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Captured Prize from the Sea

by ScbaWmnFan

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A young female diver finds herself in a nightmarish world where her reality no longer makes any sense.

Captured Prize from the Sea

The day was an amazing one.  A typical hot California summer day, a day to enjoy, to explore and most of all to have fun.  For Tony Clarmount and his gang of corporate guests it was a day they would all, soon not forget.  Tony was a mover and a corporate hustler, he had the good looks, the hustle, the drive, the fast cars and an amazing beachfront property.  He also had the women.  Unfortunately for those with intelligence or who wanted to be their own bosses, Tony could either make, break or utterly destroy them.  The shallow women were easy, they either wanted money, acting "careers" or whatever. They were easy to handle, it was the women who said NO, that infuriated Tony the most.  His clientel of rich, powerful men were of the same mindset. Women were only there to please them, a women's body was not hers, it belonged to any man that wanted it.  Suffice it to say, college grads and university professors who had encountered Tony before developed a quick dislike for his outdated, Dinosaur mores.  Still Tony did make a nice living and he had the toys to prove it.  The large beachfront ranch home was also a corporate retreat, by invitation only and only to his most select clientel.  The eight men with him today were no exception.  Tony was an opportunist, and when an opportunity came along he took full advantage of it.  Today was such a day!



As the group of males who he had over for the weekend, were making their way to beach area  below his massive property, they couldn't believe their eyes. At first they thought they were imaging what they saw, but as they got closer, the smell of the sea air off her glistening wet body proved, they were not halucinating.  In front of them was a young, hot and very fit diver, repleat with vintage wetsuit, and double hose regulator.  She could have stepped through a deminensional portal, but her equipment was all new, and very well maintained for vintage gear.  Unfortunately before the sexy Frogwoman could get off the beach, dozens of men had already seen her and wasted no time encircling her.  The corporate sharks made short work of cutting off her escape route back into the ocean.  Wow guys didn't I tell you my weekend seminars are always special.  All his guests laughed and nodded their heads, their heads while their eyes quickly began to undress the hot Frogwoman.  Tony continued.  And look I even managed to have a Mermaid make an appearance, for us all.  Clarisa Banks loved to dive, and her profession as a Marine diver, made it essentially that she practice regularly,  unfortunately her choice of dive spots today, had not been planned out very well nor strategically.  Being a Lesbian by choice, she could still tolerate men when she had too, but she never like them in big groups, especially when they were trying to hit on, or impress her, like this group of corporate sell-outs were trying to do.  Taking a look at all these punks reminded her of the sort of well off previledged assholes she often encountered who were from West Point.  Pompous little know nothings, who still believed it was a mans world, and the only thing women like her were any good was to be on their backs or on their knees.


Clarisa couldn't believe the "Brass" of these little porn addicts.  She could clearly smell that they were from "new money" and who followed the A and F philosophy of inclusion and tolerance but practiced none of its virtues or ethics.  What made matters worst was they were now getting far to close to her, for her own comfort level.  They moved closer to her, in an almost imperceptible, non-threatening fasion, like they would have if they were Schmoozing at a cocktail pary.  They did it with small talk, then chatting her up, Saying stuff like - interesting choice for dive gear.  Yeah she'd answered I prefer this style, better made you know.  Of course another young buck responded - better made like you.  So piped another clever kid, how long exactly were you in the Marines, or aren't you a little young to be one?  Frightened on how they knew that, she shot back with,  howd' you know that, who told you?   Whoa, relax girlfriend I saw it on your Marine Corps tattoo on your left thigh.  Oh yeah right - I STILL am - A Marine I mean, and NO I'm NOT your girlfriend okay DUDE.  Ohhh CHILL baby said another.  With all their clever small talk, they had managed to get the jump on her and had managed to box her in, so to speak.  The young driver had to come up with an exit strategy before things got to the point where she could no longer control the situation.


Look can you guys PLEASE give me a bit of space and BACK away from me.  There was silence and Tony then stepped in.  Guys remember on one of my courses, how I talked about opportunities presenting themselves, and how you had to be assertive and grab these opportunities whenever they showed up?.  Many of the males now nodded their heads and whispered, to one another.  With a very stone cold expression, and an underlying sense of macho arrogrance toward the young Frogowman, He slowly turned to her and responded.  No, we're NOT going to back up, nor are we going to  give you space "Scuba BITCH", he almost spat the words at Clarisa.  Her look of dumbfounded anger and disgust was the overt subliminal signal that the men were hoping for. Before the hot Frogwoman could even respond, several of the males had already decided to commit and were now working in unison to claim her.  To her horror, one of the brutes grabbed  her arms and pinning them them behind her scuba tank, quickly and expertly handcuffed her wrists tightly behind the compressed air cylindar.  As this was happening to the frightened woman,  several more men working in concert, savagely and viciously brought her to her knees while another insanely strong male yanked her head backward, and quickly shoved a semi-hard device into her wet, open mouth.  Then taking the fastening mechanism on both ends of it, effortlessly brought the fastening straps behind her head and latched them into place.  Her pretty mouth was now being forced open by a device that was soft to bite down on, like a ball-gag,  but whose center had a hard plastic tube inside with a large whole in the middle.  The gorgeous Frogwoman tried to curse, tried to spit scream, but to no avail.  As they looked down on their captured prey they laughed and mocked her, while she - looking up and them was burning them alive with her mind and her eyes.  With this accomplished, Tony now had two  of his "disciples" lift her legs out from under her.  She kicked and fought with them angrily trying to break knees or crush testicles.  All her actions only seemed to amuse them more.  Now Tony got directly in front of her holding her head between his powerful hands, he then ordered another brute to take unclasp her dive knife from it's sheath.  With the blade now in his hand, he effortlessly place the flat part of the blade against her soft beige skinned throat, making sure of course, that the sharp edge of the blade was slightly rubbing just under her jaw.  He could see the terror and rage in her eyes.  Now that he had her attention he continued.  You see "Scuba BITCH" I don't give a fuck that you're a Marine Corps diver.  To me you're nothing, just a hot piece of ass in a nice kinky outfit.  All the men surrounding you feel the same damned way.  The other thing is, that the beach you just happended to surface onto, is technically my property, so you are K I N D A trespassing. 


I deal with trespassers and porch pirates differently than most.  You see with Porch Pirates, their faces are all recorded on my door cam.  whenever someone robs from me, well I already have their images.  I then feed their images to my local sources then I have them hunted down and and killed - no fuss no muss.  Now Frogwomen that's different story. If one happens to swim out near my yacht, and ask permission to come aboard and use my air compressor or just rest on my yachts dive platform, I'll invite her on.  I have her leave her wetsuit in order to put her at ease, then I'll offer her lunch, maybe get her drunk and fuck her savagely for days at a time.  Because I'm an SOB, I'll drug them up enough, put their dive gear back onto them and throw them overboard, if they are lucky the current will wash them ashore onto a nice beach where the beach patrol will take care of them. If not the sharks get them.


Now in your case since this beach is mine - your ASS is mine, and also my guests.  Clarisa continued to listen to his demented story and couldn't believe all the shit this animal was able to get away with.  No one is going to hear you scream or yell or kick up a fuss.  So when we begin to strip you of your dive gear and then get that hot wetsuit off you, your sweet, chiselled ass, and nice tight twat will also belong to us.  Her eyes widened in horror as she heard his vile plans.


  Even with the modified sausage gag in her pliant mouth, she still tried to reason with them, but none of the now horny males would have anything to do with listening to her logic.  Tony's seminars and weekend retreats always delivered, and today was no exception.  Right now, all the mens eyes feasted on the delicioius Frogwoman that was now laid before them on a silver platter.  The terrified diver saw lust in their eyes, and soon, to her horror they were all now starting to slip out of their skin tight, wet speedos.  Wow man does anyone have camera so we can vid this.  Fortunately none of them had cells, but this did not stop their dongs from engorging and bobbing to live.   Now completely naked the men once again encircled her and brougth her luscious body to a standing position..  So guys you want start the party, rauchous laughter filled the beach.  Quickly Tony now undid the bayonet clips of her tank harness and slid it above her head.  All this happened as a knife was still held menacingly at ther pretty throat.  Next the brutes removed her weight belt and tossed in non shalontly onto the grass near the sandy beach.  Don't worry baby, when were done with you, you can have your gear back, but your wetsuit is gonna stay on ya.  A lot of us are kinda kinky that way with rubber and latex you know.  She growled and sneered at them as they tried to make light of her and the fact she was about to be savagely ganged raped by a bunch of male strangers.

Hmmm, now let me see, Tony stared at her wetsuit and remembered the vintage ones had two chrome circular clasps on their side of her Mons.  Kneeling before the enraged female Frogwoman, he expertly moved the clasps to the unlock positiion and lifted them, till the loose "Beaver patch" fell away.   Now low lustful acknowledgments filled the beach.  Keep going Tony egged his buddies, undo her main jacket zipper. Good idea Darel, he responded.  Now getting into a standing postiion in from of their trapped Frogwoman prey, Tony took the zipper handle and slowly moved it down.  First past her neck, then between her massive tits, and finally coming down to between the beaver clasps.  Even the tight grey neoprene rubber could not hide the fact that Clarisa was a woman, and what a fuck of a woman.  Reaching the last rung of the zipper, Tonly, now grabbed a bunch of neoprene above both her hidden breasts and separated the jacket half.


Out from the tight diver's jacket tumbled out a magnificent pair of lucious ripe tits.  See, guys this is way I prefer to fuck women.  The gang laughed loudly and many chimed their agreements of his statement.  Grabbing her gorgeous tit mounds in his hands he savagely milked and squeezed these, then savagely slapped her tits over and over till he could see more rage in her eyes.  He gazed at her in a _ You don't matter kind of way, and also one where I can do what I want to your body and you can't stop me.  He now brutally tweeked and twisted the nice buds of her nipples as he began to suck and savour the sweet tit flesh in his mouth.  All the whiles the other males were itching to take their turns on her.  He left her oval dive mask resting just above her brow line, he left her wetsuit opened for all the men to see your amazing body, and for humiliation, he left her empty dive knife sheath strapped high above her left thigh, to show her, how impotent her rage and actions were.  Hope you enjoy gang sex - WAIT no that isn't correct at all is it.  I should ask you, I hope you enjoy being gang raped over and over, cause that's what's about to happen to you, Scuba BITCH, as he said this he leered and smiled evily at her.  This Marine Frogwoman, was now their prey and they had caught her fair and square.


Seeing that his buddies were getting impatient, Tony had the men carry their prize over to the main flat beach rock on his property.  They removed the knife away from her throat only till they got her onto of the flat rock.  Next the men got her onto her back, which was a chore in itself as the captured Frogwoman was not about to make it easy for the men to gang rape her.  She tried to scream and continued to kick with her powerful swimmers thighs and leg muscles.  Forcing her roughly onto her back so that it rested on the flat wet rock, they surrounded their prey and made sure she couldn't escape again.  Two men held her arms in place above her head with these pressed firmly against the rock, so she could not lash out and for fight. Struggling was now useless for her.   She was outnumbered, and even as a Marine she would be beaten senseless before she could escape again like before.  With powerful mens' hands securing her arms to the rock three men, now wasted no time staking out their choice positions on her exquisite semi-nude body.  One now got underneath her back while a second male got into a kneeling position squarely in front of her and grabbing her long braided ponytail use it, along with her dive knife, to remind her of who was in control.  Lastly Tony took the honour of raping her upwards into her ass.  Clarisa had only managed to get brief glimpses of their dongs, but as each of the men now began to ripe into her sweet flesh, their size was becoming painfully obvious to the trapped Scuba woman.  As men now began to enter her body at different holes her nerve endings now began to ignite in excruciating pain.  Tony used only a little spit on the top of his Corona, but he like being rough and brutal especially with captured women.  Angrily he ripped upwards into her semi wet ass, which still did nothing to stop her pain.  Now enraged the young Marine Frogwoman desparately tried using her powerful legs to kick Tonly square into the stomach, but this only made the men angrier, and quickly made Tonly retaliate by savagely yanking her head backward, and with her arms handcuffed to her back still Tony was wasted no time savagely biting her on her left shoulder,  He bit in so deeply he chipped a tooth and then ordered the men to change position.  Violently Clarisa was forced onto her back,  hoisting her hips upward for better entry he now locked he pelvis in place and rammed and pile drove his massive stiff ram deeper, ever deeper.  Dirty little Scuba Cunt he spat.  We're all gonna use you Froggie, and their ain't no part of this senario where you are gonna just walk out of her without getting PREGNANT.  Whatdya say fellas wanna take bets on who among us gets her knocked  up.  Okay said another, minimum bet 1000 dollars and we can keep her as my "guest" aboard my yacht.  Keep you're sweet ass their for nine months baby, won't that be FUN.  Viciously she screamed and tried to holler like a cat about to be skinned by a demented monster.   Tony savaged the young diver for over forthy minutes before he relinquised his spot and had another take his place, then her mouth was re-raped over and over.  Her Vagina, her rectum and her mouth were now being brutalized.  All the while their lust, and Misogonistic comments and remarks filled her ears.


She prayed to herself hoping that these vile animals would soon come to their senses, but her pleasing nubile body, was it's own curse.  They savagely repositioned her exquiste form, so that man after man could mount her numerously in various different holes.  For what seemed like hours the trapped diver was jostled about.  Sometimes she was forced to give multiple blow jobs on her knees or put on all fours for men to rape her rectum and mouth raw.  They whispered into her hears different words for Whore, replaced he name with word that all women have loathed and despised since it came into being, the "C" word.  They tried to use Psychology on her the worst kind, not positive nor empowering, but vile and demeaning Psycology.  The kind of "twisted" evil Psychology and blamed women for everything, or demeaned them over and over for centuries.  They laught as her, spat into her mouth kicked and punched her in the ribs and then started the whole cycle of rage rape, gang rape and brutalization over and over and over.  The players were different every twenty or thirty minutes, her openings were their targets.  She was exhausted and hungrys.  Perfect spat one of the other men, then I can ream her ass while someone drove into her mouth.  Into all her orafices endlessly, unceasingly and violently slid the invading dongs, growing thick, stiff and blood filled.  Slowly a steady rythm developed as her rapists continued to drive  into her.  Looking at their watches some of them said no more then twenty minutes, and grudgingly her first captors released her to the violations of the other men on the deserted beach.  Man after man took her, claimed and used her, soon her resistance gave way to exhaustion and, hunger, but the multiple rapists would not yield.  If anything they grew more intent, more enraged at times she was covered by males lying asride her, sucking her tits while men ate her out.  Soon her body could no longer control itself and betrayed her.  In her reality there seemed to be no escape.  She could not radio for help, or advise her CO that she was being kidnapped or held against her will.  It was like the mandatory POW exercise she had to participate him.  For all intents and purposes he was in hell, and she had no idea how she was going to escape!


She was exhausted and in abjeck pain.  So brutal were her violations by her multiple rapists, that she had finallylost consciousness, but in her stupored state she felt as though someone had hoisted her onto her their backs,  In the darkness which now filled the beach, she could see men grabbing her dive gear and bringing it up the path to a large well light house.  Okay you guys know where the bar is get yourself a drink and well resume this in the main party room  Tony, it was Tony who was giving them instructions and ordering them about.  In her dazed state she could see the tight chiselled nude bums of her carrier.  She felt her limp head and shoulders being lifted up long enough to remove that vile device from her mouth.  Her jaw ached, and when it was finaly taken out of her sore mouth, it  was replaced with a man sliding his tongue down her throat, kissing her lips with such force and suction she thought the air was being sucked out of her lungs.  The male who was carrying her was now punching some buttons on a key pad lock, when he finally stopped.  As he opened the large door she saw that the lighting was now noticably lower, and better for eyes.  Now her limp, atheletic body was now tossed onto a large round rotating bed,  she welcomed the temporary respite from the savaging that her body had taken for untold hours.  In one of her arms she felt a sharp prick, as a sedative was given to her.  Now with his guests back, they now got the dazed diver tin a semi-rone position, in order to continue to their gang rape party.  Once again onto her back two powerful bucks each took one side of her body and began to make more gentle love to her now.  Kissing and fondling her tits while another male got between her legs and began to savour the sweet sticky, and musky nectar of her labial petals.  Once again her violations continued but at a more gentle and relaxed pace.  She had no idea how many men had fucked and raped her, nor what time of the day it was.  The room she was in was carpeted, no window, just a large screen TV.  To her relief she was finally alone, but she was dazed and confused and her arm ached.  Looking at the small puncture, she concluded they were drugging her regularly.  The world was a blur.  The hours went by and over and over, she still had powerful, well built nude men fucking her.  Over and over men mounted her, filling all her orafices with their hot cum.  In time she could not be without males and soon began to grow more and more hungry to gang sex, and bondage even in her drugged state she welcomed her violations now.  Welcomed the massive tooled bulls and reamed every hole on her body.  Hungrily, greedly she wrapped her powerful divers legs around the small of multiple males backs, till they released their hot seed upwards upwards into her womb.  She knew when men exploded inside her and she was now addicted to be violated, taken, claimed ridden.  She was a she stallion and wanted to be violated over and over, to be gang raped and used by man after man.  Soon she welcomed the endless gang sex sessions and the multiple strange men who took their turns filling he body with hot cum.  When the hours passed and these males disappeared she awoke to at least one hot meal which seemed to appear out of no where.  Even dazed she welcomed men who visited her and took turns making out with her.  This seemed the routine, until one day when she awoke.  Tony was standing before her and told her he had bought her a nice wetsuit, as he was keeping hers as a trophy.  She looked at him,  how long have he had me here.  Oh not to worry, just about a week.  You were very well liked by my male friends, but now it's time to let you go.  I've taken the liberty of filling your tanks and getting you a set of twin 80CU tanks.  These will be enough to get you to shore, look at your submersible gauge, if you take heading North North East you'll get to your destination.  Getting her suited up she was just glad to be leaving, and as the drugs wore off she was slowly forgetting what had happended to her.


Putting the regulator into her mouth she dove into the warm clear water and follwed the heading Tony had given her, but not ten minutes into her dive she felt the waves getting rougher and really jostling her about.  Getting scared, she turned around to back track toward his yacht, but now she could no longer see this either.  In horror she pressed ont and continued to swim in the direction of the instructions, but now the weather had gone from bad to worst and desparately she tried to swim faster and faster.  Along the way she experienced violent uncontrolled abdominal pains.  She tried to pass air, but nothing worked.  She was now terrified, had no idea where she was and new she was swimming against a current.  Knowing not what to do, other than to find the current, she inflated her BCD so that her body was above the water.  In this way she would not use her air, and hopefully the current would take her to a familiar landmark.  She was finding it harder to stay awake and could feel her legs not strong enough to propel her forward.  Staying a quick prayer, she closed her eyes and tried to relax.  In time her body went limp and she went unconcious.  When she awoke she was on her back again with her legs spread open.  As she tried to get up, she felt excruciating pain shooting between her legs and her screams filled the sunny dry beach.  In time she heard voices and heard the siren of an emergency vehicle.


Within seconds of hearing this, Clarisa tried to stand up, only to fall forward.  Easy miss said a male, who was a paramedic, I'll just take a quick look at you, can I get your dive gear off, Clarisa agreed and he then asked if he could unzip her wetsuit.  As they did so, they saw she was naked underneath the dive jacket, but to their surprise they saw she was fully pregnang and it looked like she was crowning.  Oh Shit said the atendant, we have to get you to a hospital, miss you're about to deliver.  What screamed clarisa, what do you mean I'm.  Now in horror the young woman saw she was very pregant and began to scream, NO GOD NO, YOU RAPING BASTARDS, FUCK.  The young Scuba woman began agitated and angry to the point where they had to sedate her.  What do you mean the raped you, who did this.  Bunch bunch of men on a beach, I had surfaced onto a beach, a private beach and they made me their prisoner, they took my dive gear off and raped me over and over and over.  Finally the drug took effect and Clarisa fell background onto the girney.  When she came too she was in a naval hospital.  but when she looked at her stomach there was no longer any signs of pregnancy, worst yet she was handcuffed to the hospital bed, with two female navy MP's taking notes.  Okay Ensign Banks, lets take it from the top shall we, do you remember who these supposed rapists were and where this all happened?  Fuck where is my baby, what happened to my damned baby you sodding bitches where is my - I was pregnant and.  Excuse me Ensign, but when they brought you to Bethesda Naval Station, you WERE NOT pregnant.  Okay lets start from the begining.....The End?



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