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I have fallen

by sandrad

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for love

The day I saw you for the first time


My heart skipped a beat…


Who is this person whose stolen my heart


Where’d he come from?


I have fallen so deep that, I can’t breathe


I have fallen so hard, I hurt myself


I couldn’t get up


My heart has been a flutter


From the first words muttered


You have captured me


For eternity


Who’s this knight of my heart?


I feel like school girl


Lost in infatuation


Meeting my prince charming


Meeting the missing piece of my heart


This dream in my reality


I need you to see me for me


Not who I wish I could be


Show me that you could,


That you could love me for me


I have fallen for you


Fallen so hard


My heart skips a beat


I hurt myself


I couldn’t get up


I have fallen so deep that


I can’t breathe

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