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Brotherly Love

by Cokey the Cat

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Instead of fighting, Goku goes with Radditsu because there is something about that man . . . Warnings: yaoi, incest, Mpreg

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Chapter 1, Pt.1

In this story, Goku is not really in love with Chi Chi and not really attached to Gohan. It makes it work.

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Warnings: Yaoi, incest

Thoughts: 'blah'

Brotherly Love Pt.1

Goku's POV

He was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. My breath halted in my throat as this mysterious, extremely long-haired man shook himself off and rose to his full, impressive height a few feet from me. I was tall, about 6'5 , but this man was a tower. He was at least a head taller than I.

"Kakarotto " he greeted me.

"Huh?" I answered, confused.

"Don't you remember anything?" the beautifully muscular man asked.

"Remember what?" I replied dumbly.

"Come with me." The stranger began leading me down a nearby forest path.

"You are Saiya-jin, same as me. We are from a planet that has been obliterated. Didn't you ever wonder where you got that?" He indicated my tail, which was waving behind me gently. His tail was tightly coiled around his armored waist.

"Not really," I replied.

He sighed and continued. "I am your older brother, Radditsu. Your Saiya-jin name is Kakarotto. There's two other Saiya-jins still in existence, our Ouji, Vegeta, and his body guard, Nappa. You have to come with us."

What he had said slowly sank in and I frowned. "I have a family." I wouldn't have minded him staying with me, though.

"Or we'll kill them"

"What? ?" I yelled.

"If you don't come peacefully, I'll be forced by our Ouji to eliminate your family and kidnap you."
"Can I say goodbye to them?" I asked.
"Can't hurt."

"Come with me, Radditsu," I requested.

"What? You want your family to meet me?"

"They need a reason why I'm leaving," I explained.

Radditsu huffed. "Ok."

Radditsu's POV

My little brother led me to a small hut, making me long for home. As we stepped inside, a small boy nearly tackled him. The boy's hair stuck up in several places and he had a fuzzy tail, obviously Saiya-jin. My scouter beeped loudly, showing a very high power level as I gazed at the child. I gasped but recovered quickly.

"The child comes, too," I barked gruffly just as Kakarotto was trying to explain to his wife what was going on.

The hellcat screeched, "What You can't take my son, Goku He's. . ." I blocked her out as I noticed Kakarotto's spawn staring at me.

I crouched down. "Come here, boy." He took a few steps closer to me, but none too cosy. "What's your name?" I asked in the gentlest voice I could muster.

"Gohan," he said shyly.

"How old are you, Gohan?"


"Well, Gohan, you and your father are very strong and I need you to come with me so you can help me find my home."

"Can Mommy come, too?" he asked innocently.

"I'm afraid not, but maybe some day you can come back for her."

"Who are you?" Gohan asked suddenly.

"I'm your Uncle Radditsu. See, I'm Saiya-jin, just like you." I unfurled my tail and waved it for a moment before curling it snugly around my waist again.

"Saiya-jin?" 'Great. I got the boy confused.'
"It means your daddy if from another planet, like one of the stars you see at night."

"Oh Ok."The boy was a quick learner. Good.

Goku's POV

Radditsu had to threaten Chi Chi with the death of her son to get her to let us leave, though I doubt he would've hurt Gohan. He seemed to think my boy had the potential to be a great warrior.

Radditsu took to the air outside my house, nothing supporting him. Gohan and I both gasped at the volant skills we lacked.

My older brother turned around. "Aren't you coming?"

"Hold on," I said. "Nimbus "

Radditsu looked bewildered as Gohan and I jumped on a golden cloud, but just kept on flying, leading the way.

I couldn't help but check out the view of my brother I was getting from back there. His armor was flying up in the wind and he was only clad in a spandex body suit underneath. His ass looked so tight. I imagined what it would feel like in my hands, not really caring that he was my blood brother.

Radditsu led us to a clearing deep in the woods. I looked around but saw nothing but trees.

"Where's the ship?" I asked.

Radditsu pressed a button on his scouter and a large ship appeared in the center of the clearing. It looked like a gigantic, metallic, menacing bug. He walked up to it and tapped a peculiar rhythm and a ramp popped out, leading to an open door. I quickly followed my brother up the ramp, Gohan in tow.

Once inside, the door closed, leaving us in a seemingly endless hallway with metal doors every few feet. I was lost, but Radditsu knew just where to go. We passed several doors until he finally opened one. I stepped inside what seemed to be a school cafeteria, many long table crossing the large room. My brother led us to a table where two other men sat.

"This is our Ouji," said Radditsu, "Vegeta." He indicated a short, lithe, flame-haired man. Vegeta nodded at me as I sat down between my brother and son.

"This is Gohan, Kakarotto's son, Ouji-sama." Radditsu pointed out my son, though there be no need. Vegeta smirked oddly.

"I will show Gohan where he is to sleep," the Ouji said, standing. My son gave me a pleading look but followed Vegeta as I shrugged my shoulders, helpless.

"Kakarotto, this is Nappa." Radditsu drew my attention to a large, bald man with heavy musculature. I waved good naturedly, but Nappa just grunted and looked away.

"He's not socially inclined,"my brother whispered in my ear.

Vegeta came back several quiet minutes later, alone.

"Where's Gohan?" I asked, concerned.

"Training," the Ouji replied jauntily as he sat beside his bored guard. "Have you told Kakarotto why we stopped for him, Radditsu?"

"No, Ouji-sama, but I think it would be best if we took off before we get into the particular conversation." My brother walked over to a large black box I had not noticed before. He opened it and tinkered for a second and the ship began to hum softly. Radditsu sat back down, satisfied with his work.

Radditsu's POV

"Must we tell him this soon, Ouji-sama?" I argued with Vegeta.

"I think it's for the best," he replied with a sick smile.

I sighed, defeated by authority, and turned to my slightly scared looking brother. "We need you to help us reclaim our planet form those loyal to our enemies and recolonize it."

"But you said . . . How are you going to do that without females?"

Vegeta and Nappa burst out laughing. I eyed them a dirty look but they paid me no mind. I waited patiently for them to calm down, hoping to put off the dreaded truth.

"Please continue, Radditsu." 'Vegeta, you sick bastard '

"Well, Kakarotto," I stalled until the Ouji cleared his throat impatiently. "Saiya-jin males can . . . bear children."

He looked bewildered. "This is a joke, right?" I shook my head sadly. "And you want me to . . ." I nodded. "Let me off this ship " he screamed.

"We're already in space. I'm sorry."

"The hell you are," Kakarotto replied. "Why can't one of you do it?"

"Well," interrupted he Ouji, "I'm much too slender and refuse to be used that way, Nappa is none too bright and might kill it, and Radditsu would rather kill himself than bear a child. That leaves you. Plus you have beautiful, strong children." Vegeta smiled sadistically.

I felt horrible for my brother. He knew he was defeated. I rubbed his shoulder, trying vainly to comfort him.

"Show me my room," he requested, tears welling in his beautiful, obsidian eyes.

I led him out of the cafeteria and to the room next to mine.

"This is your room." I tapped on the door. "And this is mine." by this time, sobs were threatening to burst from his throat, so I left, fighting the urge to hug him. He would probably just think I was coming on to him.

I returned to the café, royally pissed at the royalty.

"Dammit, Vegeta," I said as I sat, dropping the respectful act. "Why the fuck did you have to do that?"

"He had to find out sometime."

"But not now. He just got ripped away from his wife and home planet and his brain was occupied enough as it is." I stood, shaking with rage, ready to slap that smirk right off Vegeta's face.

"Go to your room, Radditsu," Ouji-sama ordered. I turned slowly, giving him a menacing look.

I walked slowly to my room, enjoying my fantasy of beating Vegeta to a bloody pulp. I opened a door, still lost in my head, to discover my brother crying. He looked up at my sudden intrusion, trying to hide his tears. I quickly walked across the room and sat down beside him on the bed, pulling him to my chest. He wrapped his arms around me, buried his face in my neck, and sobbed.

"Shh," I said, rubbing his back. "It's ok. Saiyan pregnancy is only six months. Then you'll have a cute, loveable chibi to take care of. I'll help you, I promise."

Kakarotto looked up at me, a strange look in his shiny eyes. He moved suddenly, pressing his lips up against mine. I pulled back, startled.
Maybe it was some strange human custom when upset. "Shh, Kakarotto. Just relax."

Goku's POV

Radditsu left shortly after I kissed him. 'Why did I do that? He probably thinks I'm some pervert now. But he didn't push me away or reprimand me. If he did like it, wouldn't he have kissed back?'

I growled at my unanswerable thoughts. I stretched out on the bed, getting comfy. 'Damn it, Radditsu, please don't hate me for what I did.' I closed my tired, red eyes. 'I just . . .'

I awoke suddenly to a loud pounding on my door. "Time for dinner," Radditsu yelled through the metal.

"Wait for me," I replied.

I hopped out of bed quickly and ran me fingers through my messy hair as I opened the door to face my brother. He seemed to have changed, now in a black, long-sleeved spandex shirt and pants, sans armor and scouter. Radditsu was fine in all that skin tight, revealing clothing.

"Don't you want to change clothes?" he asked, pointing at my orange gi.

"Sure. Where are some clothes?" Radditsu invited himself in silently, leading me to the closet. He threw the aluminum like doors back with a clang, revealing a small room lined with spandex and armor. I picked a suit to match Radditsu's and ushered him out of the closet for privacy.

I emerged quickly, feeling like I was naked in the form fitting cloth and black boots.

"Why do you wrap your tail around you waist like that, Radditsu?"

"Protection. No one can pull it like that. Plus, it looks neater."


Radditsu turned, waking quickly to the door. I looped my tail around my middle to try it out. It felt strange, but I supposed I would get used to it.

"You coming?" called Radditsu from down the hall.

"Yeah." I ran after my brother.

Radditsu's POV
We ate dinner silently, just us two, all of our focus on the wonderful food the slaves whipped up. Vegeta and Nappa always dined separately at all meals. I supposed they had Gohan, too.
I finished with a loud belch, watching Kakarotto across the table. He had just cleared his third plate and seemed to be contemplating a fourth.

"Want to spar?" I asked out of the blue.

"How do you know I spar?" Kakarotto responded, suspicious.
"No one can have a body like your without some strenuous physical training," I replied truthfully.

Kakarotto blushed, looking surprisingly pretty. "Ok, then. Let's spar," he agreed.

. . .

Innumerable days went by like this, Kakarotto and I sparing except at mealtimes, which included light conversation. We grew quite close. I remember one discussion in particular.

"Radditsu, what is pregnancy like?"

"Well," I struggled to explain. "Having never been pregnant myself, I have to go on what I've heard."

"Whatever. Just spill," replied Kakarotto shortly.

"Within a week, your stomach muscles soften to allow the baby to grow. I hear you get terrible morning sickness but eating saltines before you get out of bed helps. Four months later, the baby is born."

"Where does the baby come out? Not where it came in?"

"Certainly not where it came in." I laughed. "A slit opens up just under your swollen stomach."

. . .

Whenever we sparred, which was usually all day, I won the most. But one time,

. . .

We left our dinner dishes for the slaves to clear away and proceeded to the far end of the hall. I led my brother to our regular training room, the walls and floor completely padded for extra protection. His eyes circled the room, admiring it fondly.

We got into a fighting position, crouched low, and began circling, searching for a weak spot. Kakarotto charged first, a boot aimed at my face. I dodged it a grabbed his outstretched leg, spinning him. I let go suddenly, sending him crashing into a cushioned wall. He picked himself up, grinning goofily.

Suddenly, he took a serious turn and began punching and kicking at me faster than I thought possible. I tried to block them all, but inevitably, many got through. My nose bloodied, my lip burst, everything hurt. I held up my hands, pleading with Kakarotto for a truce. He stopped just as suddenly as he had begun, his face softening to his usual kind expression.

"I'm so sorry, Radditsu," Kakarotto said, hugging my beaten body close. "I just . . . lost control. I don't know what happened. Please say you forgive me."

"I forgive you, little brother," I rubbed his back. "You didn't need to."

Kakarotto's hands began to move behind my back. Before I could pull away from the embrace, his fingers ran softly over my tail, paralyzing me. It just felt so damn good; I waited for more. His hands traced gently over the length of tail he could reach, rubbing the fur both ways. Pleasure ran up my spine and through my body, hardening me, the feelings in my limbs gone. I unraveled my tail, letting Kakarotto toy with all of it. I rubbed against my brother, trying to relieve some of the pressure expanding my groin and he gyrated back against me, one hand massaging the base of my furry appendage and the other rubbing over the tip backwards. My eyes slipped closed and I moaned low in my throat, the ecstacy of these multiple sensations overwhelming me. One of Kakarotto's hands slipped from my tail and I groaned. He ignored me, his hand latching onto my neck and pulling me down to meet his searing lips. He deepened the kiss quickly and I got my first taste of that gloriously hot mouth. His tongue battled with mine while still letting me explore him. My brother's hips grinded against mine and I rocked back against him, creating splendid friction.

"Radditsu " Vegeta's voice rang out from down the hall.

I pulled from my brother reluctantly and headed out the door.
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