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by LucifersConcubine

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A brief conversation between Azazel and Lucifer. If blasphemy isn't your thing, you won't like this.


Azazel stood on the balcony gazing at the last fiery rays of the sun as it set, turning the sky crimson before it faded into deep purple and midnight blue.  His eyes slid to the silent archangel straddling the balustrade with his wings half-extended, and briefly he admired the sight he presented.  The djinn knew Lucifer was uninterested in any sort of intimacy, but he was still a beautiful thing to look at.  “What was it like?” he asked softly, curious.

Lucifer regarded him in mild confusion.  “What was what like?”

“Heaven,” Azazel answered, tilting his head to one side.  “I’ve never been there.  I’ve always been here, even from the beginning.  I just wondered what it was like.”

The archangel sighed, his gaze fixed on some unknown object out across the landscape.  “Similar to here, I suppose,” he explained.  “It had rules, though … rules most of us didn’t appreciate.”  He glanced at Azazel.  “The women would have driven you to madness, I’m afraid.  For the most part, all they cared for was who was prettiest, and who could snare the most attractive mate.  They hated me, for obvious reasons.  I cared not to play their petty games.”

“How do you do it, Lucifer?” Azazel finally asked, forced into it.  “How do you go each day without needing someone if only for a short time?  How can you deny your own needs like you do?”

The look Lucifer gave the djinn made him wish he’d never asked.  It contained a world of hurt and rage Azazel knew nothing of, and didn’t think he ever wanted to know.  “Suffer for long enough, and you learn how,” he expressed.  “You learn quickly how to lock your very essence away, so that you will at least retain some semblance of sanity when they’re done with you.”

Azazel bowed his head, contrite.  “I’m so sorry, Lucifer,” he breathed.  “I didn’t mean to dredge anything up.  I just … I wondered how.  I haven’t learned yet, and it’s … hard at times here for me.”

“I know you meant no harm, Azazel,” Lucifer murmured, studying the djinn.  “It’s an odd thing, I confess.  I like the others well enough, but you … you I trust, for reasons I’m not sure.  I don’t worry about turning my back on you.”

Black eyes met pale blue.  “If Michael ever sets foot near me, I shall kill him,” the djinn expressed.  “I’ve spent enough time in your company, and heard enough from the others – as well as picking up on things you haven’t said – to know that he’s absolutely worthless to anyone.”

Lucifer smiled faintly.  “Michael dares not tread here,” he said.  “He knows we all have a bounty on his head.  Why do you think Heaven leaves us alone?”  The smile grew more pronounced.  “They fear us, Azazel.  They cast down some of the most powerful angels they had, into the company of those like yourself.  They know we are allies now.”

Azazel smirked.  “A few very well placed rumors never hurt anything either,” he mused.  “There are no few among the humans who care little for Heaven, and are more than happy to seek our counsel … as well as spread the good word of our existence.”

The archangel nodded.  “This is very true,” he conceded.  A thoughtful look crossed his face then, and he turned to Azazel once more.  “Why don’t you find yourself a suitable distraction among them?”

“I feared ridicule,” the djinn confessed.  “Plus, I have no real desire to hurt anyone, regardless of my reputation.  Mortals require more attention than I may have to offer … still, I admit to being tempted a few times.”

“If anyone gives you shit over it, send them to me,” Lucifer said simply.  “I certainly see no problems with it, other than what you just addressed regarding their needs.”  He sighed softly.  “If we had more freedom … but even in Heaven we were limited to when and how often we could visit the earthly plane in a fully corporeal form.”

Azazel sighed.  “I will think on it a while longer,” he murmured.  He eyed the archangel, taking note of the distant gaze and furrowed brow.  “Is there anyone you miss?”

“No.”  The reply was firm, brooking no further questions.  Lucifer extended his wings fully to fan them a few times before folding them neatly.  “I left nothing behind, Azazel.  Nothing … and no one.”  His expression grew bitter, and defensively he folded his arms across his chest.  “Anyone there I may have once considered a friend obviously no longer is, or they would have sought me out when I was released here.  Fucking traitors, every last one of them.  They all betrayed me in the end.  Well … let’s see how merciful I am when they find they need me again.”

“You would be a formidable foe,” Azazel remarked, feeling something cold creep up his spine.  “I hope to never be in that position.”

Lucifer stared at him for a moment, unblinking.  “For your sake, I hope not either,” he murmured, and left the balcony.

Azazel couldn’t help the shudder that wracked him, finding that the archangel’s cold stare had bothered him worse than it usually did.  “I could pity those that crossed you, but I don’t think I will,” he said, and went inside himself.

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