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Writing RPG Submission

by Experimental1

Libraries: Action, Adventure, Erotica, Fantasy, Gothic, Horror, Humor, OriginalFiction, Philosophical

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I found Paper Demon by accident while searching for something online a few days ago, and decided to try it out to jump genres and break me out of the limiting crutch of writing canon erotic fanfic about Japanese rock bands. This story is my entry in the writing RPG challenge. Adult Content!

Character Name: George


Character Age: Unknown. He’s been conjured several times throughout time, going back to at least ancient Babylon. 


Character Species: Demon. He’s not sure what kind though


Hair color: somewhat sparse brownish fur on dark toffee colored skin, and humanoid hair on groin and armpits. 


Eye color: moving, burning flames


George has been conjured many times throughout the ages, but unfortunately he can’t remember anything of the demonic realm when he’s manifested in the world of flesh and blood. His accessible memories are of various manifestations he’s been brought into. A particurlarly disturbing manifestation he experienced was at the call of Éliphas Lévi in 1852. He doesn’t like to talk about it. 


His current manifestation is at the hands of a group of 20 somethings that dabble in magic, beer, and pizza on Saturday afternoons... which is why he can’t remember his real name. He forgot it from their poorly performed conjuration.



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