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Only Your Love Could Save Me

by Cokey the Cat

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Goku and Vegeta are attracted to each other, but neither realizes how deeply until Vegeta refuses his pregnant lover. Mpreg

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Chapter 1

Chichi is dead. Gohan, Goten, Bulma, and Trunks all moved far, far away. Vegeta lives in a Capsule house a few minutes fly from CC. He is still allowed to use the GR there, as it was built for him. Goku doesn't have Instant Transmission, either. I'm trying to add a little suspense to my stories and make them longer, so go along with me.

Warnings: yaoi

Disclaimer: Sue me. It's a waste of your
money cuz I have none.

Thoughts: 'blah'

Only Your Love Could Save Me Pt.1

Vegeta's POV

I sat in my house, day in and day out, all alone. Seemed like I would always be this way. Bulma had taken herself and the children out of my care to live with that baka desert rat Yamcha.

When she was with him the first time, he was unfaithful. I never even thought about another woman, but no, I wasn't good enough for that slut. Maybe I should have cheated and gotten drunk and beaten her. She seemed to like that from Yamcha.

She left me because in human terms I was too cold and aloof. You try being raised by Frieza and be a warm, gentle person. Besides, I'm a warrior, not a lover. That baka onna should never have seduced me in the first place.

She made sure I couldn't see my children. 'Trunks is probably getting all soft and who knows how many guys Bra is screwing. I should just kill myself. No one cares. No one ever will. All I ever cared about got ripped away. My father, my planet, my children.'

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Damn it." I detached myself from my overstuffed couch and slammed the door open, managing to hit myself in the eye with it.

I rubbed my aching eye. "What do you want, Kakarot?" I asked irritably.

"I just wanted to see if you're up to a spar," Kakarot replied good-naturedly. "Is your eye ok?"

"Of course it's ok," I snapped. "I'm not that weak, baka. Let's go spar."

"Alright, " yelled Kakarot enthusiastically as he lifted off.

'I guess I'm the only real challenge he ever gets,' I prided myself as I took off after him.

Kakarot flew at a leisurely pace, which was just fine with me because it felt great just to have the cool wind in my hair and the mercilessly hot sun on my spandex clad back.

Kakarot fell back to fly beside me. "Vegeta," he began. "What's wrong? I've noticed that you haven't been out or to the GR in days."

"I don't wanna talk about it," I replied shortly. 'Leave me alone, Kakarot. You're ruining the beauty of nature.'

"You'll fell better if you talk about it."

"No I won't," I argued.

"Ok, Vegeta," He didn't push it. "When ever you want to talk about it, I'll listen."


Kakarot soared in front of me by several hundred feet, leaving me eating his ki trail. I growled in irritation and sped after him.

As we landed in our sparring field, I was pissed at him having beaten me there. 'Watch out Kakarot. You're about to get the beating of your life.'

Of course, the fight was pretty even, but I would never admit it as we flopped down, facing the setting sun, watching it streak the air pollution brilliant hues.

Kakarot was blabbering on about something, so I tuned in, hoping it was important.

"Is Bulma leaving you making you sad?" he asked.

"Of course not, baka, I've been trying to rid myself of her for years. She finally listened to me when I said love doesn't exist," I lied.

"Oh." Kakarot believed my lie. "But love does exist, Vegeta."

I laughed cynically, uncomfortable in this
sort of situation.

"I love some people," said Kakarot.

"You love everything," I replied.

"Oh, Vegeta," he sighed.

"I'm bored, baka. I have to go."

"Fine. Another spar tomorrow around noon?"

Kakarot's voice showed more than a little anger.

"Sure," I said over my shoulder as I took off.

Goku's POV

I flew home and stretched out on my couch, still mad at Vegeta. I flicked the t.v. on, not caring what I was watching.

'Damn Vegeta. Why does he always have to be so mean and ridicule me? I do love people, like my sons, and Chichi, and my grandfather, and . . . him. Damn you, Vegeta, why do you have to be so attractive?'

I huffed and concentrated on the television.

Vegeta's POV

I awoke at dawn, as usual, and fixed myself some breakfast. As I sat at my wooden dining room table, my mind wandered back to the conversation I had with Kakarot the night before.

'Why was he mad? I always laugh at him and poke fun at him and he never got angry before. Maybe he's at his breaking point. Good. He needs to learn life is not all fun and games. Real pain is just what he needs.' I went back to my cereal.
As the day progressed, I found myself looking forward to our scheduled spar. I laughed at myself, thinking I might just stand him up, just to teach Kakarot, though I knew I wouldn't.

'I need a challenge. Just fighting myself in the GR isn't real training.'

Suddenly, I was knocked out of my reverie by a loud pounding at the door. I glanced at the clock, 10:00. 'Who could it be?'
I opened the door, careful around my eye, suprised to find Kakarot on my doorstep.
"What are you doing here, baka? It's only ten."

"Please quit calling me that," Kakarot's face looked pained. "I got bored and wanted to see if you would spar early."

"Ok, baka. How about in the GR?" I asked.

"I want you to quit calling me a baka, Vegeta," he requested.

"But why," I argued. "You are one."

"Damn it, Vegeta. It makes me feel stupid."

"Whatever, baka." I accentuated the word just to piss him off.

He looked like he might punch me then and there. "Let's go to the GR, 'Geta."

I growled low in my throat. He knew I hated that shortening of my name. I followed him outside, taking off in front of him in the direction of CC.

Goku's POV

I let Vegeta fly in front of me the few minutes to CC, as it seemed to make him feel better. Plus, I could stare at him and he wouldn't notice and punch me.
We landed and entered the GR, locking the door so no humans would walk in and get crushed. Vegeta walked over to the panel and set the gravity to 300g. I felt my muscles tighten and my heart beat harder just to keep me upright and alive. My breathing became more labored; I hadn't been under gravity training in ages.
Vegeta was doing much better than me. 'He must be in here all the time. No wonder he wanted to spar here. He just wants to beat me. I won't let him '

We began circling, my feet falling heavier than his. Vegeta launched at me, nimble as a cat. I barely avoided a boot to the face. He had already landed by the time I turned to catch his foot. I growled at my slowness. He launched at me again, this time his gloved fist smashing into my cheek. I struggled to stay standing, the gravity making the blow three times as hard. I glared at him as he landed. He just smirked back.

"Baka," he taunted.

I growled and his smirk grew. I tried to punch Vegeta, but my fist hit air as his hit my vulnerable stomach. I doubled over, coughing blood. He laughed at my pain, his voice echoing in the bare room.

"You will always be a baka."

The edges of my vision went blurry as straightened and propelled towards Vegeta. He dodged with amazing speed, his doubled fist hitting the back of me neck. I fell to the ground, a bloody taste in my mouth. I felt Vegeta's knee digging in my back, his slight weight resting heavily on me.
His hot breath tickled my ear. "Fucking baka."

I saw red. I flipped over, dislodging Vegeta. My hands wrapped around his throat and his eyes bulged as I squeezed. My knee came up, repeatedly slamming into my stomach. Blood spilled over his beautiful, full lips, but I ceased to care. I removed one hand from his throat, the other still holding tight, and slammed it into his high cheekbone. The smooth, tan skin broke, crimson pouring out. Vegeta's dark eyes rolled up into his head and I dropped him into a crumpled heap on the floor.
I walked to the control panel and calmly shut off the gravity. As my vision cleared, I realized what I had done. I crouched down beside Vegeta, one hand on his stomach and the other on his unhurt cheek, tapping gently to rouse him.

His eyes opened, but they remained unfocused. 'Gods, he looks so vulnerable. I could do anything to him right now and he wouldn't remember.' My eyes darted to his bloodstained lips. I leaned down over him, two seconds from kissing him when his mouth opened.

"Kakarot," he croaked. 'I must've injured his deep, athorative voice.' "Help me up."

"Ok," I answered, taking hold of both his hands and pulling him into a sitting position. He wobbled a bit so I braced a hand around his waist.

"Why did you do that?" he asked, his eyes still looking a bit fuzzy.

"You kept calling me a baka and I just snapped."

"Oh. I'm sorry."

I nearly fell over. 'Vegeta . . . apologized to me He must be really disoriented.'

We sat like that for a minute until his eyes cleared and focused.

"Get your hands off me," Vegeta ordered, his old fire sparking to life. I removed myself from him and scooted back a few inches. He pushed himself up and stood, looking just a bit pained. "Get out of my GR NOW " he yelled, coming to realize what had happened.

I crossed the room slowly, keeping one eye on Vegeta incase he attacked me. He was fuming, nearly foaming at the mouth. I closed the door firmly behind me, glad for once to have some space between us.

Vegeta's POV

'Damn Kakarot, he beat me again.' I was in my bathroom, naked in front of a full-length mirror, inspecting my wounds. My stomach was severely bruised and by cheek was still oozing a bit. It hurt to stand upright but other than that, I was unmarred.
I turned on my shower, turning the knob to the hottest I could get it. I stepped under the scorching spray, the muscles it touched instantly relaxing. I moaned a bit. I had been so tense for the past few days. 'Stupid Bulma. She didn't know what she had. Damn skank.'

I turned, letting the heated water fall on my back and neck. I leaned my head down, dowsing my hair so it hung heavily around my shoulders. Grabbing my fruity shampoo and making a thick lather in my hands, I rubbed it though my hair, massaging my scalp. 'Mmm. This shower is just what I needed.' I rinsed the shampoo out and conditioned my hair quickly.

I stepped out of the shower, drying off and wrapping the damp towel around my dripping hair. I walked out of the bathroom and through my house, naked. As I stepped into my living room, I was severely startled.
Kakarot was lounging on my couch I hurried to cover myself with my hands, though I knew he had already gotten an eyeful. He averted his eyes to the ceiling as his face reddened.

I took the towel from my hair and wrapped it around my waist. "What the hell do you want, Kakarot?"

He looked cautiously at me, and seeing I was covered, walked over to me. "I just wanted to say I was sorry." His fingers slowly reached out and traced over my stomach. "I did this to you?"

"Yes, b-Kakarot." I struggled not to utter 'baka' out of habit. "Now stop touching me," I said, not quite as harsh as I wanted; his gentle fingertips did feel good.

Kakarot removed his hands slowly, staring me in the eyes strangely. "I'm sorry, Vegeta. I'm so sorry. I never meant to hurt you."

"Whatever, Kakarot," I sighed. "Are you done now?"

"Oh, sorry. I'll be going." He let himself out.

Goku's POV

I flew home slowly, wishing I were still at Vegeta's house. 'Oh gods, I saw him naked His package is just as big as the spandex always told me. I'd love to put my mouth around that.'

Vegeta's POV

I slipped into some spandex shorts and lounged on my couch, flipping on the television to the five o'clock news. 'Pathetic humans and their pathetic problems. They should've lived on Vegeta-sei. Everyday, more young boys died in fights for mates, or in the war against Freiza. Or they got sold into slavery or prostitution. Or . . They were given away to perverted warlords as bargaining tools.' A wave of pain swept over me, but I pushed it away quickly.

I changed the subject in my mind. 'I can't believe Kakarot saw me naked. That'll probably be all he can think about the next time he sees me. He shouldn't have been in my house without my permission anyway. Damn baka.'

Goku's POV

I awoke the next morning around two, realizing I must've fallen asleep in front of the television around four a.m. 'The damn thing's addictive '

I pulled myself up off the couch and stretched, a crick in my neck refusing to go away. I switched off the television and went to change, picking a pair of faded blue jeans and a purple muscle shirt, not my usual orange gi. I was on a special mission.

I flew quickly over to Vegeta's house and rapped on the door. He opened it a second later, eyeing my clothing strangely.

"What's with the clothes?" he asked.

"I want to take you out to lunch to make up for hurting you," I replied.

"You didn't hurt me." 'Damn his pride '

"Will you still go?" 'Please gods '

"How will you pay for two Saiyans to eat at a human restaurant?" asked Vegeta.

"Chi Chi had life insurance. Gods, Vegeta, I'm not that poor "

"Ok, then," 'Thank you, Kami ' "Come in. I have to change."

Vegeta pointed me to the couch and went off down the hall. A few minutes later, he emerged in a red, long-sleeved silk shirt and skin-tight black leather pants, matching boots included, sans his customary gloves.

I whistled. "Damn, Vegeta. I never knew you had anything like that."

"Bulma always used to buy me human clothes and these were the only ones I ever liked."
"Well, you look damn good. Come on, we have to take a Capsule car."

As I pulled out onto the highway, Vegeta was strapped into the passenger seat and clutching tightly at the armrests.

"Come on, Vegeta. I'm not that bad of a driver " I reasoned with him.

"It's not that. I just don't trust these stupid human drivers and this stupid human-made machine." The armrests ruptured under his fingers, stuffing falling out.

"But you fly faster than this "

"Why couldn't we fly then, Kakarot? This car is idiotic."

"I want us to seem like normal humans," I explained. "The last time I flew into the city, the crowds started running and screaming."

"Damn humans," Vegeta mumbled under his breath. "I wish I still had my tail. Then I would show them."

"Why do you need your tail to show them?" I asked stupidly.

"Most of your power is housed in your tail. Plus, I could go Oozaru and smash them all."

"So, if we had our tails still, we would be even stronger?"

"Yes, b-Kakarot. Much stronger."

"Maybe we should wish for them back, then," I suggested.

"Maybe." . . .

Vegeta's POV

We finally arrived, after a torturous car ride, as the La Magnifique. As we stepped inside, I realized that it was one of those fancy restaurants Bulma used to drag me to when she had important business meetings. You know the type. Dim lights. Roses everywhere. Food here would cost a fortune.

I told Kakarot so, but he dismissed my words with a wave of his hand. "I have plenty of money. Eat all you want."
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