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The Hate Fuck

by Tradere

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The hypocrisy of a man who commits an act of lust rather than love.

The Hate Fuck

In twisted Denial
I'm sick like a practical
I play on myself
She's tender and mild
Her beauty transcends
My hatred for her
So I desecrate her
Disassociating virtue
Into a primal emotion
She knows not of my
Serial mind
My fickle resolution
Or my distorted
She glanced at it once
Through dirty opaque
And was frightened at
What she saw
I thirst for her smell
Upon my body
Like a vampire's blood
I'd suck it out of her
Along with her soul
Every chance I get
My ulterior motive gets
The best of me
I know not what's real
Am I me
She believes I am
I'm not sure
As we lay naked in the

Excerpt from:
Plague of the Invigilare
By Joseph DeMarco

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