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Sweet Black

by Strailo

Libraries: Alternate Universe, Erotica, Harry Potter, Humor, MenLovingMen, One Shots, Romance

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Harry finally gets what he wants after the war.

Sweet Black

Title: Sweet Black

Fandom: Harry Potter

Word count: 2,438

Characters: Charlie/Harry

Requested by: TrulyWicked

AN: I wanted to do smut. She gave it to me. Enjoy.



He was hunting down a certain black haired wizard, his brother following after with a smirk dancing on his lips.

“I’m telling ya that he’ll send something to tell ya when he’s ready to talk with you,” Ron teased as Charlie stuck his head in the Weasley kitchen. Everyone beyond Ron, Harry and Charlie had gone out for dinner, leaving the three to their own devices for most of the night.

“Shut up, Ron, and go get ready for your own date,” Charlie huffed, getting a snicker from his brother.

“I am, I am,” Ron drawled, shaking his head as he headed for the stairs. “Charlie?”

“What?” Charlie asked, blue meeting blue with a curious look in them.

“If you hurt him, ever, I will happily toss aside my wand and kill you slowly with my bare hands.” The words were serious and dripped with promise, making him nod in shock, blinking at his younger brother. Who knew that Ron could be so scary when he really wanted to be? Watching his brother head up the stairs, the dragon tamer sighed and went to make some tea for himself.

Ron was right, Harry would seek him out when he was ready to talk, despite the fact that it had been Harry to tell him that they needed to do so.

The first time he had really looked at Harry had been after Norman had been picked up had been when his mother had sent pictures of Ron, Harry and Hermoine to him with letters on how they were doing. The mess of black hair had been what had captured him. Harrys eyes were a green that had rarely been seen before and his skin was a soft, rather nice light caramel color, but the boys hair was what drew him.

And once the war had been finished, Charlie could indulge in his fascination with Harrys hair, watching it and in return, the owner of the hair.

He fell hard, all because of his fascination with Harrys hair.

Sighing and sipping at his tea as he settled down onto a chair, Charlie looked outside of the window, watching the grass sway with the breeze. He wondered what was going on in Harry’s head, losing himself to the thoughts as Ron walked down the stairs, looking fresher then before.

“Hey, Charlie, Harry says to head upstairs in about 10 minutes. Enough time for me to get out of here,” Ron told him, grabbing his wallet and coat, shoving the wallet into his pocket.

“Oh? Did he now?” charlie asked, trying not to look to excited at the prospect of finally cornering Harry.

“Calm down, dragon boy,” Ron snorted as he pulled on his coat. “Yes, he did. Remember not to fuck up, yeah?” he continued before leaving the house, a pop floating to Charlie a few moments later.

“Brat,” the large man snorted. Drinking another cup of tea to drag out the time, Charlie crossed his legs and waited until the ten minutes passed. Putting the tea kettle and the cup into the sink, he headed up the stairs, finding all the doors closed except his. Licking his lips with a bit of anticipation, the red head walked to his bedroom, finding Harry sitting in his chair, petting the small statue of the dragon he had gone against in his fourth year.

“I’m surprised you kept it,” Harry said in greeting, getting a smile from the other man as he sat down on the bed. Green eyes watched the slow lazy movements, knowing just how fast the big body was, how strong it was. The very thought of it sent shivers up and down his back.

“I wanted to keep all four, but I wasn’t able to,” Charlie admitted, shrugging. Harry smiled, putting the small statue down again, both men watching it curl up and fall back into its sleep. “So, you wanted to talk with me?” he asked, turning to the other man again with curiosity shining in his eyes.

“Yeah, I did. You know, when the war was going on, I was trying to figure out how I was going to destroy Voldemort. I always kinda figured that I would marry a woman and have lots of little ones after it was done with,” he started, eyes dancing over the room as he spoke. “But after the war and dating Ginny, it just didn’t seem to appeal to me in the least tiny bit.”

“So what does interest you?” Charlie asked, nearly swallowing his tongue in surprise.

“Well, men are more my tastes now days,” Harry purred, making Charlie jerk a bit, his eyes widening as the younger man stood up. Walking up to him, the black haired man slipped into his lap and straddled him, eyes flashing with promise.

“So I see,” Charlie breathed as large hands clamped down onto lean hips, finding soft skin to stroke very slowly, just enjoying the ability to touch and find out just how the other man responded to being teased. Smirking, the red head flipped them so that he was over his companion, green eyes widening in surprise. “So, what am I going to do with you?” he asked, enjoying the way Harrys eyes darkened as he laid his body over the leaner one under him.

“How about we start with you taking me and then go from there?” Harry suggested with a smirk.

“Before we get into things, have you slept with anyone before?” the red head asked, hands sneaking up Harry shirt.

“No, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what to do,” Harry returned, blushing lightly as he wiggled under the other man. “I’ve played on occasion by myself. A favored store has a rather discreet mail service and it’s a muggle place, so I was able to get a few things without it being splashed all over the papers,” he continued. Charlies eyes flared at the thought of Harry playing his hands over his own body. The image of long limbs trembling as a toy slid into the stretched entrance nearly made him spill, his prick twitching in the confines of his pants.

“Damn,” he finally whimpered, being dragged out of his thoughts by Harry pulling off his shirt. Trailing his eyes down over the lightly muscled torso, enjoying the way his companions nipples hardened under his gaze, Charlie smirked and met the others eyes. Reaching up, he tweaked one of those nipples, smirk growing as a startled gasp escaped plush lips.

Leaning down, Charlie sealed their lips together, indulging in a slow kiss, tasting Harry for the first time. Purring lowly, the red head lapped at the others lips and mouth, enjoying the vanilla that greeted him, feeling lean hips arch up into his own. Pressing into the rubbing, hard prick meeting hard prick, dragging a gasping moan from both of them, they enjoyed the movements.

“Harry, Harry, my wonderful Harry,” Charlie panted against full lips, drawing the other Wizard back into a kiss, swallowing the long groan. Slowly the kiss grew heated and passionate as hands tugged at clothes and touched skin, drawing sounds from both of them, clothes hitting the floor.

Pulling apart, Charlie tugged off Harrys pants, taking his shoes and socks off, adding to the pile of clothing on the floor already. Stopping all movements, the dragon tamer stared at the fact that not only was Harry wearing no under garments, but the pretty pink pucker was stretched around a rather small plug, squeezing it tightly.

“No wonder you disappeared on me,” Charlie said, breathless at the sight of something so sweetly erotic that it made his cock twitch and leak.

“Had to get ready for you, at least a bit,” the green eyed wizard breathed, eyes dark and glazed.

“So I see,” the red head growled, abandoning his own pants in favor of pressing on the plug, moving it a bit. The strangled moan that escaped Harry shot straight to his groin, making his cock twitch. Forcing himself away from his playing, Charlie slid off the bed, smirking at the moan and pout he got.

“Got to get undressed,” he growled, watching the other man twitch on the bed. Finally getting his pants off, he sighed as his length was freed, watching it bob a few times, the head wet and glistening. Looking to Harry, the red head felt the smugness rise as he watched the large eyes get bigger.

Opening the drawer of his bedside table, he looked at Harry as he pulled a vial of fresh oil, the smaller male dragging his eyes from Charlies prick. Shrugging, the lean wizard smiled and moved a bit more up on the bed.

“I’m allergic to certain lubes, as I found out the painful way,” Harry explained, reaching down to idly play with the plug. “That one I can make on my own and I’m not allergic to it,” he told his lover, his voice breathless as he teased himself and Charlie at the same time.

“I see. Good to know,” Charlie said, almost as an after thought as he tossed the oil onto the bed and pulled Harrys hand away from the toy. Drawing it out slowly, the red head basked in the low moan he got as Harry arched, trying to draw it back in. Putting the plug aside, the larger man grabbed the vial and slicked his fingers, noticing that it had an overtone of peach. Pushing the thought aside, he circled the little entrance that fluttered in excitement as his other hand curled around the base of his lovers cock.

Locking their eyes, the dragon tamer moved so that his lips hovered over the tip of the black haired mans prick. Licking at it before drawing him into his mouth, Charlie moaned as he slid a finger into Harrys entrance. Moving his hand from the base of the prick in his mouth, he held the lean hips down as they arched upwards, trying to get him to do more. Smirking mentally, he started to suck in the head before sliding forward to take the rest of it into his mouth.

Feeling Harry twitch and listening to him whine, the larger man moaned as he slipped another finger into the body that called to him. He wished he could take his time in driving both of them nuts but he didn’t have the patience and doubted that Harry had any either.

Pulling off of Harrys length at the first taste of pre-cum, Charlie panted as he worked the two fingers in and out of his lover. Licking his lips, he shivered hard at the whine for more that came from Harry. Giving him what he wanted, he slid a third finger into the lean body, pausing at the wince that the move received. Reaching up with his free hand, he smoothed dark hair back and cooed lowly, waiting for Harry to relax again.

“Move,” came the husky moan from Harry as he relaxed around the fingers. Nodding his head, Charlie started to work his fingers in and out again, spreading them open to help relax the other for him. Soon he had the lithe man writhing on his fingers, pleads for more spilling from Harrys mouth as calves and thighs trembled and skin flushed.

Pulling his fingers out after making sure the body under him was stretched, the tamer grabbed the oil and slicked himself, Harry watching with lust filled eyes. Moving so that he was kneeling between the others legs, Charlie slid a hand down one tone thigh, lifting  that leg out of the way and encouraging Harry to lift his other leg out of the way. Grasping his length, he pressed against the ring of muscle, both of them groaning at the contact, hips twitching towards it.

“This might hurt,” Charlie growled, drawing a trembling smile from Harry.

“I know, but I don’t mind,” Harry panted, watching the large body tremble, trying to hold back from just pushing forward. Licking his lips, Harry groaned lowly and bowed upwards as the other pressed forward, trying to stay relaxed under the steady pressure that Charlie exerted. Sighing as large hands stroked over his sides and thighs, Harry slowly relaxed as the larger man finally bottomed out, pressed flush to his groin.

Moaning as he was surrounded by tight, wet heat, Charlie didn’t move, enjoying the way the body around him fluttered and tightened around him. Opening his eyes again, he hooked Harrys legs over his arms and slowly slid out half way, rocking back into his lovers body, doing it again, building up the pace slowly, stroking over Harrys sweet spot with every thurst.

Charlies eyes were locked on Harrys form as it wiggled, arched and strained, his long fingered hands curled into the pillow under his head. The sounds he was getting was enough to spur him into moving faster, harder over the strong body, one hand moving from its place on Harrys thigh and curled around the smaller mans straining length. It didn’t take very much to throw Harry over the edge, back bowing up as he came, spilling over his chest and Charlies hand. Growling as he thrust a few more times into the others body, the tamer gasped and shoved in once more and came himself, filling the younger males entrance, feeling him shiver.

Holding himself up by sheer will and his hands planted on the bed, the red head panted, his hair plastered to his head with sweat. Harry was limp beneath him, legs still hooked over his elbows and breath coming out in pants. Feeling a welling of smug pride spread through him, Charlie slowly pulled out, hearing Harry whimper, the sound unhappy.

Laughing lowly, the bigger man reached down and grabbed his pants, digging around for his wand. Finding it, he waved the piece of wood and cleaned the both of them, Harry looking up at him with a sleepy look. Stealing a kiss, Charlie dragged his lover with him under the blanket and held him close.

“Not letting you go now,” Charlie husked, getting a low laugh from Harry.

“So how are we going to introduce each other as then?” Harry asked.

“Your future bonded at first. Later as Potter-Weasley,” Charlie replied, Harry lifting his head to look over his shoulder.

“And why is my name first?” Harry asked.

“Are you not the one that just got screwed?” was the return question.


“That’s why,” Charlie teased, getting a laugh and a kiss.

“Fine, fine. I expect a nice ring. No diamonds please.”

“I figured. We’ll go find one tomorrow.”

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