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blood, tears and fears

by tainted shadow

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i guess you can make what you will of it, some one who causes pain to you

Blood, tears and fears

Might I ask if I can cry?
Or would it show a timid side?
I feel it well up deep inside
It shows you my most primitive side
The side you fear most of all
The side I need most of all

You shy away when I cry
Or scream at me with hateful eyes
I thought that you could stop my fears
But you're the one that makes my tears
The tears that you created there
Stand in thought
Waiting there
They wait for hateful words to poor
Poor from your mouth into my pours

They fill me up and make me bleed
Bleed within my halo seed
The seed that use to hold your love
But now it holds the words you love
The words you use to poison me
And yes
This is
What makes me bleed

I only cry to release my fears
So fade away
As will my tears

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