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Daddy's Boy

by overlord

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A Prinny witnesses how close Mao and his father are. Incest, One-shot.

Summary:  A Prinny witnesses how close Mao and his father are. Incest, One-shot.

Yaoi, M/M, incest, voyeurism, masturbation, oral, fingering, rimming, anal

A/N: No Disgaea 3 spoilers here. However, I've taken the liberty of giving Mao's ridiculously big father a "normal" form. There hasn't been any official word of what Mao's father's name is, so I've respected that.

He wondered where he had gone wrong in his life. Well, his previous life. Nothing in life ever mentioned anything about sinful souls being sent to the Netherworld as lowly minions, especially in penguin suits. Maybe living as a pick pocket wasn't such a good idea after all.

The new Prinny was expecting fire and brimstone in the Netherworld, but it didn't look that bad. In fact, it looked like a twisted school. Oh God, it's high school all over again so this must be hell. No doubt about it. It was slightly unsettling to be assigned to the Overlord's castle, but so far so good. He had heard that the Overlord was away on some business, so he could still breathe. The Prinny got some information about the Overlord having a son, but the castle was so large that he hadn't even seen the younger demon yet.

The castle's other Prinnys had assigned the new soul on a basic patrol around the halls. He had wished his fellow Prinny told him some more information, but they all seemed so lazy. But how hard could patrol be? He just had to be sure he didn't walk into any of the demons and his pathetic life should be fine.

"Hey," a voice appears behind the Prinny, making the penguin jump in surprise.

"Y-y-es, dood?" The Prinny stammers and turns around. He was expecting to see a monster, but he nearly felt relieved when he sees a demon kid. Large, red eyes behind glasses stares at the Prinny with a scowl across his pale face.

"Hey, don't just stand there. You're in my way, stupid Prinny!" The demon scoffs.

"W-wait a minute, dood! I'm in charge here, I mean, I'm on patrol, I mean, who the hell are you, dood?" The new Prinny panics and waves his stubby fins around. The demon looked insulted. 

"Who the hell do you think I am?! I'm Mao the best honor student at Evil Academy, heir to this Netherworld, only son of the Overlord!" He roars.

The Prinny gasps and mentally kicks himself for being so rude and idiotic in front of the Netherworld's heir. This was it. He was surely going to be tortured.

"Just step aside," Mao rolls his eyes. "You're standing in the way to my dad's room," the demon says and moves to open the large door. The Prinny felt so happy he could burst.

"O-oh! Sorry about that, dood!  I mean, sir, I mean, your majesty," the penguin squeaks. He steps aside and watches Mao go into the Overlord's room. Out of curiosity, the Prinny slowly follows the demon inside to get a look at what an Overlord's room looked like. He was just keeping an eye out for the Overlord's son he told himself as he snuck behind Mao.

Before the Prinny could get a good look at the room he jumps slightly as Mao helps himself by hopping onto his father's luxurious bed. The demon kicks his shoes off and takes off the coat from around his neck. He grabs a handheld console from his pocket before laying on his stomach. Instead of looking around the details of the room, the Prinny became more curious about what Mao was doing in his father's room while he was away.

"He came in here just to play a game? That's crazy, there's plenty of other places to lounge around in this place, dood," the Prinny thinks to himself.

Mao grabs a pillow to put under his chest and elbows. The demon pauses from going back to his game and smells the pillow.

"Dad..," he murmurs and ignores the handheld.

"Aw, I guess he misses his dad, dood," the Prinny assumes and continues to watch.

"Mmm, Dad..," Mao breathes and puts his face in the pillow. His hand moves between his legs and rubs his crotch. The demon unfastens his shorts and slips out of the clothing. Feeling the satin sheets against his bare legs heightens Mao's senses and he begins to breathe heavier.

"W-whoa," the Prinny gasps and stares at the younger demon strip down to his boxer briefs. He feels as though he should probably look away or leave the room, but the Prinny's mischievous spirit urges him to stay for a little bit longer. The Prinny was beginning to wonder more about his new body as he suddenly felt hungry for the aroused demon in front of him. Would he try to take advantage of Mao if his body were able to?

"He's touching himself on his own dad's bed, dood," the Prinny says to himself as he begins to drool.

Mao lays face down on the bed with his ass propped up. The smell and feel of his father's bedding made him long for the older demon's touch and affection. He feels his anus tingle with the thought of his father filling him and strokes the bulge in his underwear. The demon teases himself by touching himself through his tight boxer briefs since he wanted to prolong his pleasure. Mao isn't able to surpass a moan as he thinks about happily accepting Dad's warm semen inside him.

The Prinny finally realizes that Mao must be fantasizing his father and becomes more and more interested. He stares at Mao's form as he imagines peeling off the demon's underwear. The demon's ass would probably be pale and very soft. The Prinny would be delighted if Mao moans for his father when the penguin minion teases the demon's asshole. Even if he wasn't able to have a physical erection, the Prinny would gladly fill the boy up. It would be worth it to have Mao whimper and writhe under him.

"I couldn't have wished for a better welcome," a smug voice suddenly says, startling Mao and the Prinny in hiding.

"D-dad!" Mao gasps and tries to pull down his black top to hide the erection in his underwear. The young demon's blush seemed to glow against his white skin.

"I know, I came home early. But can you blame me?" The Overlord smiles. "Especially when you're here," Mao's father says lower.

Mao was at a loss for words. He stares up at his father and finds his body move up onto his knees. He reaches out and meets the older demon's lips half way. The Overlord doesn't hold back as his lips hungrily devour Mao as the younger demon gives in. Mao's father reaches down to lift his son's shirt up and reviles Mao's bulge and gropes it.

"Dad," Mao whimpers and slides off his boxer briefs. "Dad, touch me," the demon begs as his erection throbs with desire.

The Overlord happily obliges by feeling his son's smooth hips and wraps his fingers around Mao's length. He pumps slowly and feels himself harden from Mao's reactions. The young demon pants and begins to drool which inspires his father to touch him more. He rolls up Mao's top and brushes his finger tips over his son's pink nipples. The Overlord rubs each of Mao's nipples between his fingers as he continues to lovingly pump the boy's erection.

"You're already oozing down my fingers," The older demon states. He moves to flick his tongue against one of Mao's nipples. "You've made me painfully hard," he adds and  leans back to free his own hardened length.

Mao smiles as he eyes his father's large erection. The younger demon sits up against the edge of the bed and obediently licks his father's erection. He laps up some of the Overlord's pre-cum and then puts his lips around the tip. Mao feels his father stroke his head and encourages him to take in more. He enjoys making the older demon moan as he devours more of the throbbing hardness in front of him. The Overlord's hands grip into Mao's hair and pulls the boy closer forcing him to take the erection down his throat. Mao closes his eyes as he tries to fight his gag reflex. His father's moans make him endure the slight inconvenience and he begins to bob his head back and forth.

"Good, Mao," the older demon pants and tilts his son's chin up to look at the boy's face. Mao looks up with heavy lidded eyes and felt more pleasure from satisfying his father. 

As much as it appealed to the Overlord to fill his son's mouth with cum, he decides he wants to pound into the younger demon instead. The thought of holding Mao's hips and burying himself deep inside the boy nearly made him orgasm right then. He easily moves Mao back and turns the boy around, lifting his hips upward. The younger demon lets his father move him and glances back in curiosity. Mao's father spreads the boy's cheeks and exposes the demon's pink pucker.

"A-ah, Dad..," Mao pants with anticipation.

The Overlord rubs a finger tip at the younger demon's asshole and feels Mao jump slightly. He spreads Mao open and leans in to lap at the boy's awaiting entrance, feeling his son quiver and moan. Mao's father slurps and twirls his tongue against the pucker before pressing inside. He flicks his tongue quickly and revels in making Mao cry out. The boy's eyes water with pleasure as his father easily pushes a finger inside him. The Overlord watches closely as his finger effortlessly pumps in and out and then gently begins to add another digit.

Mao gasps and grips the bedding beneath him. He drools as he feels himself being stretched wider and filled. The demon's father licks his lips as he feels his second finger get sucked inside.

"I think you're nice and ready now," the older demon pants and slides his fingers out. He spreads Mao's asshole with his thumbs and admires the welcoming sight before pushing his slicken head inside. Mao groans as he feels his father pushing into him and remembers to breathe when a hand strokes his hip. The younger demon clenches his eyes shut as his feels his anus being stretched and filled. He bites down on the sheets to muffle a cry as pain sears through him from taking his father's large cock. The Overlord takes his time pushing all the way into Mao as not to hurt the boy. The older demon moans as he feels the warmth and tightness inside his son and fought the urge to start bucking his hips.

"It's big," Mao mutters. 

"But it's what you wanted," the Overlord reminds Mao and reaches around to slip a finger into the boy's mouth. He feels along the younger demon's pointed teeth and then lets the boy suck on his digit. Mao nods slowly and feels his body start to relax. Carefully, the younger demon moves his hips to test how his body would react and received a pleasant surprise as pleasure shot threw him. He moans softly from around his father's finger to signal that he was ready.

The Overlord begins to rock his hips and groans as he feels his orgasm start build already. He returns his hands to Mao's hips and experimentally moves back and then quickly back in. Mao's father glances down and watches as his slick erection effortlessly slides in and out of his son's warmth.

Mao groans each time he feels his father pound into him. The boy feels his erection quiver and ooze with pre-cum and cries for the older demon to move faster. His moans become more desperate as the Overlord obliges and feels himself drool from the feeling of his impending orgasm. Mao's father takes hold of the boy's leg and turns him sideways as a better way to pound into him.

"Dad!" Mao pants as his father moves the boy back onto his cock.

"Mao, I can't hold it back," the Overlord groans and moves his son's hips. He buries his nose in the back of Mao's hair and inhales deeply, causing him to bounce the younger demon on his throbbing member.

Mao feels his own erection slap against his torso as his father started to bounce him. He grips tightly onto the older demon's arms as he feels his climax mount and lolls his tongue out from the pleasure. The boy hardly notices his glasses begin to fog over. The thought of letting his father mercilessly fuck him to get himself off drove Mao over the edge and he cries out loudly as he feels his orgasm bolt through his body.

The older demon gasps as he feels Mao's asshole tighten even more around him and drives him to share an orgasm with his son. He holds Mao's hips firmly in place as the Overlord shoots his warm semen deep inside the boy. Mao rolls his eyes back in pleasure as he happily receives his father's load and feels his eyes water up from satisfaction.

Meanwhile, the Prinny voyeur was stunned. He had no idea the Overlord and his son were so close. No one warned him. Maybe he was the only witness? Perhaps being condemned to be a Prinny in the Netherworld won't be so bad after all the penguin thinks happily to himself as he watches the older demon lovingly licks clean Mao's cum from the boy's stomach.


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