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The Heart of a Hero

by ArkillianDragon

Libraries: Adventure, Dragon Ball Z, One Shots, Romance

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Videl's curiousity of who the Great Saiyaman is at its peak when she gets a mysterious call out at Yumi falls. Will she take advantage of her situation to finally discover who the hero is?

Beep Beep! Beep Beep!
Turning off the beeper on her watch, a long haired, 16 year old girl braced herself for her next life threatening assignment that the police had for her. The chief officer appeared on an LCD screen on her watch prudently.
"Videl, we need your help now for a code 746, at Yumi falls. There are three of them, and they are armed,"
"A hostage situation?" Videl asked anxiously, "What do they want?"
"Saiyaman," He replied, lowering his brows, "I don't know why they want him, but he always seems to turn up when you..."
"Funny that," Videl murmured, noticing a nearby teen, Gohan watching her as he listened in on their conversation. He turned away with a bright red face, burying himself back into his physics book again embarrassedly. She gingerly looked back at the chief, "I'll grab my 'copter. Keep them busy."
"Roger." Grabbing her bag, she made a run for it.
"Police need me, Miss!" Videl called as she scooted out the door in a rush. Darting around corners and up stairs, she bit her lip tensely.
Saiyaman... What do those terrorists want from you? How am I supposed to find you? You just... turn up! You and that little smile of yours... Blushing a little, she couldn't help feeling excited that he maybe fighting along side her again so soon. Maybe I'll find out who you really are behind all of those weird posses of yours.
Throwing open the door to the roof, she chucked her helicopter capsule ahead of herself, leaping in as it appeared in a cloud of smoke. Turning on the machine, she shot off into the blue sky.

Approaching Yumi falls after a few minutes of intense flying, Videl spotted the police surrounding the area distantly, yelling into their megaphones melodramatically. At the top of the waterfall, were three familiar people grinning, leaning something in a body bag over the edge of the falls.
"Oh no!" Videl cried, putting on her game face. "I know those creeps! They were the ones that wanted to kill me and my Da..." Pausing for a moment, she remembered that day.
That's right... Gohan was attacked by two of those guys, but I stopped them. They then took the president hostage and... A small smile appeared on her flushed face. Saiyaman saved me from being shot that day. I think that agitated them a little. What do they expect to accomplish today though? She grabbed her megaphone.
"All right you three," she blared through the phone as she hovered over their heads, "put that person back on land, and I'll call Saiyaman!"
"Saiyaman first!" One yelled, pulling out a semi-automatic, "Call him right now, or I'll force you to call him!"
"Careful Videl," her watch warned, flicking the chief onto the screen again, "they've shot down three of our 'copters. They are considered highly dangerous."
"It's all under control sir," she nodded, switching off her watch. Leaning the machine to its side a little, she held the speaker up again, and lent out the window.
"Saiyaman is on his way as we speak! Put the person back on land and we'll go easy on you!"
"Like hell he is!" The guy yelled, shooting off a round of bullets.
"Wha..." Being hit in the petrol tank with a stray bullet, Videl was forced to leap out of the helicopter- just in time to see the craft explode into a ball of flames. Eyes flashing wider in fear then, she plummeted downward, toward the gushing falls. "Help me! Someone!"
"Someone is here, young lady." Halted in mid fall, blood rushed to her head as she suddenly started hovering in mid air. Looking up toward her ankles, Saiyaman grinned down at her, hugging her knees. "You sure know how to get yourself into trouble." Blushing a deep red colour, she curled up toward his face and grabbed his shoulders.
"Thank goodness you got here. Thank you so much for sav..."
"Auuu..." There was a loud bang, and her saviour cringed as he took something to the back. Plummeting a few meters, Videl yelped in surprise. He gained control quickly though. " What was that?"
"That's not important! Are you all right?" She asked urgently. He smiled back softly, as a rope suddenly lassoed around the two of them.
"Go on you idiot! Shoot another of those tranquillisers!"
There was another loud bang- Saiyaman gasped as another dart shot in his back. Tears grew in Videl's eyes as another was shot. Then another.
"Saiyaman!" She cried, as his head lobbed limply, before falling to the side. The two of them fell toward the rushing waters of Yuki falls.

Hitting the falls with an incredible force, they screamed through the undercurrents a while, before being tugged to a stop by the rope. The terrorists pulled the two of them to shore.
"Look at the dangerous duo now," One of the guys laughed pathetically, crouching down over them. "Not stopping any bullets now, eh Superman?"
"What..." Videl coughed, gasping for air, "do you want... from him? And where... is that person in the bag?" Grinning snidely, another guy ran his finger down her jaw line.
"You just worry about you and your boyfriend there," He laughed, as the third guy slammed his fist into Saiyaman's back. Letting out a loud yelp, the guy jumped back with a red fist.
"Yikes! He must be made out of steel!"
"Shudup you wimp!" The second guy ordered, pulling out his semi-automatic again. "Chuck that dummy of ours off the falls- our decoy worked. It's time to do in little Lois here!"
"Vi... del..." Saiyaman groaned, twitching his muscles slightly, "I wont..."
"Wha..." All three men's jaws dropped in surprise, as the boy wonder stumbled feebly onto his elbows. Even Videl was temporally stunned. Still going after four tranquillisers?
Even an elephant goes after the third. She thought in shock, feeling the Saiyaman's breath rapidly increase to a shallow pant.
"...won't let them... hurt..." Wrapping his arms around her tightly, a force suddenly thundered through the whole entire area. The three men were shot off into the air, landing fifty meters away, along with all the aircrafts being brushed back with an uncontrollable force. Saiyaman weakened again collapsing back to his side again, "... hurt..."
"Not yet," Videl cried, shaking his shoulders violently, "don't sleep yet! You have to tell me your name! I promise I'll keep it a secret!" He smiled shyly, turning a slightly pink colour.
"Can't... tell..." Chuckling lightly, his smile began to fade out as he dropped back into a deep sleep. Videl smiled at his persistence, relaxing her hold on his shoulders. She then noticed a clip on his helmet.
Hang on, I could find out who he is right now. He's unconscious. Should I? Looking deep into his opaque face shield as if to find the answer, she shook her head lightly.
Helicopters all around her lowered police officers to the ground, as she flicked the clip lightly a few times with her nails. Followed were a few distant cheers as they caught the three terrorists. Videl closed her eyes.
I can't do it. He saved my life. He has the right to keep his secret a little longer. I should at least grant him that. Sighing to herself in disappointment, she left the clip alone.
Looking toward his face, her eyes landed on his lips then, the only piece of flesh that he had that she could recognise him by. Smiling dreamingly, a warm watery feeling washed through her. I don't understand you Saiyaman. You are so keen to hide your true identity from me, yet you risk your life to save Satan City... Selflessly. Tilting his helmet up a little, she pressed her warm lips to his, giving him kiss. Thankyou, she though tenderly, running her wet hand down his smooth cheek, and around to the back of his neck, resting her head against his orange helmet with a mischievous smile. But you watch it Saiyaman. One day I'll find out who you really are. Just you wait...


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