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Alexandria and the Doctor

by Miriam-chan

Libraries: Horror, Original Fiction, Romance

Published on / 6 Chapter(s) / 12 Review(s)

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Alexandria instantly develops an physical attraction towards a doctor that's much more than a sight for sore eyes.

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Chapter 1

It takes a special someone to see darkness inside of someone and not condemn them.


- Unknown



Strawberry Fields High School - 2:00 PM


Miriam, Serenity and Wendy were standing up against the doors of their lockers, looking upward at the ceiling of the school building while still sighing heavily from remembering how gorgeous that exchange student was.


His name was Junichi Nonoka and travelled all the way from Tokyo which probably explained why he was so gorgeous, especially in the eyes of practically all of the female students in the high school to be exact.




'what a shame that I have a boyfriend already...' Serenity said to Miriam and Wendy in a tone of moderate disappointment in her voice.


'I would've love to be the girlfriend to such a heartthrob like that exchange student essentially...' Serenity said to Miriam and Wendy once again in a tone of moderate disappointment in her voice.


'or maybe his lover...' Serenity said to Miriam and Wendy once again in a tone of moderate disappointment in her voice.


'perhaps that could still happen...' Miriam said to Serenity.


'perhaps that could...' Miriam said to Serenity.


'how so?' Wendy said to Miriam with a sprinkle of curiosity in her voice.


'well...' Miriam said to Wendy.


'I dunno exactly to be honest...' Miriam said to Wendy.


'I really dunno...' Miriam said to Wendy.


'ah...' Wendy said to Miriam.



7 minutes later



Alexandria was in the process of taking out books from the locker of theirs and putting them inside of the purple backpack with black stars that was a gift from Micky.


Once they were quickly finished with that, locker was closed up and securely locked with not exactly a regular lock, but a lock that was shaped like a heart to be exact, the exchange student had walked by and then stopped right on his tracks as for some reason, he couldn't stop looking at the raven haired person from top to bottom and one could say that from the moment when he saw them reaching down a bit to get their backpack onto the right shoulder of theirs.


He continued with the eyeing and once the school bell had went off.


Alexandria had successfully gotten the backpack of theirs on their right shoulder and from the moment they had turned around, they gasped instantly at the sight of the exchange student eyeing them like a flower in full bloom.



8 minutes later



House of the Hargreaves Trio - 2:15 PM


Micky was inside of the living room, sitting back on the couch while on the phone with one of the people from the recently built hospital located in Blueberry City called Misty Blue Hospital.


He was in the process of scheduling an appointment for his youngest sibling Alexandria since it's been a while for them regarding updating their flu shots and such, once that was completed and the phone was gently put on the table by the couch.


The silver haired male returned back to sitting on the couch and then started to think about how he could get his youngest sibling to come with him to the hospital.


After all.


They would rather stay home or go anywhere else but a place such as the hospital in particular, it was because of still holding on to the last trip that happened about 4 years ago more so, full body check up was completed along with getting a few shots by a doctor whom was extremely attractive at least to the then 14 year old Alexandria.




They couldn't be with the doctor as a friend or even romatically because not only him being already married with two children, but he was older than them by like 20 years to be exact, he was 34 years old while they were at the time only 14 years old.


Still a teenager and when realizing that after departing from the hospital with the brothers to catch a train back to their neighborhood, all they could do was feel their heart aching and then the sudden urge to sob intensely because of acknowledging that they'll never get the chance in being with that doctor or probably anybody either.


Who would even want someone like them? They started to think while walking with the brothers at a slow pace, didn't help either in having all sorts of mostly negative voices in their head also.


But thankfully with taking some medcine that still gets used to this very day along with experiencing countless dreams of going on adventures with Kuro.


Alexandria has been in much brighter spirits and could only hear the voice of their best friend in their head instead of those negative voices which have also caused them at one point to contemplate more than a few times on taking their own life.


Knowing that since he's been through a lot together with his siblings and did what he could to be there for them.


A trip to the hospital with Alexandria could be possible since hopefully with a brighter and stronger spirit, they probably have made peace with what has happened long ago at the hospital.







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