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by CieraHoover

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Follow the story of a healer who gets assigned a job out of town. It starts with her arrival there and follows her adventures as she gets caught up in the war within the two factions that divide the valley it's in. Will she endure and see the mission through to the end or will her emotions cause her to end up on the wrong end of the war?

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Chapter 1, Chapter 1 - Into the Depths

Deep within the crevice of a great fissure, is the city of Astalor. Better known as the city of reflection. Massive stone columns and towers and cobblestone alleyways and small lights that shine at all hours of the day, even at noon. Inside of these city walls are the beings of legend, of old tales and the city is one human avoid lest they get swept up in the inbred wars within the timeless footfalls of the residents there. Led by the legendary so-called gods of life and death, as obscure as time and space itself, but their followers are unwavering in their loyalties. It's caused many a bloody battle and as such even in the few places both sides reside, you can oftentimes not find much work unless you join one of the factions. In this chaotic place, the winged folks and creatures reside in the high towers along the cliffs to the east, while the humanoid and non-flyers reside in the west. It is to this torn town, that a caravan has just arrived in town and with it the newest residents must begin to find their place, or else, find a way to survive.
A woman with pointed ears was among those who stepped off the caravan and was stretching her limbs as if stiff with the journey to get there. She took a glance at the columns around them, and looked puzzled, but slung her bag over her shoulders, and made her way over to the line headed off to one side, trying to get an idea of where she was to start. Her hair was long, pure red, and her eyes were an eerie dark gold with black irises. Every shadow the fell around her though, she seemed skittish about as she tried to sidestep them. She was cloaked in a dark-colored sleeveless robe, that rest loosely from the hip down. She wore nothing on her feet and was surprised at the little in way of guards or residents to greet them aside from two different dressed men who seemed to be directing the new arrivals one way or another. She waited for her turn.
Those ahead were divided, but when it came to her turn, the western rep was in for a surprise. Despite her lack of apparent wings, he sent her over to the east, and she was made to wait till the other rep was done.
"What is going on?" The other rep asked, but when he reviewed her papers as well, he raised a brow but looked to her in confusion. "You're the one we've been expecting? The Appraiser?" He shook his head but had her wait while they finished dividing the other new arrivals, but he sent a messenger to get someone to show her where to go off to the west none the less- However, it appeared to start an argument for the two reps. and they began yelling back and forth.
"What do you mean she's going with you?" the western rep yelled.
The eastern rep rolled his eyes. "She's been expected by our regional boss. She's supposed to help with his project." The western one began arguing, and, she overheard, along with the other, how non-flyers were supposed to be under the death god's faction.
"Would you two quit squabbling like hens and give me her papers already?" A gruff voice spoke up, sounding annoyed. He was a tall man with dark brown wings, that was tucked neatly behind him. The reps stopped their arguments and one of them handed the papers over to him. he took one glance over at her, huffed, and scooped her up roughly before flying up to the cliffs with her, placing her just as hazard back to her feet on a ledge high above. Staggered a bit, she recovered as he started to walk off. "This way.." he motioned for her to follow.
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