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Captured by the Drug Lord

by ScbaWmnFan

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While on an intelligence gathering mission a Royal Navy Diver is captured, but refuses to divulge any information - a mistake which could cost her dearly

Captured by the Drug Lord

As the massive yacht was anchored in harbour the deadly Frogwoman silently swan alongside it, to plant her limpit GPS Device along its hull.  She calmed herself and tried to slow her breathing down, so as not to use up too much of her recirculated air.  Breathers were okay for not releasing air bubbles to the surface, but they still only had a limited operational time before a fresh oxgen-scrubber cannister had to be re-inserted.  Lt. Diana Parker, of the RNFWS, had been on over a 100 different missions, worldwide, but she was eager to volunteer for this mission, as it was the drug running scum El Seno, who had assassinated one of her dive team mates 3 years ago when the intell they were waiting for, on the notorious drug lord, proved worthless and ended up almost getting everyone killed or captured.  Parker was determined that this would never happen again on one of her missions.  As she successfully planted the device with only a tiny clamping sound to be heard, she continued to watch for enemy divers.  To her good fortune she had as yet NOT encountered any.  Still though one had to be careful, as a deadly surprise could happen anytime and without warning.  Once planted she now began to look for cameras and again did not see any.  What was curious though were the numerous "venting" holes along the side of the vessel, spaced roughly two feet apart.  In all her missions, she had as yet never encountered this kind of configuration on such a vessel.  Hmmm she thought to herself, just one more thing to report to the admiralty.  Checking her SPG the young Frogwoman still had over forty minutes of air left.  Plenty of time to swim to her contact vessel, swim through the false side panels and report back to her CO.  As she was about to swim back however,  she heard a weird whinning sound and then a clamping.  What she missed was a long flexible tendril which had come out of one of the holes she had earlier observed.  Trying to swim away, the device clamped a leg restraint on her left ankle.  To her horror, the blue digital light began to flash slowly and quickly.  Frantically she tried getting the device off her.  Horrendous seconds passed as she tried to break it off her ankle.  It took all her strength, but the two ends of the clamp finaly separated, and she was free.  Now holding the strange device in her hand, Parker saw the blue light turned off.  Curious she thought.  She never seen one of these mantrap devices before, but as she looked closer a small reg light blinked on in between the eight side of the metal clamps, suddenly and without warning, a small neon red dart shot at her. It was far too fast, and before she could think, it had managed to puncture the neoprene rubber of her wetsuit, and directly hit her Jugular vein.  God Damned screamed her mind angril as she tried to swim backward, and away from the ship.  She managed to get only ten feet away from the massive yacht, before whatever drug was in the dart kicked in and rendered the gorgeous Frogwoman's body numb and utterly impair her mission.  She tried to surface, to swim upward, unfortunately it only took nanseconds before she was floating unconscious and limp.  Her breathing slowed and darkness quickly enveloped her eyes and her mind.


The men monitoring the ship from the control room quickly noticed the unwelcomed diver and instantly initiated the anti-diver countermeasures of their vessel. Seconds later they had informed El Seno, who then had two of his ship's divers suit up and bring abort the unwelcomed and highly drugged guest.  When he pushed up the divers oval dive mask above their head, he saw that it was a very attractive women, but more to the point he knew exactly who the diver was and was extremely agitated by her unwanted apprearance.  

So you thought you could out smart me eh Seniora Parker, he spat angrily in her dazed face. Too bad for you, you medlesome bitch because, those days are over. In a gruff Middle Eastern accent he ordered his men to help, the captured Frogwoman  to her feet.  Lt. Diana Parker RNFWS was tough, and resilient, but now she was his prisoner.  In her dazed state, he would still continue to interrogate her and torture her, for that was El Seno's way.  The six foot powerful male that now stood before Diana was no slouch.  He was tanned, chiselled and very wealthy.  He should be for he and his family gained their fortunes in the Med smuggling weapons, dealing drugs and using piracy in order to advance their empire.  As the men got her to her feet, he gazed along and hard at her wetsuited figure.  Even in her Frogwoman's gear, there was NO mistaking this was a woman. and what a woman, she was fit by military standards and the RNFWS didn't take daddies girls.  No doubt this diver could old her own.  Now standing before her, though supported by his two most powerful men, El Seno wasted not time stripping her Frogwomen's gear off.


He saw the twin 80 CU aluminum tanks on her back, with the new updated load bearing harness which distributed the weight of these more easily on her back.  The digital paintcammo was also new.  Hmmm interesting he whispered to himself.  With her tanks unclasped and removed from her powerful back, he ordered his men to carefully place these onto the deck of his very impressive, and massive yacht.  El Seno loved new dive gear and these would now become a trophy for him. The darker skinned Venezualian bull, gazed hungrily at Lt. Diana Parker's fit and chiselled body,  she had just the right amount of muscle on a woman to make her look impressive without being too bulky or freakishly muscular for a women.  His heart beat a little bit faster, and he could feel is dong getting harder, as he started intently while his men slowly and gradually removed the Royal Navy Frogwomen's wetsuit. It was like a strip show more the drug lord, and like a kid in a candy store, he wanted to make the thrill and the humiliation last.  Stepping in, El decided he wanted to do the honours, after all he had never captured a Frogwoman before, and he was bound and determined to enjoy his prize.   Let me start by taking this off, he pointed at her head.  First he carefully removed the wetsuit's hood, off her head.  . As they pulled it off it revealed Parker's trade mark flat top military haircut with crimson red dyde hair. He liked the uncharacteristic nature of his captured woman's outward appearance.  Since  the drug lord was a head taller than the diver so had to slightly bend his head, in order to get a closer look at the drugged diver.  Greedily her ran his fingers along her bristled haircut.  He licked the bristled hair on her head, and deeply inhaled her intoxicating scent.  Hmmm a woman who bathes in sandlewood soap is truly an exciting spirit, he thought,  Going lower, he now touched and fondled her cheeks.  He now ran his slimy tongue and and down the felt side of her dazed faced. Dropping butterfly kisses along the smooth tanned skin. He whispered vile and degrading things in her ears and secretly hoped she heard all of these even in her stupored state.


El Seno wanted to spend more time degrading her verbally, but now he wanted to focus on the bottom half of his tranquilized prey.  He now squatted in front of her and hoisted her feet and ankles so that they rested on his muscular thighs.  Unzipping the dive boots from the side he easily pulled these off and saw that she had her toenails painted neon pink.  He added these to HIS trophy pile and now worked on removing her tight, black wetsuit pants. Still dazed from the effects of the tranq darts, Parker was unaware that the the vicious drug lord was close to undressing half her limp form.  El Seno in his early days was a combat diver in the Italian Navy, as such diving began a major past time for him,  so any chance to capture an exquisite creature like Parker was well worth the trouble. Seeing the wetsuit pants the crime boss decided he did not want the trouble of pulling these things off, instead he would cut them from the lower extremities of her fit body.  Ordering one of his stooges to get some box cutters for him, the man returned moments later with these in hand.  Excellent he grinned, these will do nicely.  What's this Royal Navy Frogwoman WHORE he whispered, please don't cut my wetsuit off - too bady little lady when you mess with El Seno, the claws come out.  carefully, so as not to cut her legs her expertly and surgically made long, precise cuts upward toward her crotch.  With her suits fabric strategically cut in key places he now pulled these downward and out from underneath the vintage style wetsuit's jacket.  With the black rubber removed, they gazed eagerly at her gorgeous mucled legs, she must benchpress said one of the henchmen, while another licked his lips and fantazied what it would be like to take her by force, to tame her, to demean her and finally break the proud young Frogwoman.  Low growls of lust eminated from the men as El Seno teased his men, first by running the palm of his hands up and down her smooth, slightly tanned beige flesh, then running his tongue her thighs.


Holding Parker secure in his powerful arms, one of the drug lords men signaled to his boss that he could easily go between her legs now if he wanted to. Nice he whispered staring upwards at her. Wasting no time, he now unclasped the beaver flap over her mons, and as the rubber fabric fell away it revealed her racing stripe shaved pubes. Excellent he whispered, no annoying swim ware to have to cut away.  He returned to a standing position and licking his lips, his rough hands now slowly unzipped her tight black wetsuit. As the suit opened up slowly his blood engorged dong came fully to life. As the last rung of the zipper opened, he smiled as her full, lush, pendulous breasts fall forward, escaping their confinement. Go ahead guys enjoy her. As the leader squeezed and sucked on Parkers mammaries, Diana could feel her ass moons being parted to reveal the rear entrance to her womanhood. Roughly, mercilessly the brute used the flat of his thumbs to part the rear view and savagely began to lick and suck her labial petals. Deeply her inhaled her rutting scent while another brute knelt in front of her and began to roughly play with her clit and drive his dry fingers into the cuntal caverns of her main womanhood. Now screams of pain coursed upward to her brain. Coming somewhat to and reacting to the attack on her pubes, she mustered her strength and kicked the felon backward savagely at the same time breaking his nose.  The disgusting brute fell backwards about ten feet and screamed angril that the "C" had broke his nose.  It seemed that the time for playing nice was over, and El Seno and he men were now more happy than ever to play rough and teach this Frogwoman bitch some manners.  Looking directly at Parker her cursed vilely and her and savagely drove his fist hart and deep into her cheek, causing a bone to crack and for Parker to go reeling herself backward uncontrollably.


The two men wasted no time with pleasantries nor negotiating with her instead the male behind her savagely yanked her arms above her head, forcing the powerful semi-nude Frogwoman to the deck of his yacht, the king pin, knelt down, and getting between her spread-eagled thights,  grabbed her hips and after positioning his lower body correctly her mercilessly ripped upwards into Parker's semi lubed vagina. Her screams of violation and rape only excited the two remaining men. When the third came to, he angrily rushed forward the pron form of the female diver and and kicked her savagely in the ribs at least three or four times causing the young Frogwoman to scream in agonly. With his other hencemen ready, the alpha male pulled out of her and the two fellons pinned Parkers arms to the deck while their boss now attacked the helpless Frogwoman in a missionary position. Still unconscious the men brutally raped the captured diver for what appeared to be hours and hours, their laughter filled the air. Only stopping long enough to change places the men continued to violate her savagely kissing and sucking her tits while another took her vagina.  Diana Parker Royal Naval Frogwoman, was,at least for now being used as El Seno's new whore.  Going in and out of consciousness she could feel her body being jostled about, changed and moved from one sexual position to another.  As his men from different watches came off duty the drug lord invited them to satiate their rage and lusts on Parker, and they cheerfully and hungrily obliged their boss, thanking him profusely for sharing this wonderful gift of a captured enemy Frogwoman with them.


To all the men it didn't matter if she was unconscious or not, for around ten at night, they took her to another special room, that was the boss' play room.  Securing her to bondage furniture, they took turns eating her pussy out, or slapping her massive tits with riding crops.  With a special ring gang now in her mouth, Parker was their plaything, their PUTA, their WHORE, their FROGWOMAN SLUT.   Her screams of rage and angre only flueled the lusts more, and made them violate her more savagely.  Throughout this whole ordeal, they still continued to drug the young scuba diver, As an added humiliation El Seno had his men bring Diana into his main bedroom, repleat with full bar a whirlpool and soft lights.   He had them place the Frogwoman's limp form onto a special large circular bed, complete with shackles and a neck restraint collar.  The crime boss carefully secured his new pet's extremities to her bed.  The shackles were modern and so was the chain.  There was enough room and give with these shackles that she could change position, but tonight the drug lord king pin would continue to violate her.  Putting a special head band on her forehead, the druglord pressed a few buttons and a soft voice now began to hypnotize Parker.    He left her dive mask pushed above her head, and her wetsuit too for kinky fun, her empty dive knife sheath was still strapped her her upper left thigh, to remind her of the folly of her mission, and that she was now his whore, his prize.  Seeing his face she blankly smiled and said, master what do you desire of me.  Nothing my sweat, but tell me are you wearing protection, no Lord Seno my womb is unprotected.  Please master, please impregnate me, rape me master I am your whore.  Covering her ripe warm lips he savagely and hungrily began to kiss her and she responded in kind, wrapping her legs around his lower back, he now drove his engorged dong deeper, deeper and upward into her womb. Soon her moans of hunger and wanton lust filled his bed chambers.  Don't stop ravaging me master, use me make me know my place as your whore. I will my dear soon your womb is going to drink endless gallons of my cum and it will be my very great joy to empregnate you and then release you and your bastard child back to the admiralty, so that you can continue your humiliation at the hands of El Seno.  For now though my sweet Frogwoman slut, lay back and draw your legs up, your master wants to fill your womb some more!  Blankly she stared at the drug lord, and responded dazed and compliant, hes master ravage me master.  Diana was now truly his Frogwoman Whore, his breeding bitch...?


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