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Anzo RnR fics

by SekseeDragoness

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ACK! I'M SOOOOO MEAN! *pets Anzo* Ok this is part of a bigger story to do with the RP club I'm in... I guess that is what you'd call it. Anyways he is part of a Motorcycle club (currently a prospect) and he is the third to be attacked... Nasty bastards!! Anyways Anzo belongs to me (though he believes I belong to him!) Vaughn, Kazou and Ezio belong to thier respective owners and the bad guys will soon enough be TOTALLY owned by the RnR Motorcycle Club!!


It had been a long day and Anzo was relieved to get home and just crash out in bed. Maybe watch a movie before passing out with his newly acquired kitten, Kira, curled up on his back. Which was apparently her favorite place to curl up with him seeing as he always slept on his stomach.
By the time he’d eaten dinner, showered and crawled into bed in just a pair of sleep pants he was too exhausted to even bother turning the TV on for background noise. Within minutes Kira was up on the bed making herself comfortable on his back, which meant enduring a fair amount of clawing before she settled down, but he felt it was worth having a few scratches and claw marks on his back in exchange for the company of the little fuzz-bucket. Not to mention the free back-warmer!
The only sound in the room was Anzo’s breathing and the kittens purr sounding like a mini bike’s engine idling. In the week since finding her, Anzo had decided it was the most peaceful sound in the world to go to sleep to and in no time he was lightly snoring.

He wasn’t sure how long he’d slept or what exactly it was that woke him, but when he roused, his first reaction was to shiver. His back warmer was no where in the bed and he vaguely wondered if the sound that had woken him had been Kira trying to get into the laundry where the litter tray was. He’d been soo tired before bed, he couldn’t remember if he’d left the door open or not.
He rolled over and slowly got up with a quick glance at the clock reading 4:28am. He groaned, he’d never been fond of mornings unless they involved him crawling into bed after sunrise because of an awesome night out. He could barely open his eyes, but there was no way he wanted to wake up with a puddle... or worse, on the floor waiting for him when he got up later.
He stumbled out into the dark hallway, surprised that Kira hadn’t started mewing at him, which he always imagined as her complaining and whining “Daaaddyyyy, I’mmmm huuungryyyyy. Daaaaddyyyyy, I neeed to goo weeeee. Daaaaadyyyyy I want snuuuuugglllllles!” He chuckled quietly at the image that sprang up in his head before calling out to her and making kissy noises in between to get the fluffy little tabby to come to him “Kira... come here ya lil minx... what are ya into this time fur-ball?”

He had barely gotten halfway down the hall when he felt the draft from the second bedrooms door opening and tensed up. He didn’t even have time to turn before his attacker slammed into him, knocking him into the opposite wall before he felt a fist slam into the side of his face a few times. He was dazed but not enough to not fight. As he slammed his elbow back and up he was pretty sure he connected with the guys jaw. It was hard to tell. One of the reasons he loved his house was because of how dark it stayed, even during the day. So the hallway was near enough to pitch black, that it wasn’t until a second pair of arms grabbed him and another voice not near enough to be one of the two holding him started to quietly call out orders, that he started to panic in the realization that this wasn’t just some moron who had fluked breaking into his house.
“Drag him back into the bedroom. Get him on the bed, that way he’ll always remember that we got into his own personal space to do this” The voice let out an annoyed sigh as Anzo continued to struggle and kick out at the men holding him “Trav will you please deal with this quickly, I wanna get out of here before the sun comes up and while the rest of O’Shey’s losers, are still too sleepy to react fast enough to the message!” The voice said in a bored tone.
On hearing mention of The Pres in a derogatory tone Anzo flew off the handle “Get the fuck of me ya mongrels! I swear when my brother get a hold of you they’re gonna fuck you up big time, you don’t know who the fuck you’re messing with asshole!” As the two men holding him continued to try to restrain him, he continued to lash out until suddenly he was doubled over with all of the air forced from his lungs from a large fist that now felt like it was lodged permanently through his stomach and into his spine. His legs gave out as he gasped for air and the latest attacker picked him up like he was a sack of wheat and slung him over his shoulder as they headed back down the hall to his bedroom.
He was thrown down onto the bed roughly and before he could move the man had flipped him onto his stomach and tied his hands behind his back with what felt like electrical cord! The irony didn’t escape him.
“Lift him up Trav.” The same smug voice from earlier spoke up and Anzo found himself being hauled up by the cord and his head was yanked up by the hair so that he was up on his knees facing a small man wearing a black mask. The man tilted his head to the side and smiled “You’re Boss... “ The man spat the title “can’t protect you. He couldn’t protect the man in Henderson... Ezio. He couldn’t protect the man outside town... Kazou. And he’s not here to protect you now, ANZO!” The man laughed humourlessly “none of your brothers are safe Anzo. We can get to them anywhere, and we’ll prove it! None of O’Shey’s ‘family’ are gonna be safe until he is gone!”

Anzo was stunned, not by what was said, but by the fact that it sounded like a kid... The fucker who was causing all this shit was just a KID! He suddenly burst out laughing “How long did it take you to memorize that speech kid? If I could clap I would, coz that was quite the performance... really! I think you been watching too many B grade movies mate and you need to wake up to reality. Big Irish is gonna slice your balls off and feed them to you, ya pathetic little shit!” He glared at the kid and watched him start to shake with anger as he approached.
A fraction of a second before the kid struck Anzo realized that it was probably not the smartest idea to mouth off at the kid that had essentially captured him. There was a flare of sensation diagonally across his face that felt almost like he’d been struck with a switch, but when he looked back at the kid in front of him, he watched in horror as a knife was lifted up in front of his face. “Hmmm, Anzo; The pretty boy with the loud mouth” He laughed before glaring at the redhead “guess you’re not so pretty anymore” He whispered with a smirk.
He could feel the cut as the blood started to flow down his cheek and chin, he could taste the blood running into his mouth and he could feel the pain starting to register, but gritted his teeth and refused to let it show. From what he could tell the cut run from under his left eye and ran diagonally down his face to the right side of his chin, slicing both lips open on it’s path. He spat the blood collecting in his mouth straight into the kids face and smirked back at him as best he could with the cuts across his lips.
The kid just sighed before looking over Anzo’s shoulder at the man holding him and nodded. The next thing Anzo knew, he was being shoved face down onto the bed while still on his knees with his arse in the air. He was pissed, he was gonna have to get a new bed set now, he could feel the blood soaking into the duvet under his face.

“Just let me make the call Trav. Then you can have fun” The kid said before there was the sound of phone buttons being pressed. There was a short pause as the sound of a phone ringing on the other end of the line was heard, then a muted voice answered and the kid spoke a single line into the phone “This makes three” He then nodded to Trav again and the man wasted no time in pulling down Anzo’s sleep pants.
Anzo went ballistic as he struggled to get away screaming at the men “GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME YOU MONGREL BASTARDS! I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU SONS O BITCHES! I SWEAR TO GOD YOU FUCKERS ARE GONNA WISH YOU’D NEVER BEEN FUCKING BORN!” Two set of hands grabbed hold of his legs and held them so he was forced to stay on his knees and the man Trav forced Anzo's head down into the mattress with one hand and grabbed his hip bruisingly with the other before Anzo felt like he was being torn apart from the inside The pain flowed rapidly up his spine and his vision flared white. It took him a while to realize that the drawn out, gut wrenching scream he could hear was actually coming from himself.
The man over him started to thrust into his body at a brutal pace, Anzo could feel the blood making his passage slick and his whole body was vibrating with the pain being inflicted on him. He was unhearing but could vaguely recognize that his throat felt raw and he assumed it was from his screaming. He wasn’t sure how long it lasted but it felt like an eternity before the mans thrusts became erratic and he felt the pressure of the man’s release inside of him. Anzo’s stomach lurched and he threw up, making the cuts on his lips burn as he felt them tear open wider.

All of the hands left his body as he was pushed to lay down onto the bed. He couldn’t control the shaking of his body as the man who’d just brutalized him straddled his hips and untied his hands. Again the other sets of hands were on him, this time holding his arms down onto the mattress, not that Anzo had the strength to really try anything.
There was talking, but he couldn’t seem to focus on the voice, or words being said, but He felt the rumble of speech from the man sitting on him before he felt the flesh on his back being sliced open slowly and deliberately in a pattern. Once the pain of the cutting started to register his body gave in to it and he lost consciousness.

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