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A Year in the Life

by Fawks-chan

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Got bored, wrote biker fiction. Not really in any order, take it or leave it but don't hate.

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Chapter 1, Every Breath We Drew Was Hallelujah

He was dying.

He knew it the minute the bullet pierced his skin.

Then there was another…and then another.

It may be stupid but, as he lay there, bleeding out on the ground, all he could think about was her smile. Those big dark eyes and how they’d light the minute they saw him, fuck he loved her, a love that wouldn’t matter in a few minutes after he bled out and was dead.

But still, those beautiful dark eyes came to view. Smiling at him, her sweet pink lips turned up in a teasing smile and those words she loved to say to him.

‘I love you’

He was such an idiot, such a fool for not having her say it again before he left. Instead he made off like a theif in the night not wanting to worry her, for all it bought him.

As he lay on the cold concrete, all he could see was her face, contorted in ecstasy, biting her lip and purring for him.

“Macon….I love you…!”

But he was gonna die, maybe not alone, but not with the girl he’d fallen so in love with. And his mind was a jumble of memories and if he was honest, they were all dirty. But he knew she’d have it no other way.

“I love you so much, Macon. Don’t you dare leave me”


The last day he saw her had started out just like any other, like all their days together. He’d woken up that morning to her alarm, the sound making her whimper and snuggle closer to him.

“…time to get up, babe…”he grumbled turning it off.

“…Nooo…” she whimpered, nuzzling her face into his shirt.

“Ain’t ya got class today?”

She whimpered again, “…I wanna stay here…with you…”

“…well, I gotta go…”


He gave a dark chuckle, how the fuck could she be this adorable first thing in the morning? He had to admit, it really flipped his switch. He tilted her head back, kissing her deep and slow, she purred, melting into him as he rolled her on her back.

His lips moved to her neck and she moaned out.

“…what time is it…?”

He lifted his head, glancing at the clock, “…a little after 7:00. Got time for a quickie?”

She groaned but not in pleasure, “…no…I gotta go…get up, shower, be an adult…I hate being an adult…”

“You sure about that?” he smirked, moving off of her so she could get out of bed.

“I only like being an adult when I’m drinking or you’re fuckin’ me” she yawned and stretched.

“In that order?”

“…not sure yet…” she rubbed the sleep from her eyes, trudging into the bathroom to pee with the door open. By this time, there was whimpering and scratching at the bedroom door.

“Goddamn it, Buck! That damn dog’s gonna fuck up the door again and I ain’t replacin’ it…” he growled, going to open it.

“Don’t talk that way about our son…!” She called back.

“Son, right…” he grumbled as the 300lb Pitbull came trotting into the room. He panted happily at Macon, before going to stare at Marie in the bathroom.

“Buuuuck…! I’m peeing…!”

“You don’t mind me watchin’ you pee” Macon began.

“You’ve seen me naked, a lot. It’s weird when Buck does”

“He’s a dog”

“He still has a dick” she said, pulling up her panties. “Now everybody out, I need to shower”

“Thought we’d take one together…”

“I actually need to get clean, Macon, not shower fuck” she stuck out her tongue, closing the door on him.

“…How do ya like that, boy?”

Buck looked up at him expectantly, Macon rubbed the dog’s head. Buck was what kids these days called a rescue. Macon and his gang had broken up a dog fighting ring a while back and Buck was the only mutt who hadn’t tried to rip his head off.

He was torn up and hungry but he still let Macon pet him. He brought him home to nurse him, Marie fell in love with the mutt and the feeling seemed to be mutual. He’d only take food from her, and calmed down immediately when she held him. Once Buck was strong again, Macon figured he’d make a good guard dog for Marie, especially since the two were inseparable at that point.

Macon cleaned up, pulling on his clothes, by that time Marie was out of the shower and getting dressed. He sat on the bed and watched as she dropped the towel, rummaging around for clean underwear.

“Do you mind?”

“Not at all babe…” he growled. “If I can’t touch I’m sure as hell gonna look”

She rolled her eyes, pulling up her panties, “We just did it last night, that wasn’t enough for you?”

“I want you all the time, baby…” he grabbed her hips, pulling her between his legs. “Doubt I’ll ever get enough a you…”

He kissed her belly, slowly moving up to suck on one of her nipples. She moaned, running her fingers through his silver hair.

“…you’re gonna make me late…”

“…stop me then…” his voice was a husky growl. She tipped her head back, with a breathy moan, “…Macon….!”

He slipped a hand into her panties, she grabbed his wrist, “I just put these on and you’re gonna get’em all sticky…”

“Well I ain’t had breakfast yet, can I eat you instead?” he licked his lips. She bit her lips, her eyes shining with want.

He smirked, sliding them down her hips, “Wanna sit on my face, babe?”

“You…are a terrible influence…”

“Thought that’s why you liked me” he growled, pulling her hips closer as he deeply kissed her curls. She moaned, tipping her head back as he found her clit with his tongue.

“…Macon…” she purred, resting her hands on his shoulders. He grabbed her by the hips, lifting her up and slamming her back to the bed. She giggled like a kid, he spread her legs again burying his face between her thighs. His wicked tongue delved between her wet folds, plundering her tight hole, it always amazed him how sweet she tasted. The first time he’d just chalked it up to her being a virgin, but now he was sure her pussy was made just for him.

His phone began to vibe but he ignored it, focusing on her sweet taste, her breathy sighs and moans, her fingers running through his hair.

“Mmmm…Macon…I’m close…” she moaned. He smirked to himself, knowing exactly how to get her off he sucked hard on her clit and her eyes rolled shut. She cried out, her hips arching and trembling, her juices gushing in his face.

She came down, basking in her afterglow but now it was her phone that was ringing. She grabbed for it absently, glancing at the caller ID.

“It’s your son…”

He lifted his head, licking his wet lips, “Which one?”


Macon groaned in annoyance, “Hurry and see what he wants, huh? We ain’t done yet”

Marie put the phone to her ear, “Yeah?”

“Where the hell’s dad? I know he’s with you”

“…Good morning to you, too, Matthew” she sighed as Macon began to kiss the inside of her thighs.

“Just answer the question, is he there or not?”

“Yeah he’s here….mmn!” she moaned a little when he bit her.

“Dammit, are ya’ll still fuckin’…?!”

“Whaddyou want, Matt?” she sighed, shutting her eyes as Macon kissed his way back up her body.

“I want my dad to pull his dick outta your pussy and get his ass down here. We got stuff to discuss…”

She rolled her eyes and would’ve commented on his rude speech if Macon hadn’t decided at that exact moment to suck and bite at her nipples, “Mmmm! Macon…!”

He took the phone from her, “What’s so damn important that you gotta bother me when I’m with my Ol’ Lady?”

“You know I hate it when you call her that…”

“That doesn’t answer my question”

“Club stuff. Not gonna say over the phone”

Macon huffed, “Fine, I’ll be there in an hour…”

“She don’t live that far away…”

“I said an hour…!” He hung up the phone, flipping her onto her stomach.

“…Baby…!” she giggled.

“If your teacher complains, tell ‘er it’s my fault you were late…” he growled in her ear, unzipping his pants.

He slid his throbbing erection into her dripping wet pussy, she gasped and he groaned in her ear.

“…you like that…?”

“oh God…! Macon…!” she warbled, arching her ass against his jeans. He bit her neck, pulling out agonizingly slow, she whimpered pitifully and goddamn if it didn’t turn him on. He wanted nothing more then to take his time and fuck her real slow but all they had time for was a quickie. He thrust back into her, pounding her cute little ass red.

Marie practically screamed her appreciation as she lifted her hips, trying to match his pace.

“…Macon…Macon…! OMIGOD…!” She cried out, her pussy squeezing him tight enough to hurt.

“Fuck…!” he snarled but didn’t let up, he was close. “…gonna come…you ready for me, babe?”

“…Oh GOD! Come inside me…!” she cried. He loved it when she talked dirty, a fact he proved by exploding inside her with a snarl. She mewled like a kitten and he chuckled, leaning over her for several minutes as he came down.

“…Damn, babe…you’re gonna kill me with this pussy…”

“…could say the same…’bout your dick…” she panted. He kissed her shoulder pulling out and zipping up, “…now if you’ll excuse me…I gotta go…”

“Mmm…” she pouted, rolling onto her back and stretching, some of his come dripping down her thigh. He groaned a little, feeling his lower head twitch in excitement.

“…Fuck you’re sexy…”

She giggled, her cheeks turning that pretty shade of pink that made his heart beat a little faster.

“So are you…I love you, Macon” she purred. He crawled back on top of her kissing her breath away.

“…love you too babe”


He arrived at the club house a little over an hour later, the rest of the guys were waiting for him. Macon never liked the term ‘gang’, as far as he was concerned they were motorcycle enthusiasts whose business ventures happened to be on the wrong side of the law some of the time.

“Hey dad” Macon’s other son, Luke came to greet him.

“Hey, how’s your brother?”

“Shittin’ bricks” he snorted. “How’s Marie by the way?”

“Fine if not sore” he smirked. Luke laughed but Macon saw the way he boy’s cheeks darkened when he talked about her. It was no secret that his son wanted to fuck Marie, not that he’d ever let him. At least he was kinder to her then his brother, speaking of which glared at him when he came over.

Matt made it no secret how he felt about his dad’s latest piece of ass, as he called her. He looked down on her and belittled her whenever Macon wasn’t around to beat his ass for it. When Macon didn’t get tired of her in a month, like Matt predicted, he got more surly, refusing to talk or even be in the same room with her if he could help it. Not that Macon particularly cared. He thought Matt still had sore feelings over him and their mom splittin’, not that it was his choice.

Jolene was a free spirit and Macon had been head over heels for her. When she’d gotten pregnant with Matt, he thought they were meant to be. it wasn’t til Luke came along that she realized she never wanted to be a mother and abandoned him and her sons to go God knows where. Luke was barely two at the time but Matt cried for days.


“You smell like pussy”

“Thanks, now what’s so serious you had to get me outta bed this early?”

A few of the boys glanced at each other.

“The Czech’s took out two of our meth labs up in Jersey”

“Fuck” Macon snarled.

“Gotta go down there, show ‘em what’s what” Matt hissed. Macon sighed, the boy wasn’t wrong, they couldn’t have those filthy bastards walking all over them. If he was really being honest, he’d say he was anxious about leaving his girl’s side. But he’d never admit to that.

“Yeah. We head out tonight”



Just fuck.

If he’d a known that was the last time he’d get to fuck her, he’d’ve taken his time and memorized every single thing about her. The way she tasted, the sounds of her moans, hell how she used to sing over any little thing. God, when she sang he’d stop to listen like it was gospel.

He could hear here now, singin’ her own off key version of Hallelujah.

“…remember when I moved in you…”

“…the holy dove was movin’ too…”

“…and every breath we drew was Hallelujah”

And it was, wasn’t it? Every breath he took with her felt like it’s own little prayer, like just being with her was scrubbing some of the muck off his soul.

“…maybe there’s a God above…”

“…and all I ever learned from love…”

“…was how to shoot at someone who outdrew you…”

Here it was, the last verse. Guess that meant it was time for him to go. He waited and waited but the verse never came, it was bright behind his eyelids, too goddamn bright. He found his eyes opening staring into the hot white light…of the florescent lighting. He blinked, his eyes shifting from the crappy ceiling to the dismal wall and finally to the bed he was lying on.

And there was his Marie. Sitting in a chair, squeezing his hand and sobbing, so she had been singing after all.

“…you crying for me, babe…?” he rasped. Everything hurt and he was sure he looked worse then he felt. She sat up, staring at him with surprised red eyes, “Macon…?”

“…in the flesh…what’s left of it anyway…” he winced. She was out of her chair leaning over him and showering his face with kisses, some of which, he had to admit, hurt a little.

“…easy, babe…” he groaned.

“I’m sorry…! Oh my God…Macon…! They told me you’d been shot and I…I…” she started crying again. He beckoned her with his good arm, “C’mere babe”

She eased herself into his hospital bed, snuggling against him, her head on his shoulder. He kissed her forehead, “When’s the last time you slept?”

She sniffled, “’s been a while…”

“I’m not goin’ anywhere, I promise. So let’s both get some rest”

She leaned up, kissing his chin, “I love you, Macon. And if you ever scare me like that again I swear to God I’ll cut your balls off”

“Deal…” he sighed. “And I love you, too”


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