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Courtship of Lord Sesshomaru

by Fawks-chan

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(Complete)Sessho-maru had never expect to meet her where he did, Fawks never expected to fall for him so utterly and completely. Unbeknownst to either of them, it seems their union was fated if not planned by two drunk Taiyoukai under a full moon. OC, Futuristic,Slightly PWP Cover Art by sugar0o

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Chapter 1, Prologue

Courtship of Lord Sesshomaru

“What’s this about Sessho-maru?” the Inu no Taisho raised an eyebrow at his very inebriated friend.

“What I’m saying is, you should have your boy mate with one of my descendants…!” the fire demon slurred in sudden excitement.

“I think you’ve had too much to drink my friend…” the Inu no Taisho chuckled downing his cup of sake. The two sat on some deserted mountain top, star gazing and drinking. He never turned down an invitation from Lord Iru of the fire tribe, the man always had the best sake and weakest tolerance.

“And why not? The boy is unattached isn’t he?” Iru scoffed holding his glass out for a refill. The Inu no Taisho readily obliged, the last person who tried to deny Iru his drink was torn into bloody pieces and roasted. The Inu no Taisho found it was best to let the temperamental demon drink his fill and then fall into unconsciousness.

“Well no…”

“It’s a perfect idea! We’re friends aren’t we? Why shouldn’t our children mate?”

“For starters your clan hasn’t seen a daughter for many generations…” The Inu no Taisho reminded gently.

“…doesn’t mean one won’t be born…I’ve seen it…” Iru sniffed.

“Seen it?”

“Yeah, in a dream”

“Hm, perhaps you truly are at your limit…” he said, refilling his own glass. “Besides, that pup never liked being told what to do and I truly doubt he’ll be willing to obey me after he finds out my plans for Tetsusaiga…”

“That’s your problem, friend…! You’re always so caught up with the future and teachin’ your pups lessons they’re too young to understand…” Iru scoffed.

“This is the only way Sessho-maru will learn anything, he’s so stubborn…”

“…takes after his father, eh?” Iru smirked.

“I suppose so…” the Inu no Taisho smirked back. The two fell into a comfortable silence.

The Inu no Taisho gave a sigh, “…very well. I see nothing wrong with joining our bloodlines, it may be beneficial, in fact”

“Damn right it will be beneficial! Any demon’d be lucky to marry into my clan…!” Iru boasted.

“I believe it’s your descendent who will be marrying into my clan”

“Whatever! You know what I mean…”

“That Sessho-maru will be lucky to have your descendent as a mate?”

“Exactly…!” Iru laughed taking the bottle of Sake back and downing the contents.

The two fell into a comfortable silence.

“Oi…what do you want your first grandkid to be?” Iru asked suddenly.

“I…always wanted a little girl to spoil…though I’m sure Sessho-maru would want an heir as soon as possible…” the Inu no Taisho replied without missing a beat.

“A little girl…one as beautiful as the flames…”Iru sighed.

“She must have the patience of Buddha to put up with Sessho-maru…”The Inu no Taisho watched impassively as his friend fell over, out cold. He sighed, shaking his head, “I think it’s time you retired, Iru-sama”

The Inu no Taisho hefted his inebriated friend, securing an arm around his waist. Iru grumbled drunkenly, leaning heavily on the dog demon.

“…eyes that…shine like emeralds…hair as red as flame…”

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