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Blood Moonlight Lust

by SlaughterChichi

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Ooooh! Another one of those moonlight affects Saiyans fics! Mine's not too different though. For my friend nekoni. GokuxVegeta, lemony!

Chapter 1, Moonlight Lust - Part 1

Moonlight Lust

A lil pressie for my friend nekoni =3

Disclaimer: Not mine...I don't own dbz, I don't own Goku, I don't own Vegeta, but I can write my friend's a little piece of fanfiction, can't I? =3


The moon shone high in the midnight sky, illuminating the tops of trees, rocks, fields and mountains for miles around. The rays of the moon reflected off the sea, making it look as beautiful at night as it did in the day.

Everything seemed to glow in the silvery light, the forest and lake near Mount Paozu looking like a painting done by a professional artist.

There was no wind, no breeze, no clouds out that night, the air dense and humid, no animals running around. The nature seemed tense, expectant, as if it knew something highly important was going on and it didn't dare to disturb it.

A black-blue haired male was sitting on a rock, near the river, his eyes watching the reflection of the moon as his foot dipped into the water, the other leg drawn up to his chest and held there lightly with his arms.

This man was a Saiyan.

A Saiyan with two names, in fact. Two personalities. Two souls, maybe.

But he only had one mask.

This mask was his name and personality on this planet, the one he'd grown up as, grown up to be, but wasn't. He wasn't Goku.

He was Kakarott.

It was nights like these, nights of the full moon, that he could let his mask go, stop pretending to be human and be the Saiyan he was born as. The Saiyan he wanted to be.

The Saiyan his Prince deserved.

And although he could be himself on these nights, be who he wanted to, he couldn't do as he wanted.

He couldn't look directly at the moon, he couldn't hunt an animal to slaughter, couldn't drink its blood freely and rip off its meat, eat it and revel in it. He couldn't fight.

But most of all, he couldn't claim his Prince, his Vegeta.

He couldn't show him how truly Saiyan he really was, couldn't approach him, couldn't pin him to the ground and have his lustful way. He couldn't bite and nip his skin, couldn't rub against him, make him cry out with need...

He couldn't do any of those things, no matter how much he yearned to do any of them.

Because there would be evidence of what he had done. Because then, everyone would be afraid of him. Because his life would change too much.

He could live without doing a few of those things for one night a month, but what truly annoyed him was the simple fact that he knew Vegeta was in much of the same condition, filled with primal urges he couldn't satisfy.




He wanted nothing more than to give in to his desire for Vegeta, search out his fellow Saiyan and force him to the floor, fulfilling both of their needs and wants.

He knew Vegeta wanted him too. He could see it in the day when Vegeta's dark eyes locked with his own challengingly, urging him to come to him later that night and complete him.

His willpower was the only thing preventing him from going right now. He remembered the intense... feralness in Vegeta's eyes, from mere hours before and shivered all over, his imagination giving him images of those same eyes filled with passion and pleasure, being delivered to his Prince by his last servant.

Both he and Vegeta knew that if they gave in to each other, Vegeta would be the one on the ground, him between his toned muscular thighs, thrusting hard and fast into him. And yet, the Prince seemed like he was encouraging him, like he wanted to be taken more than anything else.

He knew that was what he wanted.

He wanted it so much.

And he didn't just feel that way on nights of the full moon either. He felt that way all of the time. All it would take was a small glance at the arrogant Saiyan and his heart would throb and his mind would want. It was only on the full moon, however, that he found Vegeta almost impossible to resist.


But then he'd think about his mask and his normal life, imagining just what would happen if he gave in, if only for one moment. Just to feel Vegeta's soft lips on his own for a second. He had thought of every single possible scenario and each ended in pain and loss.

He knew that no matter what he did, he would hurt somebody. One heart would be different, one person's life would change. It was probably best to hurt himself and Vegeta, hurt no one else, change no one's lives...

Just feel the heart-wrenching sorrow of yearning for someone you want, who wants you, but you can never have.

Just bare the pain alone.



Well...there's also a sequel in progress right now! =3 It has lemon! ^.~ It'll be posted as a chapter two. If you liked, look out for it! Please review! *waves*

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