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Where Kakarott is King

by Cokey the Cat

Libraries: Alternate Universe, Angst, Dragon Ball Z, Erotica, Male/Male - Yaoi

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A/U. Set on Vegeta-sei. Kakarott is Prince and has taken Vegeta in from the streets, but quickly begins abusing him. Warnings: Yaoi, rape, lemon, self-injury, Mpreg

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Chapter 1, Pt.1

Vegeta's POV

I dug through my favorite dumpster. This store threw out food the day it expired so there was always plenty in there. I pulled out a few bags and boxes of various stale foods and stuffed them in my ragged backpack.

"What are you doing?"

I turned towards the voice. "P-Prince Kakarot, Sire." I bowed, waist deep in trash. "I was just getting some food, Your Highness. Is that alright with you, Sire?" I asked respectfully.

"It most certainly is not alright."

I was startled. "I'm sorry, Sire. I'll just put it back now, Your Highness."

"You will not. You will get out of that dumpster and come with me."

'Yes, Sire." You can't disobey an order from royalty. I swung my pack over my shoulder and climbed out of the trash can. Kakarot began walking down the filthy alley, his red cape flowing out behind his black spandex bodysuit and gleaming white and gold boots. I followed several paces behind the Crown Prince. Kakarot stopped and looked over his shoulder at my tattered form.

"What's your name?" he inquired.

"Vegeta, Sire."

"Vegeta, come walk beside me."

My eyes widened an my feet froze to the red, dusty ground.

"Well, come on," the Prince beckoned, "Don't act like a beaten dog."

I broke my feet from the ground an took several heavy steps to stand abreast to Prince Kakarot. We set off again, turning out of the alley into the crowded market place. The populace split, allowing a path for the Prince and me to pass. I was very uncomfortable under the stares of the merchants.
"Vegeta," the Prince started, drawing my attention back to him. "Where do you live?"

"Uh . . . Sire, I'm kinda. . . homeless."

"Homeless?" he repeated, like he didn't understand the word. Not many Saiyans are homeless.

"Yes, Your Highness. I sleep on park benches and the like."

"Well, that won't do. That won't do at all," the Prince said as we exited the market and took a left. The street was now nearly deserted.

"Sire, may I ask you a question?"

"Of course, Vegeta."

"Well, where are we going, Sire?"

"To my palace."

"Oh no, Your Highness. I can't. I'm so dirty. I wouldn't want to soil your domain."

"You are coming, Vegeta. You can get a bath, some food, and some sleep. Some clothes, too."

"Your Highness is too generous. I've been living on my own for years. I'll be fine out here on the streets."

"No more argument, Vegeta. You are coming."

Kakarot's POV

As we neared my palace, I admired Vegeta's beauty. He had dignity, even if he was homeless and filthy. His flaming hair gleamed healthily and I began wondering what it felt like to the touch. No doubt soft and velvety. I had a sudden vision of Vegeta writhing beneath me in pleasure before I stopped myself. I shook my head to clear it of those glorious, sweat-slicked images. I had barely met Vegeta

As we came upon the cherry wood palace doors, I opened one for Vegeta. He looked at me and blushed like a schoolgirl. God, he was beautiful

Once I coerced Vegeta inside, I led him to my wing of the palace and gave him the room across from mine. As he went to take a shower at my suggestion, I ordered up a black spandex bodysuit and some guard's armor, though I hadn't needed a guard since I was 10.
I was laying out the clothes on Vegeta's bed when he emerged in a cloud of steam, hair heavy around his shoulders and a thick towel around his slim waist. God, he had the most perfect body I had ever wanted to lay my hands on. He was like fucking Adonis. As I stared at his bare chest, Vegeta turned red again.

"Oh. . . uh. . . I got you some clothes."

"Thanks," he replied, looking prettier as more blood rushed to his face and neck.

I reluctantly turned and left the room, resisting the urge to jump him then and there.

After Vegeta was dressed,(spandex, DROOL ) I gave his sexy ass a tour of the extensive palace while interrogating him.

"So . . . How did you end up on the streets?"

"Well, Sire . . ."

"Please call me Kakarot."

"Well, Kakarot," Vegeta stopped as we entered the dining room. "Wow This place is beautiful " He gazed at the golden chandeliers and crystal plates.

"Answer the question," I ordered, less than polite.

"Oh. . . well, my mother died giving birth to me and my f-father died when I was 13. I've lived on the streets since then."

"Well, now you can live with me."

"Oh, no, S- Kakarot. I'm ok on the streets. Your hospitality is too much."

"You WILL stay here, Vegeta. Here you will get fed regularly." I clapped my hands and two servants brought out huge platters and set them on the table. I pulled out a chair for Vegeta like he was a woman. He turned prettily pink.

Vegeta's POV

'Damn it, I hate it when I blush.'

Kakarot sat down across from me and began piling up his plate. I followed his lead and began eating ravenously. The food was so good I hadn't eaten non-stale food in years. I felt eyes on me mid-bite and looked up, fork hanging in the air. Kakarot was watching me eat, his food untouched. His eyes quickly darted to his food as they met mine. I turned back to my plate, eating much more slowly.

'God, he must think I'm a pig I'm shoveling food into my face in front of the Prince '
After eating and completing the tour, it was nearly midnight. Kakarot suggested bed and I agreed. As I turned to open my door, I looked back at Kakarot. He was already looking at me, an odd grin painted on his face. I reddened again and entered my room.

Kakarot's POV

After I was sure Vegeta was asleep, I ordered up a muscular male slave and took him into my bed. When I entered him, I imagined that his moan was Vegeta's, that the muscles under my fingers belonged to my new guard, that the hair I was fisting in was upswept in gleaming black flames.

After I was finished taking my pleasure in the boy, I ordered him back to his duties with a day off pass as a bribe to keep silent. Besides, if he did talk, a terrible accident would befall him. Under my father's rule, a prince just couldn't be homosexual. He would probably disown me.

My thoughts turned to Vegeta. I ran my hands over his steely muscles in my mind. His skin was silky and smelled of lemon. I ran my fingers along his scalp. His hair was sweet smelling and velvety. I rubbed my face in my pillow, wishing it were that glorious hair.

This chapter starts out slow, but it will get better. I have this already finished, so expect regular updates.

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