers he didn’t think there was a need to put anything else on before venturing into the kitchen. He had heard the woman come home hours ago and assumed she had gone to bed and there was no way either of her parents would be up so late so he got out of bed and headed towards the kitchen.


Throughout the night Bulma’s constant shifting had caused her knee-length skirt to inch farther and farther up her legs. It was a little past 2am and her once conservative skirt now seemed anything but.  Sleeping Bulma was enjoying the cool draft running up her bare thighs and had dropped her right leg off of the couch, spreading her legs out further to better enjoy the delicate sensation. Her arms were stretched over her head, hanging off the side of the arm rest, and she lay sprawled in a deep sleep.


Vegeta’s eyes had adjusted to the dark hall as he made his way to the kitchen. Stepping into the doorway he could see the outline of the living room furniture and the adjoining kitchen. It took him a moment to notice the figure resting on the couch. What he saw first was the small foot propped up on the arm rest closest to him but as his eyes traveled up further he noticed much more. Bulma’s lacy black panties were now fully exposed; her skirt bunched all the way up around her slender waist. Her legs were spread wide enough for Vegeta to see little soft mounds of light blue hair peeking out the crotch of her panties. His stare slowly continued up past her hips and gazed longingly at her perfect milky breasts. They rose and fell in unison with her sound breathing, almost spilling out of the little bra meant to hold them in. Vegeta was taken back, in the time he had spent staring at Bulma’s beautifully exposed body his breath had grown heavy with lust. His soft cotton boxers felt tighter as his erection slowly grew beneath them. He had never seen Bulma like this before. Sure he had imagined her in similar fashions on the days she wore that tight revealing red dress but never did he think that one day he would actually see her like this. His heart was pounding and his hands were almost shaking with longing. Finally he couldn’t take it anymore and slowly walked to the end of the couch where her foot rested. He lightly caressed her calf with the back of his hand and fingers, testing her response, but she didn’t even stir. He became brave and was soon stroking her thighs with both of his hands, massaging the inside of them and getting closer and closer to the small cloth of her crotch. He couldn’t help but notice the tempo of her breath had increased, it sounded heavier. She was clearly enjoying his touch somewhere in her dreams; her hips had begun to move very slightly up and down in rhythm with his strokes. A light groan escaped her lips and he couldn’t help it any longer. His fingers stopped at the very top of her thighs and hooked the sides of her panties, slowly peeling them down her long slender legs. She let out another groan but continued to sleep, shifting her hips lustfully. Vegeta couldn’t deny her. He slowly lowered his head until his lips softly brushed hers, taking in her smell and soft feel. Her touched his tongue lightly to her clit and held it there, getting more and more excited as Bulma pumped her hips harder in anticipation. He began to slowly circle her pleasure with the tip of his tongue until he was pleasantly interrupted.


Bulma was in a world of her own. She could feel herself growing hot and wet but didn’t think much of it since she frequently had somewhat erotic dreams and was quite skilled at pleasuring herself in bed. Forgetting she wasn’t in her bed but in fact laying exposed on the living room couch, she lowered one of her hands and began rubbing herself still deeply asleep.


Vegeta gasped and pulled his head away from her crotch. She was touching herself and he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He slipped off his boxers as he watched Bulma enter herself slowly with her fingers. He could see them glistening with her cum as she pulled them out only to push them right back in, each time farther and harder. Her breath was growing much heavier and faster and Vegeta’s cock was pulsing with lust. While she played with herself he reached up and pushed down the straps of her bra. He climbed onto the couch between her legs and slowly lowered his body onto hers, planting kisses all over her breasts and shoulders. He finally pushed down the pads of her bra, exposing her erect pink nipples, and fiercely sucked them.


Bulma was pulled out of her sleep, something felt different. There was a weight bearing down on her that was unfamiliar and completely unexpected. Her eyes slowly blinked open and focused on the person on top of her. At first she was too shocked to say anything, something inside her told her she should probably scream for help but before she could, she looked down. She saw his spiky black hair and immediately knew who it was circling her nipples lightly with his tongue. It was Vegeta. She was stunned and he must have sensed it because he stopped what he was doing and looked up at her.


The woman had woken up. Adrenalin pumped through his body. What was he thinking? How could he have been so stupid? He couldn’t decide whether to run or hastily apologize and hope to God she wouldn’t run around telling everyone he was some sick rapist. He hadn’t been able to control himself! He had wanted her so badly and now he had to deal with the consequences. But before he could do either of these things, Bulma took her free hand and lightly ran it through his hair and down the side of his face and smiled.


“Don’t stop.” She whispered.

And he didn’t. With her encouragement he slowly entered her and they tasted each other’s sweat deep into the night.


When they were finally finished the sun was peaking in through the window curtains. Somehow they had ended up on the floor and there they lay clinging to each other, exhausted and warm. Vegeta opened his eyes and looked down at her. Bulma was sound asleep, her head resting on his bare toned chest. He knew one of her parents would be getting up soon or one of Goku’s dumb friends would find a reason to come over and then they’d really be in trouble. So Vegeta gently freed himself from Bulma’s embrace, collected their clothes, and carried her to her room.


Bulma’s alarm went off. She groaned and quickly hit the snooze button. After a while she could no longer ignore the sun peaking in through her bedroom window and she lifted herself up to a sitting position. Her bare body ached and suddenly she remembered the night before. It all seemed so surreal, she wasn’t even completely sure if she had dreamed it or not. Then she looked up just in time to see Vegeta pause momentarily outside her door, he looked at her for half a second longer than he normally did and quickly continued to walk down the hall. She knew it wasn’t a dream. 

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